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The Tiger

In the East, the tiger symbolises power, passion and daring. This fearless and fiery fighter is restless and reckless by nature. You are impatient and always geared for action.

You are born with a great sense of humour and the centre of attraction in any social gathering.

In love, you are passionate and posses a wild streak.

2004 brings about a pivotal career change for those born in the Year of the Tiger. Some of you will change your line of business to something completely new, innovative, dynamic and risky. Following your instincts is the key, because advice given to you can prove misleading as time goes by.

You will face increased competition from rivals as they become envious of your success. You could also face personal and professional litigation. Try and postpone any proceedings in such cases until October. Then, the case will settle in your favour.

Those of you who are married will find you lack compatibility with your spouse. The temptation to flirt may culminate in an extramarital relationship.

Make wise choices. It is better to be safe than sorry. This way, you won't regret your actions.

Compatible signs: Pig, Dog, Horse, Sheep

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