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'Will they be able to return my husband?'

Kalpa Devi, 40, lives in a government apartment at Mandir Marg, which is part of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's constituency. Her husband, Mahavir Singh Negi, was part of Parliament's Watch and Ward Staff. Though her son, Gautam, was given his father's job, Kapla Devi feels shortchanged by the government.

Kalpa Devi: What is the use recalling all that? He [Mahavir Singh Negi] is not going to come back. My son is the guardian of the house now and he is taking care of us.

Everything is going well but it [Negi's death] was a huge loss for all of us. He was such a simple man. What wrong had he done? What have the terrorists achieved by killing him and innocent people like him? It is all over now. I pray that his soul rests in peace. I know his blessings are always with us.

The fact is that the government hasn't treated us well. [Chief Minister] Sheila Dikshit announced Rs 4,00,000 as compensation for us. They also promised us a petrol pump. But none of this has happened. They act as if we are beggars. If they think we have got enough money, then the government should take everything we have and give him [Negi] back. Will they be able to return my husband?

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