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The Rat

The charms of the rat personality are universally known and loved. Those born in the Year of the Rat are remarkably easy to get along with. They are bright, happy and sociable. They are also choosy about their friends and their friendships.

They may take longer to achieve recognition because they lack confidence, but achieve it they will. They can be excellent writers/journalists.

If you are born in the Year of the Rat you will find that you have to combat obstacles and delays in whatever you do this year. Whatever you desire will seem to slip through your fingers.

Do not blame luck. Instead, claim responsibility for your actions. View the bigger picture and you will realise the core of all your problems is a way of being that is not conducive to sustained success.

Make minor yet sufficient changes in how you view life, both workwise and in love. Try not to be cynical and judgmental and you will find a whole new picture emerging from May onwards.

Some of you may find employment that will require you to set up a home overseas. This will prove to be a blissful experience. Grow with it. You are doing fine.

Compatible signs: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

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