29 August, 2002


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'Let Him Roam Free....Every Forest Must Have One Veerappan'

Wed Aug 28 17:14:13 2002
Name:B.Srinivasa Rao
Your Views:It is high time the Governments stop bending to the diktats of terrorists and others. Surely Veerappan has'nt kidnapped for the sake of killing, which he could have done at Mr.Nagappa's residence, he has kidnapped for some hard bargaining and the Governments concerned should now come out with bold decisions and intensify the combing. Kindly stop sending emissaries and get into action and finsih him once and for all even though it might endanger Mr.Nagappa's life.

Wed Aug 28 17:22:49 2002
Your Views:In my view this is happening solely due to the inability of both the state govts involved.How come a STF dedicated for a particular task for past few years not able to even lay hand on Veerapan even once.And the lack of committement and Increased Corruption in Police and politics is the main cause why Veerapan had escaped after being caught once.I feel that the Centre need to strictly look into this and end the Menace once and for All.

Wed Aug 28 17:30:11 2002
Name:Avneesh Yadav
Your Views:Veerappan is a smuggler as a dacoit, Just provide the special facilities like Mobile, new weapons, helicoptors etc., to the Army and defence forces to tie up the hands of Veerappan,

Wed Aug 28 17:31:31 2002
Your Views:Both the State Governments and Central Government should show courage to hunt/shot this idiot. If he kill the captives, let him do. But the Governments should not allow this fugitive to go free now. Should give free hand to the forces to nab/kill him. Some politicians may be hand in glove with him. Let the forces to remove the mask from these politicians supporting this type of smugllers/killers.

Wed Aug 28 17:34:07 2002
Your Views:I Think if karnataka gov. realy want to get rid of this mad forever ; it is better to finish this menace by using all means......

Wed Aug 28 17:36:57 2002
Name:Sujata Iyengar
Your Views:The Karnataka government should try and alienate Veerappan from the locals whom he replies on for support. This is the only way to beat him at his game. Alternatively Amma can negotiate him a political berth and ask for surrender of weapons in return.

Wed Aug 28 17:37:39 2002
Your Views:As far as the Govt is considered, Nagappa's safety is of utmost importance. It cannot make a scapegoat out of a former minister. It is the Govt's failure to catch Veerappan and now, they cant do anything which can prove dangerous to Nagappa's life. They need to do all the things needed to get him released and appoint Kempaiah back as STF chief and give full encouragement and co-operation to STF, they will do the rest.

Wed Aug 28 17:39:15 2002
Your Views:This will help our country as Verrapan will turn from Most Wanted by Police to most wanted By India.

Wed Aug 28 17:40:19 2002
Name:Pranay Dixit
Your Views:I spit on Tamil nadu Police as they can't even trace a single person for such a big Crime. There is no other alternative for karnatka govt but to salute Mr.Veerapan and Give him Karnatka ,Tamil nadu and Bihar as this three states need dare devil person like him who hasnt been surrended for last 15 years

Wed Aug 28 17:41:04 2002
Your Views:I think if there is a will and wish hunting down Veerappan is quite possible. Now even veerappan have hopes of amnesty, and I don't think he will kill ex minister. STF has to hunt down him. This is the right time as movement is not that easy to him along with ex minister.

Wed Aug 28 17:41:06 2002
Name:Sathish S
Your Views:Hi, Just can't understand why's impossible to locate and nab him in this modern world. I think it should be possible to locate him with satellites. Is it because there's a big gang behind him??

