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Be united, peaceful and strong

December 11, 2008 19:04 IST

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What are India's options after the terror attacks?

What must India do, strategically and procedurally, to ensure that the nation does not ever again endure a brutality like the terrorism Mumbai encountered last fortnight?

Please contribute your views (in 400 words or less) We suggest you list your recommendations; you can expand briefly on each item.

We look forward to a discussion so educative and illuminating that the guardians of our national security can learn from what you readers suggest.


Please concentrate and find permanent solution on India's security from terrorism and internal politics, concentrate and solve problems of farmers, make them fulfill all requirements, concentrate on literacy.

Sameer Uke says:

1. We should really become independent in our thoughts and actions (like Israel is). How come when we tell Pak to take action they ask for proof? And when the same thing is said by USA they take (or at least pretend to take) action?

2. Equip our commandos with the best of equipments in the world and make it a fierce force.

3. Let hostages not become a hindrance in taking immediate action (like storming the buildings or hijacked planes). Once or twice lives will be lost but when the perpetrators know that there will be no negotiations then they will think twice before committing any act of terrorism.

4. A federal agency to be formed immediately to collate all the loose information. And any tip-offs given down the line should be followed to its logical conclusion.

5. Make a list of top ten cities as per priority and provide protection to those cities at the earliest. (Can't we protect our ten cities???) No terrorist will go to Durgapur or Rajnandgaon for committing a big crime.

6. General awareness programme for security to be taught to the citizens and it should be made a subject in school.

Satya [Images] Bharati says:

Since the last eight years how many terrorist attack India has faced and how many culprits were punished? Very few were caught and even the one caught is enjoying in jail.

India has no option but to suffer and take a thrashing from a country like Pakistan till corrupt politician are in power.

We are the most cowardly bunch of people who have been invaded for years. Now Pakistan is also doing the same 

Pakistan very well knows India's weakness and is taking full advantage.

Congress and Muslim organisations and so-called educated secular people highlight Gujarat riots and Malegaon (yet to be proved). Malegaon episode gave the Congress rich dividends and put it in power in Rajasthan and Delhi [Images] through the Muslim votes. Indian masses by voting these people are completing the job.

After the attacks on Mumbai our Sonia Gandhi [Images], Manmohan Singh [Images] and home minister were shouting 'Pak has to pay a price'.

Readers Options 1: Set up a federal investigation agency

What price has it paid?

Enjoying all facilities of bus, train service from India!

Height of foolishness and cowardice!

Sanjay Nabojja says:

Tighten the security system of the country.

Implementation of POTA.

Upgradation of arms & ammunition for armed forces.

Strict vigilance across borders (land & sea).

Finetuning of training among security personnel.

Security to be beefed up at important locations.

Strict law to prevent terrorist activity in neighbouring countries.

Action against individuals (govt/non govt) for lapse in duty.

Srinath says:

At this juncture, keeping in mind the repeated support and arming of terrorists by Pakistan, we understand that Pakistan has taken India for granted only because of China's support.

Here no option should be given, teach them a lesson the way Israel does. Close ties with Israel.

Secondly we should have volunteers from major organisations and companies in all states to act as civilian spies to keep our neighbourhood safe. I would be ready to volunteer for my area in Bengaluru [Images]

Passport should be made compulsory for travel within India too. 

P C Kar says:

India should launch an information war on Pakistan through its media, through diplomatic channels and all international forums and present all evidence.

India should convince the international community that Dawood Ibrahim [Images] and Masood Azhar are criminals wanted in India and are facing serious charges. 

To keep maximum pressure on Pakistan, position our Army and Air force on war alert.

Moving large number of fighter aircraft to Afghan bases or the airbase developed in one of the CIS countries as a deterrent.

Keeping all channels of discussions with Pakistan closed and also stopping all CBMs taken so far.

Lalit Kumar Chetani says:

What should India do now?

Strengthen its intelligence agency network -- authority together with accountability till the last mile needs to be set up

Make scouts mandatory for all school students and a year or two may be devoted towards it. This will not only help them to save themselves, but others also during the crisis.

