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'India compromising N-policy'

March 01, 2006 16:18 IST

D Raja, national secretary of the Communist Party of India, asserts that the nuclear deal being negotiated with the US is not in India's strategic interests.

While stopping short of threateningto withdraw support to the UPA government if the deal was finalised, he warned that 'the options are always open before the left parties on how to deal with the congress party as head of UPA and the emerging situation in the country.'

The exclusive chat transcript:


moh:Are be better cozying up relations with China or with USA?Why are the left planning to oppose Bush's visit? Why wasnt there any such protest during Clintons visit? Why isnt there any protest rallys for Chineses premiers visit...they poor human rights record, they hold our territory and support Pak in their nuke program.
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:We are for better relations with China and Pakistan and it is in our interest. It does not mean that we are arguing that India should not engage with USA. Our position is while engaging with USA the government of India that is UPA government should pursue an independent foreign policy. This is a commitment given by the UPA itself in its national common minimum programme. When Mr Clinton visited India there was a protest and when he addressed the joint parliament session the left boycotted and it is not new that we are opposing Mr Bush visit. Even when Israel leader Arial Sharon visited India there were protest against his visit. When Sri Lankan president came, the Left in fact called on him in President's palace.

nukeyou:Mr Raja, can you please tell all rediff readers why the civilian nuclear deal is not such a great bargain for India?
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:It is not a great deal infact India is compromising it's independent nuclear policy. Our policy is increasingly coming under the influence of USA. The CPI and the left opposed the joint statement issued by Dr Manmohan Singh and Bush in July 2005. It was told whatever agreed was reciprocal but in practice USA is demanding India to do one after another including the supression of the civilian and military nuclear arrangements. Even before the issue is addressed by the US congress.

Sunny:Sir your stand on Iran vote is a compromise with A.Q. Khan and the Pakistani nuclear blackmarket. Please comment.
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:There is no compromosie on any issue like this. India's stand at IAEA is not in conformity to our independent foreign policy and it is not also in our national interest. We are opposed to drag Iran to UN security council. The Iran issue should be discussed within the frame work of IAEA on assumptions nobody has the right to punish a nation. We have seen the case of Iraq. On the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, USA along with its allies waged a war and occupied Iraq. The WMD has been proved to be a lie.

efsdf:Mr.Raja is selective in answering... Anything that hurts communist ideology is not answered...
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:It is not so. We are honest and courageous to confront any issue concerning communist ideology and movement.

ramchama:Mr. Raja, Will the left withdraw support if Congress goes ahead with the Nuke Deal?
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:Firstly, it is not left alone which is opposing the nuclear deal. The entire Indian scientific community is opposed to it. Even the head of department of Atomic Energy of India expressed his strong apprehensions. We hope the UPA government understands the situation and act accordingly. The options are always open before the left parties on how to deal with the congress party as head of UPA and the emerging situation in the country.

Prashanth:Hello Raja, Always the Communist are aginst Reforms done by Any party. You people dont want to be part of the govening body which do things and always want to support from outside.Why is that so?
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:We are not opposed to reforms per se. If reforms are beneficial to the vast majority of our toiling people and the country we are for such reform. If they are not we are opposed to it. It should be seen from the position of people not from the position of a few corporate houses and masters of International Finance Capital.

mkchaitanya:How much of a role does China have in the protests by the communist parties against the cosying up of ties between India and China?
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:I don't understand the question. Both India and China want good neighbourly relationship which is in the interest of both countries. And why there should be protest on either side.

hardikkorat:dear sir, can you explain the attack from the maoist on the villagers. is not the terrorisim?????? what kind of party is this which does not want any opposition, if possible??????
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:CPI is opposed to the ideology and practice of Naxalites. it is opposed to method of stuggle adapted by naxalites. It is a disorder in the left movement. But Naxalite movement cannot be tackled as mere law and order problem.government will have to address the root causes of naxalite movement. Precisely it means the government should take up development work on a priority basis in tribal areas of our country. And land reform must be carried out by the governments so that the agrarian relations are changed for better. So that tribals and dalits are protected from landlords, private money lenders and from the excess of bureaucracy and police.

jaikumar:Why communist see anyone supporting or giving voice in favour of Hindus as non secular ?
D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:It is not so. Communists oppose RSS and Sangh parivar whose ideology is very sectarian, divisive and communal fascist. 85 percentage of our population are Hindus. Basically, our people whether they are Hindus, Muslims or others are secular, democratic and liberal. It is communal fascists who try to impose a monolithic illberal, mediveal, socio political system on the people. They use the name of religion and God and people must be aware of this and isolate those communal fascist of any brand.

D RAJA, NATIONAL SECRETARY, COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA:Thank you very much all for chatting with me. Good Bye.

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