Wed Aug 28 17:46:05 2002
Name:Prof.Habibur Rahman
Your Views:First of all in a democratic country one has to respect human value! When a minister's daughter was abducted what we did? When terrorists hijacked a flight what we did? When Dr. Rajkumar was kidnapped what we did? Observing all our pre-actions we have to accept to Veerappan to release Nagappa! Use same scale for all! Secondly people are not safe under our police system which operates as per political tunes. From when this Walter Devaram challenging that he will catch Veerappan and continues in police even after retirement! Veerappan is now because of this Devaram! Why Karunanidhi prevented him, if the statement of Jayalalitha is correct? Third, the security system! People laugh at Police body gourds that were just frightened by seeing Veerappan at Nagappa's residence! So they act only in police custody! Not in open ground! Can't face Challenges! What kind of training they get then? In conclusion, we have to remodify our system of Democracy not by setting commissions by studying occurrences with experts. Culprits should be punished whether it is IG, Constable or CM without allowing them by going for a stay at courts. Bring an amendment soon!

Wed Aug 28 17:46:49 2002
Name:chandan rajkhowa
Your Views:veerappan phenomena is not restricted to veerappan himself. it is the manifestation of rapidly eroding value and developmental based society in our country. this is the route cause of every unnatural act of vandalism inour society. due to material value based education system in our individual family level forcing us to adopt a allien culture of materialism. how many of us give emphasis to value based cultural system in our family front?now-a-days every body of us wants money and material to come throgh flood gates leavivng behind the thoughts and philosophy spell out by our foredfathers for a peaceful productive civilised society. now it is high time that a social revolution sets in our country for turning the wheel of progress and prosperity in the right tract.

Wed Aug 28 17:47:29 2002
Your Views:I think we can give presidential pardon to Veerappan if he kidnaps Musharraf and co. and helps us rescue Kashmir from the clutches of Pakistan and then make him also a politician(in Kashmir constituency...

Wed Aug 28 17:47:31 2002
Your Views:Why Can't Veerappan kidnap, TN's ruling Ministers? He should do it so. Jeya is a ruthless lady, she will not worry about the other state leaders as well as people. For her, the properties are at HYD so safe. This is dirty politics. Some how divine power is with Veerappan. Ask STF to table the blow by blow account. Then proceed to rescue Nagappa.

Wed Aug 28 17:47:46 2002
Name:Sanmeet P Shah
Your Views:Enough is enough. Government should go allout and put an end to this "menace", once for and all. To achieve this, sincerity and inclination should prevail above political considerations.

Wed Aug 28 17:48:29 2002
Name:Dilip Sharma
Your Views:First try to release the minister who kidnapped by virrapana. Then state government shoud hand over this matter to center government. After than we all know that Indian army can easily trap and Army will kidnap him according to me.

Wed Aug 28 17:48:55 2002
Your Views:Set a thief to catch a thief.This strategy has to be used by Center/CBI and state govts(TN and K). They should join hands with the Big V and plan for 1)being a Super cop incharge of all anti terrorist missions including Pak sponsored ones which are operating in India. 2)Being a lead negotiator on behalf of govts(State/Center) whenever any terrorists kidnap some key officials.His skills in being a kidnapper will come to use. 3)Being a lead activist in taking action against corrupt Forest officials all over the country.His responsibility will also include taking action against people engaged in smuggling forest produce/animal parts. 4)Being a key trainer on behalf of govt for imparting training to forest officials. 5)Being a OSD for the power minister in recovering dues from ministers/errant businessmen and top leaders who do not pay up/delay. 6)Being a OSD for the home minister in ensuring that former ministers clear their residences once they are no more in the ministry. In exchange govt should clear all charges against him and ask him to gather his cronies to form a organisation which will have a annual budget and get get financial assistance from all states and center.

Wed Aug 28 17:49:20 2002
Your Views:In fact we are wasting people like Veerapan here in India. We should honour him with CBI chief and handover the independent charge of Pakistan case to him.

Wed Aug 28 17:49:26 2002
Your Views:He has so far done nothing remarkable. he has to prove his crdentials by kidnapping the corrupt officials and lagislature and torture them ruthlessly and leave them after extracting a promise that hence forth they will behave as true sons of their mother and not the son of a swine. otherwise, he must plan their revisit for a second dose.