Only responsible, qualified and educated people should be able to join politics. Standards need to be laid down before anyone can join politics

Each and every citizen needs to be alert all the time and keep their eyes and ears open. Government alone cannot bring out the solution, however hard it may try. Support of civilians is a must. If each citizen starts taking care of just his/her life, majority of the problem will be solved.

Co-operate with policemen, security agencies during their checking processes.

Layer-free, single person controlled authority needs to be set up to handle situations during crises like these.

NSG commandos to be stationed in all the big cities. Adequate equipment/infrastructure should be provided to them at all times.

Strict laws need to be set up not only for the terrorists but also for those civilians who directly or indirectly help them in their activities.

Strict vigilance needs to be kept in the entire border area -- land, sea, etc.

CCTV cameras in important places should be continuously in use and should display good picture quality.

This may sound radical -- we may even corporatise Indian politics as well to have result-oriented performance with good governance. This is possible only if some good industrialists get into this dirty politics to clean it.

More rewards and honour for people joining the army, navy etc than being provided.

The Indian police should try to build their reputation and image among the civilians (like the army and navy people), by their deeds.

We should even go the grass root level and try to understand as to what forces a young guy to become a terrorist and cure this problem at that stage itself.

The list may go on and on, but even if we manage to implement a few of them, it will solve our miseries considerably. 

Nandan Deshpande says:

It's is sorry state of affairs that many of the options that we individuals can think of as ordinary citizens is not a part of the Indian political think tank and their advisory players in the form of IAS, IPS and scientists. As a uniformed personnel my options are as under:

1. Stop all diplomatic/friendly relations with Pak and Bangladesh.

2. Build impregnable borders and authorise Army to take action along the border if needed.

3. Pressurise the UNSC to take military action in Pak.

4. Bring out in open via Indian and international media the hard proof of Pak involvement.

5. UN should take steps to stop all aid to Pak till terror is their business. India to take initiative on this along with G-8.

6. Judiciary should step in and separate police and investigating agencies from the control of politicians.

Readers Options 2: War is not a solution

7. Stop or ban the media from glorifying unlawful elements and black out news which can create panic or terror in the minds of Indians.

8. A blanket punishment of 14 years RI for any comments by politicians/police/investigating agency/media personnel which could divulge the strategies/plans to tackle terrorism.

9. Same punishment for politicians/individuals/religious leaders who make statements on caste/religion or make divisive statements.

This needs to be implemented without any delay and strictly. More so, make examples of people like Naqvi, RR Patil by punishing them and throwing them out of office and banning them for life from any political or public office.

Suraj Matta says:

We must be united, peaceful and strong.

We must strengthen our internal and border security and Intelligence activities.

Security of every part of India and Indian citizens are important 

Proper coordination with our security, intelligence and Armed forces.

Investigate the Mumbai terrorist information from all angles.

Show the proof of these terrorists to the international community.

Pressurise the country involved in terror activities to hand over the terrorists.

Ram Lal Luthra says:

First of all stop coverage for politicians' activities. Let them lie very low. You can see after declaration of election results all articles on rediff and other media sites are of election results and everyone seems to have forgotten about the Mumbai attack.

Feelings of people must be understood first and action as demanded by the public must be taken. 

All arrests by Pakistan would be just eye-wash to delay further so that the intensity of Indian action comes down.

Why America took fast initiatives? Because their people were also killed in the attack.

Pakistan can never clean its land. It is our duty to clear all terrorist camps in POK.  

Give enough powers to KPS Gill and tough ex-defence officers to handle situations and appoint them for operational role.

What message is going to the younger generation about the maturity of decision-making?

Ariva Tharakan says:

Put in a formal mechanism to curb document fraud. All the attacks had one thing in common -- forged documents. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. All terror outfits use fake documents right from the lowest personnel to the chief in command, documents are forged for stolen vehicles, marksheets etc. Some terrorists may even use fake documents to get college admissions so that they can identify potential recruits.

Please take measures to stop fake documents. It'll be the first thing we can do. 

The US has a separate team, the ICE Forensic Document Lab, which has skilled people to identity document frauds. We need to come up with something on the same lines.

Barkath Ali Khan says:

In global politics there are never permanent foes or friends, and in developed countries they only have one priority, that is to act according to their maximum benefit at any cost and providing their citizens without any prejudice of their religion.

