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Mayawati goes after UP's Big Three

October 24, 2007

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Amar Singh has dared Mayawati to arrest him.

Amitabh Bachchan [Images] has dared Mayawati to arrest him.

And Mulayam Singh Yadav is waiting to be arrested and emerge a martyr.

Their common friend, philosopher and guide, Saharashri Subroto Roy, has changed his approach in their joint war with Mayawati. He is stooping low to conquer.

He no longer openly ridicules her nor does he allow the Sahara Samay boys to criticise her. Praises galore to propitiate the new Mayawati Devi.

The proud Sahara stalwart who had refused to 'go and congratulate her' a couple of months ago now says, 'Mayawati is a strong leader UP so badly needed.'

Mayawati was, pre-election, hell-bent upon preventing Amar, Mulayam and Saharashri from 'running away' from India. But for Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh's temporary intervention with behenji, Amar Singh would have been put behind bars the day she took over as chief minister.

Subroto Roy has 'distanced' himself from longtime jigri dosts Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Mulayam and Shiv Pal Singh Yadav.

Half-truths about the Amar-Amitabh-Roy-Mulayam 'rift' are cleverly concocted, calibrated and dutifully passed on to the new power-brokers of Maya Raj.

'Distancing' has come into fashion among UP's glitterati during the last couple of months. No emotions and sentiments involved, mind you.

Mayawati is not too convinced about the 'distancing' yarn. Her hounds may be busy quietly preparing for the big bite. How big and swift her bite will ultimately turn out to be will all depend on some yet to be discovered/disclosed factors.

Amar Singh 'thundered' the other day, daring Mayawati to arrest him.

'My phones have been tapped. My friends have been raided. If Sonia could not do anything to me, who is Mayawati?' demanded Amar Singh.

Sonia Gandhi [Images] is vacillating in comparison to Mayawati. Mayawati is decisive, vindictive and ruthless.

Sonia is slow, but Mayawati acts no sooner than she thinks.

Amar Singh must be very guarded, cautious, and humble in daring Mayawati to arrest him.

Allahabad's mafia has been demolished. She got her own party's member of Parliament arrested without batting an eyelid. Then what is Amar Singh's aukaat (standing)?

Merely having Subroto Roy, as his friend, philosopher and guide will not impress Mayawati once she makes up her mind.

Amar Singh may regret his outburst. Why dig his grave with his own tongue?

UP's jails are being vacated for the Samajwadi Party's loyal 'protestors' who will follow Shivpal Singh Yadav and Mulayam Singh wherever and whenever they are sent.

Howsoever hard they may try and 'distance' themselves from Mulayam Singh, they may not succeed this time.

Mayawati has tall promises to keep to her electorate.

Her voters applauded deliriously when she promised to ensure that Amar Singh, Mulayam and Subroto Roy would not be allowed to run away from India.

Naseemuddin Siddiqui, Mayawati's loyal minister, will, perhaps, finally decide the future line of action. He may provide the much sought after reprieve for Amar Singh and his Thakur crony Raja Bhaiyya, if the right notes of cordiality are stuck.

The scene is hotting up in UP's theatre of war between Mayawati and Subroto Roy.

The Lucknow Development Authority has already fired the first salvo against the sprawling Saharashahr. The frenetic building activity going on there has been brought to a standstill. At least, for the time being.

Of course, the plans and requisite approvals were flouted. So what? All eyes are glued to watch the final outcome of this exercise.

Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Mulayam/Shiv Pal Singh are panicky. They desperately, but with flickering, fragile hope, bank on Subroto Roy's Teflon tricks.

"Saharashri Subroto Roy and his ingenuity are on trial. His resourcefulness has been challenged. He shall emerge triumphant as always. Our 2-in-1 Kuber-Chanakya never fails, come what may. Just you wait and see, Mayawati!" tauntingly challenges an insider.

Is there real bite in Mayawati's bark? Is she scared of Saharasri's mesmerising, irresistible persuasive powers which none has so far been principled enough to resist?

Her blind supporters aver that Mayawati will not spare anyone, come what may.

Saharashri is fighting for his brigade. No, not a confrontational approach, but a more subtle strategy. Machiavellian guile. Blow hot, blow cold.

But Mayawati?

Has she, in such a short time, already become war-weary?

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