Wed Aug 28 17:49:52 2002
Your Views:It's surprising how veerappan who lives in forest knows about the movements of VIPs in the city. Even he might not have seen their face...there is something fishy. Root cause of the problem is not with the veerappan, it's lying somewhere else. STF got to do the root cause analysis..else, forget catching that guy who lives by instinct.

Wed Aug 28 17:50:15 2002
Name:Siva Kumar
Your Views:Veerappan shoud be allowed to roam free in the forests.the cases against him must be dropped.the forest area where veerappan moves around is the most dense and supports animals of all kinds. that is because due to fear of veerappan people donot go there and destroy the forest.for the sake of the ecological balance every forest must have one veerappan

Wed Aug 28 17:50:48 2002
Your Views:Recruit into RAW - pakisthan wing to execute operations!

Wed Aug 28 17:51:00 2002
Your Views:No Political Will No Veerappan-Dead or Alive,only Long live Veerappan!!! P.S.:I love that proposal"Pay Veerappan to kidnap Veerappan & train him & send him to Pak".If we can't put an end to this ridiculous state let's use it - what funda!

Wed Aug 28 17:51:28 2002
Your Views:The problem with Veerappan has been persisting for a very long time now. Both state governments seem to have taken only a 'reactive' approach as opposed to 'pro-actively' trying to nab the culprit and bring him to justice. It is very surprising that with so much police, para-military and military forces we are unable to catch him. I fear that sincere efforts were never put to stop this. Under the circumstances there is a serious need to review the whole issue and find reasons for failing to stop this once for all. This sends very bad signals to people within India. There is obviously a greater risk in the international arena when several countries may 'ridicule' India's and respective state governments inability to stop this. Therefore one fundamental question that comes to many a mind is 'How is India going to stop infiltration across the border?' when we are unable to do anything in our own backyard !!!! This is rudimentary question.

I opine 'If there is a will then there is a way'. Once politics is de-linked from Veerappan then he is going to be caught.

Wed Aug 28 17:52:12 2002
Name:Kishor Cariappa
Your Views:All newspapers, both Vernacular and National, being published from Karnataka must thank Veerappan for giving them something to chew during this 'offseason' period.

Wed Aug 28 17:53:12 2002
Your Views:musharaff should be paid back in the same coin. our country should utilise fully the services of crooks like veerappan.

Wed Aug 28 17:53:16 2002
Name:Ashok Kumar
Your Views:In my opinion, Mr Veerappan shud be made the President of India...

Wed Aug 28 17:53:27 2002
Your Views:How stupid, you pay 10,000,000$ to abduct Musharraf, then you'll pay another 10,000,000$ to abduct Musharraf II then ther'll be III, IV and so on. The country whose birth was on the basis of hatred and who only understand the language of Bombs and guns will keep creating millions and billions of Musharrafs

Wed Aug 28 17:54:39 2002
Your Views:Veerappan might as well kidnap the following: 1.V.P.Singh - solely responsible for bringing this country down with his Mandal implementation 2.Dawood Ibrahim 3.Anu Malik, for his atrocious music scores and several others

Wed Aug 28 17:55:20 2002
Your Views:He is a qualified person to become a Minister

Wed Aug 28 17:56:34 2002
Your Views:We sure are a Democratic country...letting our politicians decide if Veera is going to be caught,given the crores that we spend doing this not to mention the energy ,innocent police lives and the futile battles. Long live Democracy -a la Indian Style

Wed Aug 28 17:56:51 2002
Your Views:George Bush should appoint Veerapan to catch Osama bin laden......

Wed Aug 28 17:57:01 2002
Your Views:In my opinion the bandit is definitely has in sympathiser the govt. system or else it is not possible that our police is not able to nab, him. If we were successful in nabbing charles sobhraj , were able to have direct dialougue any other militant why we are communicating through the Sivasubramanian. And even he is in our custody we are not able to cath him. Why the STF's head and men were always changing? Also have any one tried to understand what motivate the brigand to live such life and do henious crime?

