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The Sheep

This is the most feminine sign in the Chinese zodiac. If you are born under this sign you are known as a good samaritan. You are righteous, sincere, artistic and creative. You are loved for your gentle and compassionate ways. You enjoy living in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

You make a good teammate because you tend to leave major decisions to others. You are God-gifted and excel in drama, literature, music and the arts.

2004 will prove subtly artistic and creative for you. You make a difference, yet your search for purification in your chosen field continues.

Your never-say-never attitude will work in your favour. Patience is an attribute that works for you and pays you rich dividends, both at work and in love.

There are chances you could be taken for granted at times, but others around you will soon learn to respect you and your ways. You will emerge a winner as your belief in yourself increases.

Towards the end of the year, some of you may receive an inheritance. You will invest your money wisely and take good care of all those your love.

Compatible signs: Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Pig, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake

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