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'This country doesn't need a 'Buy 1 - Get 1 Free' President'

February 06, 2008
Name: Sachin Shah
Age: 32
Industry: Real Estate
Party: Democrat
Voted for: Barack Obama
Most important issues: Pulling troops from Iraq/National healthcare system/Immigration reform

"I'm not supporting Hillary in the primaries because I don't believe she truly represents change. Sure, if she gets the Democratic nomination, I'll vote for her in November. But right now, I'm just excited about Obama. I feel he's the only candidate who can truly make a big difference."

Name: Samir Desai
Age: NA
Industry: Real Estate
Party: Republican
Voted for: John McCain
Most important issues: National Security/Economy and stock market

"I vote Republican because I've always been a nationalist. If I was in India, I'd vote for the BJP every time. Islamic terrorists are the number one threat to world peace, and that's my primary concern. I wish more Indians were Republican, because now, it's assumed that 95 percent of Indians will vote Democrat. When that happens, the Democrats won't even make an effort to win our vote, and the Republicans will just give up on the community. If we were 50/50, both parties would cater to us more on the issues that are important to us. Above all else, I don't want Hillary. This country doesn't need a 'Buy 1 - Get 1 Free' President."

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