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Amend laws; make India progressive

April 26, 2005 00:14 IST

Rape of a minor girl by a Mumbai police constable in broad daylight inside a police chowky has incensed Indians. asked its readers whatthey would have done if they happenedto be witness to such an incident or if someone known to them had been victim of such depravity.

There were suggestions that included amending laws, training women in self-defence tactics and revamping the police force. However, there was near unanimityon this -- hang the offender!

We asked: What if it happened to you?

Here are someposts that gives you a sampling of therange of feelingsexpressed by our readers.

Yogesh: As the girl was taken to the station by the drunk cop, who told her friends that they would be arrested if they come near, that's when it should have struck them, but it didn't.

Public gathered later when they heard the girl screaming but had herfriends tried to gather public earlier the girl may have escaped. I don't know why they didn't causeI would do so as the cop was drunk. Fate had it.. is all that can be said, as the series of unfortunate event lead to such an incident that brought shame to the Mumbai Police and to the city as a whole.

I don't understand why they just left her with the cop for an hour? Timely actions by the victim's friends could have saved her but they cant be held responsible for this considering their age and the events that took place which would have shocked most people.

What former IPS officer Y P Singh had to say

This is an ugly incident which trashed the reputation of the city as being safest for ladies. Its such a shock that the police are worse than the criminals of the city.

We should take more care of our friends and family when we can. I would like to see the strictest punishment given to that cop who destroyed goodwill of those police who are honest in their work

NT Venugopal: To err is human, but to forgive a blatant, deliberate, heinous act like this from a law protector is TOTALLY UNFORGIVEN.

It may be a stray incident like this to happen, but this is not expected from a soul in a uniform. our law needs more teeth to penalize such criminals in sheep's clothing. ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. if such criminals are dealt properly by law then others will fall in line and public will have faith in them.

Mohan: What is there to think about this incident? Just hang that constable till death!

Akila: I feel sorry for the victim. But more sorry that the protectors themselves have turned into predators. In such a case I wishI could take the law in my own hands and ended the life of that arrogant beast then and there. With our slow paced judiciary, this guy will be protected by the police force, as he is one amongst them. They could even "misplace" or destroy vital evidence. Today there is public outrage, but people are fickle minded, once something else catches their fancy this incident will die out. What after six months from now, will anyone have even 5minutes to think about the girl?

We should have capital punishments for all rapists like in Arab countries. That too in public so that anyone would be scared to even think of taking such a step and serve as a warning to all.

Fast track court trial for rapist likely

MANOJ THAKUR: It is difficult to answer what if it would have happened to me, as it depends a lot on the environment around us that time. But certainly if it happens to my wife or sisterI will not die or my soul will not rest in peace tillI kill the criminal preferably with my hands.

Inthis case there is no excuse and the cop should be hanged till death in public as a lesson to these gunda policemen.
I have also experienced their gundagardi once at marine drive whenI was with my wife, to take out money from me butI stood firm on the occasion and told them to took me to court on which later they behaved.

Paramjit Joshi: If this situation arises to me then I will kill that person ........I can't stay without killing that person..if court give him punishment less than sentence to death ..........thenI will kill after the completion of his punishment ..........becauseI cannot see him walking freely on the road after committing such a crime........

Manish: Horrible system and pathetic lawenforcement are the best words I would use to describe these incidents.

I am sure every MUMBAIKAR has experienced the dishonest and rude behavior from the protectors of law. At 26, I have myself faced it on several occasions.

The government should be ashamed of the act that has happenedat Marine Drive. I suggest shoot these cops and revamp the entire police force.

I empathise with the girl and her family; hope this incident is never repeated.

The government should be blamed and they should take the onus for the disgraceful incident and I suggest at least the girl should be honored with a very high profile job in the government and compensation for the trauma she has been thru.

Amend the LAWS.

And yes stop claiming INDIA as progressive and rich nation where we have such disgraceful incidents.

We want to become like US, 1st learn to respect human life like them. (President, PM are you listening?).

Sudhir Shetty: Regarding the girl I personally feel that the parents should be more accountable. She had gone to some college for some course enquiry with 10 of her friends. Does her parents have any knowledge who those 10 friends were, their names their nature and background?

Second, after the enquiry she strayed from her friends and went strolling with some guys. Now how far can anyone be trusted. Well maybe the guys were good but wouldn't it be advisable to go to some good place like restaurant where there are many otherpeople?

In school days I was taught a lesson which I hope many otherpeople still might be knowing -- "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"


If she had stayed with her group then no one would have dared to do such a thing. MoreoverI feel there should be some strict punishments for these rapists rather than they escaping with some minor fines or charges, specially those committing rapes on minors.

Ram: Indian laws should be amended to give death sentence for rapists.

Shrikanth: Being a guy, the outrage I have had has been ofanger and helplessness. I would advise women to be ready for any eventuality and not be dependant on their male counterparts or companions. Women need to carry items to protect themselves.

They need to be clear about laws that apply to public places. These laws should be made available for people in written via some medium.

Citizens need to know laws and its interpretation in clear terms so that the guardians of the law themselves are put under fire in such situations.

Arun Chaturvedi: I am still incensed by the rape of a mentally challenged girl in a running local train while commuters stood as mute observers. That case too deserved equal public ire. In this case, I am somewhat pacified that that public has swung into action, because nothing can be more horrendous than the depraved action by a custodian of the law, that too while in uniform and in a police station. If I had been around, my immediate reaction would have been to beat up the constable on the spot. I would not have been bothered about taking this extreme law into my own hands, and would have gladly defied the police and the judiciary to initiate stern action against me. 2-3 months behind bars would have been a worthwhile sacrifice, as well as a clear message to others with similar intent. Trust me, I am not kidding on this.

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Number of User Comments: 34

Sub: The Tip of The Iceberg.

The rape of the teenager that took place in mumbai,recently is just an eye opener to the unethical 21st century we are a part of. ...

Posted by Siddharth Aiyappa

Sub: Mumbai (Rape) incident

There cannot be a fume without fire.As such,the fire is to be put down by amending laws very seriously.

Posted by V.Balasubramanian

Sub: Police Rape Case

He should be made a Exampel to all Police and comman man in India .Our country dose not need these type of Humans.

Posted by paul

Sub: Mumbai is considered as an example

Mumbai is seen as an example city, the outside world recognizes India by Mumbai. You dont have to hang him. But make sure u punish ...

Posted by hariprasad kantubhukta

Sub: What is required NOW is speedy justice

I fully subsribe with what other Mumbaikars have commented. Following is suggested to be immediately done : 1. There is nothing additional to prove that ...

Posted by Vipul



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