Wed Aug 28 17:57:44 2002
Your Views:Karnataka Govt. will appeal to Tamilnadu to release the detainees as per Bandits demand. Tamilnadu refuses. Both the Govts dicide to launch coombing operation.Sri. Nagappa will be killed and once again Veerappan escapes. There will large scale vailence in both states.

Wed Aug 28 18:00:11 2002
Your Views:There are so many Veerapans. Some in jungle & some in authority. Nabbing or killing just one veerapan won't help. All the Veerapans should be brought to justice. This, I think, is only a dream which may come true if the people of india will unite recognize their own power and do not support any such Veerapan.

Wed Aug 28 18:00:14 2002
Name:Akash Nair
Your Views:...kidnap Mushy and do what ? Raise and baby-sit Jehadis in India ??

Wed Aug 28 18:00:27 2002
Name:Holy Indian
Your Views:I think.. and this is MY own strong feeling that... the karnataka Govt. or tamil nadu's govt.. has nothing to do with various options available given... by anyone. I mean.. that... this all is an inhouse... in the family game. And we all know that. Every time... when jayalalitha... contests and election... or is near to gather ppls support... she makes remarks in press and public.. that she will do all to catch the bandit. And various different agencies r called upon with various big promises and challanges given by them. Underworld and prolitics r like sas and bahu of ekta kapoors serials.

Wed Aug 28 18:00:35 2002
Name:Gundu Kundi
Your Views:I think Jayalalitha should marry Veerappan, Karunanidhi, Nedumaran, PMK's Ramdoss and Dalit Ezhilmalai. That should bring peace and harmony to Tamil Nadu.

Wed Aug 28 18:01:37 2002
Your Views:it is strange that state govt are not able to get hold of veerapan .after all he is human being and not god who police can not see.the state govt is not interestred in getting him as they are with him but showing from outside sincere efforts of catching him and punishing him

Wed Aug 28 18:01:49 2002
Your Views:I hope whether he could abduct Narendra Modi.One thing i am sure is he won't dare to abduct Mr. K.karunakaran. Otherwise he wouls have splitted his gang to innumerous groups.

Wed Aug 28 18:03:18 2002
Your Views:in my view veerappan has become kalnayak where two words always resemble the kal and nayak. People started treating veerappan as hero sometimes and villian sometimes. But I think he is real kalnayak and because of his stubborn character he is able to live in thick forests for such a long time. Before people think like me state and central govts should expedite plans to nab him. Otherwise he will remain as prince of thieves (robinbood)

Wed Aug 28 18:04:08 2002
Your Views:Kill that b******* at any cost along with his allies, be it politicians, diplomats, bureaucrats whatever.... All these bloody political dramas should come to an end. The Centre should take the course of action in its own hand rather than leaving it on the two spoiled states. Otherwise, kill the two CMs instead and impose the president's rule. To hell with Kannars & Tamils.

Wed Aug 28 18:04:21 2002
Your Views:This man veeru is not an ordinary person whatever may be the reason behind him he got the courage,manpower,arms & ammunations along with good backing support. at one time this may has the capacity to shake the karnataka govt. so instead of wasting money on this man to catch him,i would like to give similar suggestion like 'pay veerappan to kidnap musharraf" that is to pay veerappan to fight against the jammu & kashmir terrorise or otherwise to catch this person indian govt. should take the help of neighbouring countries(america/russia) that may incur heavy cost,but for one time only

Wed Aug 28 18:05:05 2002
Your Views:tell veerappan to abduct laloo prasad or jayalalitha he will get good amount of money form them or to shift its base from karanatka forests to kashmir forests.

