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You don't really know what you should do, what you can do," says Kumar Sattaluri -- photographed here with his son Amish -- who lost his wife Deepika in the WTC tragedy. The family had moved to New York from Britain a few weeks before 9/11. The highly intelligent nine year old is taking ice skating lessons these days and slowly coming to terms with his mother's death.

Like many Indian families who lost someone two years ago -- about 100 Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, West Indians of Indian origin died that horrific Tuesday -- Kumar does not want to return to India. "We came with the idea of staying here," he says. "It's difficult to think of going back. We were three of us who came and I don't want two of us to go back. I just can't think of it."

Photograph: Paresh Gandhi. Text: Arun Venugopal. Excerpted from India Abroad's Magazine Special on the Survivors of 9/11

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