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The Ox

The Ox symbolises prosperity as a result of fortitude and hard work. A person born during this year is calm and methodical. You will stick to routine and convention. One can rely on your promises.

The Chinese believe those who are born in winter in the Year of the Ox are luckier than those born in the summer.

Business-wise, this year will prove conducive for partnerships and joint ventures as you will share great rapport with your partners and associates. This will see an abundant increase in your business and your goodwill.

Those who are connected with the media or the entertainment industry will sign new contracts.

You will make all the right moves at the right time and this will benefit you.

Loved ones could tend to feel neglected by your preoccupation during the middle of the year but short and sweet holidays can take care of that. Your plan to catch up with family news and indulge in love and togetherness will be appreciated.

Compatible signs: Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster

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