Wed Aug 28 18:05:09 2002
Name:Mahesh Babu Palla
Your Views:This is one of the typical situation but not the most. The same thing happened in Afgan when our aeroplane was hizacked by terrorists, to release them we released some terrorist leaders. What they are doing now they killed many persons who are more than in number that day in Aeroplane. So, why we bow our head if we bow our head then whats the meaning of Govt, whats the meaning of Court, and whats the meaning of Justice. If govt bows head infront of culprits then who is going to assure the people a Safe life. Let veerappan do what he can. Lets we see. Try to trap him. Lets give some one week time to Army people and get the work done. If we lost the life of former minister let it be. Catch him and kill him there. Dont let him come to the people and join the Nation. What the hell he can do. Why two States has to bow their heads in front of Culprit. Who is he. Having some 10 plus people around him he is playing hide and seek. Let him do what he can. If two states cant find him ask central govt ask General of Army to took the case. They will give his dead body within 7 days. Why state governments are wasting time discussing about that culprit.

Wed Aug 28 18:05:16 2002
Your Views:Leave Veerapan alone. It is a battle between the cops & Veerapan. lets not get sentimental about it. He has never taken a common man hostage. Only people who play with him get kicked. What is your freaking problem?

Wed Aug 28 18:05:25 2002
Your Views:yes i would like the same to be happen with musharraf,not end both of them.

Wed Aug 28 18:05:30 2002
Your Views:1. Wait for him to die a natural death out of old age. 2. Send Abdul kalam with his missile to shoot him out. 3. Report to her mummy and wait and watch to see him getting good beating from her. 4. Make him see pirated hindi movies. We will then frame a case against him. Even making him eat gutkha-masala will do. 5. Why not make him play criket with Sachin tendulkar. We will then catch him in lunch time. 6. Make him play KBC. When he will phone a friend, we will crack his associate on the other end. Then our muscleman police will do the rest of required things 7. Bumper idea. "Just do something atleast"

Wed Aug 28 18:05:45 2002
Name:Alok Jain
Your Views:It seems there is atleast some mystery behind not able to get veerappan as without the support of government no criminal can hide for such a long time. What political parties need to do in karnataka is to get rid of regional politics and make there senses to think . A Determined step of refusing each and every demand of veraappan will definetly solve the problem might take time. As it seems Veerappan is also driven politically. Not doubt there is a hand of politician not only from government side but may be from opposition side also. Just like mumbai under world virtually have links to all parties and almost every type of business. Thus veerappan must be having support from atleast someone from each and every party

Wed Aug 28 18:05:52 2002
Your Views:Let Veerappan kill that minister. Govt should not pay or should not fullfill Veerappan's demands. Even if he kidnaps karnataka or Tamil nadu CM. no problem, Govt should do same thing. This is the only solution to end dramas like this. In this case nation may loose few politicians, which is good for our Nation

Wed Aug 28 18:06:21 2002
Your Views:Without delaying further both the TN and Karnataka state governments should immedialtely ask the help of Army to catch or kill Veerappan throwing the ego to dustbin. This is the one and only solution.

Wed Aug 28 18:06:29 2002
Name:Nagesh Mavinahally
Your Views:When Rajkumar was kidnapped, I wrote to an editor "What a shame, one billion people Vs. one South Indian Rogue". What do I say now. How stupid are the TN and Karnatak Govts., and its STF. Just a mockery. HOw stupid are these two Govts. that went after negotiators before nutralizing the Bandit. Did they not expect this to happen. If the Govts cannot protect an MLA, how can it protect ordinary cirtizen. WOuld Raj's life be more valuable than Nagappa's, got to wait and see. It is a shame on TN and Karnataka. Jai Hind.