If we want India to be a global power we should follow the right path instead of going for hasty decisions or religious politics.

Indian leaders should work for betterment of masses instead of exploiting them on grounds of and dividing them on caste, creed or religious basis. Then only will India become a world power.

Nawab Sahab says:

Improve internal security by revamping the security forces: This must include first rate human intelligence gathering. However, this cannot be accomplished if India's Muslims are excluded from its security apparatus. On the other hand, having them would bolster their confidence in India's security forces and also have a salutary effect on overall national security.

Terrorism [Images] and communal propaganda leading to riots must be declared as both detrimental to India's security and integrity: Until rioters are considered terrorists, and action taken against them, the State would be perceived as impotent; at the least, to ensure the balance of justice, and forces inimical to India would exploit the justifiable resentment of a section of India's populace, to bleed it. 

India must re-study the cost-benefit analysis of supporting the ineffective Karzai regime. Is having a presence in Afghanistan even working to India's advantage or unnecessarily provoking insecurity in our north-western region? Can any sort of joint cooperation with Pakistan, on the issue of Afghanistan, not be proposed that would not only better serve the Afghans in ending their misery, but also; if successful provide a blueprint for further cooperation in resolving other vexed issues.

Strive to reach the people of Pakistan, that India could assist them in improving their lives and the success of one nation must not mean a loss of face/a crisis of identity for another. India should engage with ordinary Pakistanis to assure them and inform them not only of its peaceful intentions, but also propose how ordinary Pakistanis could benefit, from India's growth; if it can be made possible. (It must be at least studied by our think-tanks).

Religious social organisations; both Hindu and Muslim, too must be monitored to ensure that vituperative propaganda is kept out from impressionable minds.

Rounding off the last point: Weed out extremist elements from both police and army to ensure that these institutions assure confidence and not resentment and are perceived as upholders of law and order. Also improve judicial consistency in cases related to terror suspects of different ideological persuasions, as well as between terrorists and rioters and their instigators. The victims of both tragedies too must be considered equally.

These are not biased towards any community but such equitability would ensure that the wind is taken off the sails of those that seek to harm India. They must not be able to sail again with such audacity!

A house divided can never stand up to outside enemies.

Pravin Nerkar says:

1. Strategic action plan to strengthen our internal security system.

2. Search & destroy local extremist network with terrorism. 

3. Form statewise NSG commando cell, provide them with efficient technology and weapons.

4. Pass a bill on anti-terrorism, do not connect it to any community.

5. Increase international community pressure on Pakistan, Bangladesh to act against their homeland terrorist camps.

6. Search & take constructive action against Pakistani, Bangladeshi unauthorised residents in India.

7. Change our (party-based) election process to American democracy.

8. Pakistan, Bangladesh are terrorist mindset countries, keep our borders on high alert. 

J Ganapathy says:

The major hurdle in containing terrorism is that we have political interference in all states. If the government is sincere then it should form a strong anti-terrorist group which should report directly to an all party parliamentary committee. It should be given autonomous powers to deal with the terrorists irrespective of any factor like political lenience, caste, religion etc.

India should also take the initiative and canvass for an international group consisting of highly skilled and trained commandos which should be given full entry to chase terrorists across the globe. The UN should take the initiatives of forming such a group. This will curb the activities of mushroom terrorist organisations in the world.

Since terrorists do not belong to any country they should be treated as non-State entities and should be dealt with ruthlessly.

Venugopal says:

As there is no meaning in once again starting bilateral talks with Pakistan, it is the right time to take some stringent action and give out a strong warning.

1. First thing we should stop is visas to Pakistanis and please stop all those services (bus & train) which we started with good intention. The Same should be followed for Bangladesh. There is no meaning in patrolling our borders as these militants can come easily by these official routes.

2. We should attack PoK and take control of the entire region. We may have to pay a heavy price for that but we can stop this cancer there itself and eliminate it completely. There is no power left in Pak government and it will be just a waste of time if we look for action against these outfits by such a government.

3. Our politicians, instead of wasting time on these enquiries, should act tough & take immediate action without wasting any more time.

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