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The Horse

If you are born under the influence of the horse you are popular, cheerful and good-looking. The horse loves both physical exercise and mental stimulation. You are skillful in both business and in love.

You love meeting new people and attending parties. You have impressive leadership qualities and a charming personality to match.

2004 will be one of hectic activity for you. Most of you will run from pillar to post to achieve your dreams. You will finally get the fame you worked so hard for and deserve so much.

But all work and no play can make you dull and unhappy. You could lose your inspiration. Let your hair down once in a while. Catch up with old pals. Indulge in your hobbies. Travel to exotic holiday spots. You can afford to take a break and still make a difference in whatever you pursue.

The health of a loved one suffers; hospitalisation cannot be ruled out.

But things can only get better, so be grateful for what you have.

Compatible signs: Tiger, Sheep, Dog

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