Wed Aug 28 18:08:16 2002
Name:vikram Sona
Your Views:It is a brightest and cleaverst idea to pay to kidnap Mushaffaf ! I am ready to contribute some amount from my side too. We can assure Veerappan that no leagal action would be taken against you, however he has to ensure thar Gen. should not be free at laest for period the sandlewood smugler is hiding. We should even think to appoint him the 'kidnapper' of Jehadi group and we should not mind exending him all the facilities. Once he submit his blue print- "the tape", the Central Governmant agencies should exaimin the possibilites and give him green signal. Why this bright and inteligent idea had not come to any body's mind so far including our secret agencies !!

Wed Aug 28 18:09:31 2002
Your Views:According to my view this man should be brought to justice and should be dealt severely. We should prove to the world that we are capable of nabbing any kind of humans who go against the LAW.I would like the central govt. to take all the fit commandoes and Nab the man called "veereppan".

Wed Aug 28 18:12:29 2002
Name:dr manish pahuja
Your Views:prisoners should be innocent man should suffer because of few criminals.the fate of criminals ? leave it on nature to dealt with..

Wed Aug 28 18:13:03 2002
Your Views:It's just unacceptable to say that a multi-strength police force can not capture this most wanted criminal. In particular when he is challenging and exposing his wearabouts.

Wed Aug 28 18:13:14 2002
Name:M. Honri
Your Views: In exchange of Bajpayi the Janata dal leader can be freed. Bajpai badly needs fresh polution free air of Satyamangalam forest for his health. So that he can think of poor and middle cast level instead of Business men and he will stop lowering interest rates.

Wed Aug 28 18:14:31 2002
Name:Bharat Dharamwani
Your Views:This is all a big political game played by people in Tamil Nadu - Veerapan is their puppet. They make a lot of money out of smuggling of sandalwood and they will do anything to make South India (then whole India) a Tamil bastion - aiya-yo-aiyo-yo.

Wed Aug 28 18:15:05 2002
Your Views:Build a good force using centre support to end this saga once for ALL. It is not worht negociating again and again. The time is ripe for end it. I feel sorry for the Nagappa's family but at other end we have a big problem which is affecting veryone's life. I hope SM Krishna takes these advice.

Wed Aug 28 18:15:16 2002
Name:Krishna B Gummadi
Your Views:The way the government deals with the situation is not too interesting. There are people who are helping him out and they are the bugs of the nation and they are political people. Well, the main point is that everyone should take part in this activity and secure that there are not anti-Tamil or Anti-Karnataka movements. If it did, We wouldn't be united anymore..which is plus point to Pakistan. So people, lets act together.

Wed Aug 28 18:15:17 2002
Name:Bobby Awasthi
Your Views:What's the sense in blaming Veerappan or his brigands for all this drama, while everyone informed of the local scenario is well aware of the fact that there is a close nexus between politicians and this guy in both the states at various levels. Why the governments only wake up when there is a politician or a minister involved ? The government should keep on sleeping as usual. Amen !

Wed Aug 28 18:16:03 2002
Your Views:There is a story about an Army officer on Internal Security duty. He was advised to fire in the air, to disperse a mob. He did it successfully. But he was court martialled by the army.. An army officer fired a bullet and it missed? It was a shame. It should be the same with our police. How can they miss locating one vagabond Veerappan.. for the last 20 years. It is really a shame.

Wed Aug 28 18:16:05 2002
Name:Sameer Lalwani
Your Views:Oh Yes!! Certainly..that would be the ultimate test for Mr. Verappan & Co. The misson should read.. " Wanted Mr. Pervez Musharaff !!..Dead!!!!! "

Wed Aug 28 18:17:06 2002
Your Views:I would suggest to make Mr. Veerappan the cabinet Minister for Forest & Natural resources, instead of sending troops to catch him.

Wed Aug 28 18:17:24 2002
Name:Ananya Pratinav
Your Views:It's really a good idea. Veerappan kidnapping musharraf.If you need some money I'll happily put in some in the funds,but his(veerappan's) real test would be if he can kidnap some of the world reknowned terrorists who are infiltrating india and creating cross border terrorism including Osama Bin Laden.

