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Siri Fort Rape Case:

On October 14, two men raped a Swiss diplomat outside the Siri Fort auditorium, where the International Film Festival of India was being held.

The incident, which came barely a week after four soldiers of the elite President's Bodyguard raped a college girl, sent shockwaves across Delhi.

The assault, said the police, took place when the 35-year-old diplomat was leaving the auditorium at around 2200 IST.

As she entered her car in the auditorium's parking lot, the men forced their way in. One man raped her as the other drove the vehicle through south Delhi. The victim was later dumped in Safdarjung Enclave, about five kilometres from the auditorium.

In a detailed statement to the police, she described her rapist as a suave young man speaking fluent English. After raping her, according to the statement, the man lectured her on Indian traditions. His associate was described as 'someone speaking Hindi and not so suave'.

What was worse was that within half an hour of the rape an Indian filmmaker, Akansha Joshi, was assaulted at the same spot. She suffered head injuries and was admitted to the Apollo Hospital.

In a statement to the press, she said the attack was similar to the one on the Swiss official. 'But for my presence of mind, I too could have met the same fate...' she said.

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Director Amol Palekar said the incident had brought shame to Delhi. 'Only a few days back we had four persons from the President's Bodyguard being arrested for their involvement in a rape. Now we have a woman filmgoer being raped. We have been shouting from the rooftops about Indian culture and how much respect we give to women,' he said. 'Where has this culture disappeared?'

The police say they are close to solving the case and have released sketches of the suspects.

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