Wed Aug 28 18:17:34 2002
Your Views:The prime question is of will!! Does the Govt. have the will to capture Veerappan (although there is nothing Veer about Veerappan). All the STF forces and Police will come to naught if political will is lacking. I think politicians are to be blamed for this menace. No way in the world could veerappan have survived for so long without political support. Unless our political system is cleansed of corruption and criminal nexus Veerappans will keep flourishing. To catch veerappan a three pronged approach should be followed. First, intelligence gathering. Veerapan and party needs food,water,weapons and ammunition to survive/terrorize.Get to know the contacts and places from were he manages these items. Once his movement is discerned, isolate him in a small pocket of the forest.Finally start squeezing in. This will require a lot of planning,perseverance and leadership. But in the end it will still boil down to the willingness on the part of the State and Central Govt.

Wed Aug 28 18:18:04 2002
Your Views:Veerapan is capable of kidnapping musharaf if he is send on a mission, but instead if veerapan can be send into forests of jammu & kashmir all the terrorists can be made to run behind into pak....

Wed Aug 28 18:18:58 2002
Your Views:Do not negotiate with him. Declare openly that neither govt is going to give in to his demands and he can do whatever he wants. Also make it absolutely clear that the govt's stand would be the same even if he abducts Jayalalitha or Rajinikanth (Let's hope this happens one day)

Wed Aug 28 18:19:15 2002
Name:sanjay pardhi
Your Views:We indians should feel shame, when we pretend ourselves as developed and well equipped country. since long we can't touch a smuggler like veerappan, who is hiding in our soil. government should handover the situation to millitary and let them handlle the veerappan in national interest. we should not make him hero.

Wed Aug 28 18:19:29 2002
Name:Atul B. Gawde
Your Views: Veerpan demand is to release to his men after that he will release ex-minister Nagappa. Please do not release any body of his men. If you are giving chance like that then his demand will increase and he can do any thing what like to do.

Wed Aug 28 18:19:46 2002
Your Views:Well, I second the Idea of sending him out to Pakistan. GO man, go rule . Its a jungle out there. You'll be happy there.

Wed Aug 28 18:19:51 2002
Your Views:There is no point. The mindset of Muslim clergy needs to be changed. If not Musharraf, another xyz may come. There will not be any change. Before Musharraf, there was Pakistan, there was India, and there was Kashmir problem. First let us cleanse our own nationals. There are so many in India; they do not want to sing Vande Mataram also. First change them. Then think others. Musharraf cannot do any harm to India. He will be busy solving his own problems. International community will keep a watch on him. He is conscious about it. Let him go on bluffing, it will do innumerable good things for India. If you recollect the story Mahabharata, he is like Shakuni and Pakistan is Kauravas. Like Shakuni, he will destroy Pakistan. Already the stage is set in. It needs to be enacted. It took 18 days for Pandava's to destroy Kaurava's but the present process may take 18 months. That is all. Let us wait and watch.

Wed Aug 28 18:21:17 2002
Your Views:No money should be paid by the government to Veerappan. (It is tax payers money) If a ransom is demanded by a non-Veerappan in any other kidnapping case, will the government come in and pay? Due to the government's failure to catch him, should we (tax payers) feel the brunt? Let Janata Dal come in to his rescue!!

Wed Aug 28 18:21:32 2002
Name:Girish Bhatia
Your Views:Great Idea!! Like RK Laxman suggested make him Minister for Conservation of Forests and let Modi (Gujarat) show his manliness by abducting Musharraf ;) !!!

Wed Aug 28 18:22:29 2002
Your Views: I strongly feel to take tough action and not oblige to any of the demands. We have lost so may soldiers in a kargil war.If govt follows tough actions ,then all thease kidnappers will vaish.

Wed Aug 28 18:23:52 2002
Your Views:our govt. has started surrend -ing since-mukti-mohamad case planehijack to all.this time also history will repeat only. virapan is all what he is by the grace of this Gunda politician.

Wed Aug 28 18:24:16 2002
Name:Shailesh Singh
Your Views:If he is going to stop kidnapping after completing his this demand than they should be released otherwise his demand should be denied. It hardly matters who is kidnapped (PM/CM or Citizen). Those who are giving their lives on Border to save the freedom is also a citizen and more important than anycitizen of the country.

Wed Aug 28 18:24:49 2002
Your Views: jus chuck them out.if anything happen to tamilians ,they will be assulted.

Wed Aug 28 18:27:02 2002
Name:gurmit singh
Your Views:Stop giving importance to this dacoit , the fault lies with our idiot politicians who if wish can get rid of him in few days afterall Our armed forces are not made up of 2 inch tall man from Lilliput. Can anyone convey my message to Atal Bihari or he too is interested in becoming the so-called "kidnap Guest " of the may be non existent Entity called veerapan. I know even rediff is also doing time pass like me , just writing and hosting articles on veerapan , wake up Mr. Bachelor Atal and his company and do the needful so that next time i need not waste my time writing the same if tomorrow he kidnaps a advani,sonia or for that matter even you and me!!!!!!!!!

Wed Aug 28 18:27:40 2002
Your Views:Let veerappan kidnap both jayalalitha and krishna so that the threesome can discuss money matter more freely than now.

Wed Aug 28 18:27:48 2002
Name:Madhu K. Nair
Your Views:We take pride in yelling that our's is the largest democracy with a billion plus population. We also take pride in showing the world day in and day out (with the help of some shameless visual media) the largest democracy in the world is unable to nab the likes of Veerappans, Sharmas. If the centre have some "sharam" left then "impose president'rule in both Karnataka, TN and if required Kerala too, nab Veerappan and then lift president's rule." This will prove to the ordinary citizen that at least there is no politician at the centre who is in Veerappan's pay role.

Wed Aug 28 18:27:52 2002
Name:Flush the menance once & for all
Your Views:Declare the hostage Mr.Nagappa has a martyr and send elite forces of the army to flush him finally. If India cannot catch one small bandit how it can wage a war on mighty & naughty Pakistan and assume to win the war. Its high time we realize our foolishness in not having a will to end the menance.

Wed Aug 28 18:28:17 2002
Your Views:The fact that Veerappan has remained large for over 15 years is indicative of the fact that there is lack of seriousness in efforts to catch him. The problem to catch Veerappan must be assigned to the Indian Army. I'm sure that they would be successful in a short time.

Wed Aug 28 18:29:28 2002
Your Views:how about an marriage alliance between jayalalitha and veerappan

Wed Aug 28 18:29:30 2002
Name:K. Kundu
Your Views:Tell the politicians to keep out of this problem. They tried for 15 years. Call Military and give them full power to nab Veerappan within 7 days. They will catch him.

Wed Aug 28 18:30:07 2002
Your Views:Verappan is asset to India. He should be made the president of India and then sent to Pakistan, he will surely do the trick.

Wed Aug 28 18:32:53 2002
Name:Shravan Pulijala
Your Views:This menace will be solved by first arresting not Veerappan, but those politicians who are sheltering/shielding him. It is simply unbelievable that a task force from two states cannot catch this thief and murderer. There is but one explanation: Official Complicity. Everytime a police officer/force has gotten close enough to catch him, he/they have been compromised and killed. It is shameful. We will not be able to catch this criminal until and unless the police is given a 'free hand', something unheard of in high-profile criminal cases in our country.

Wed Aug 28 18:33:31 2002
Name:S Suri
Your Views:In the long term interests of both the states and the people of the two states, every effort should be made to nab the bandit without aquiescing to his blackmails.

Wed Aug 28 18:33:52 2002
Name:jameel hasan
Your Views:It is really shameful for a large country like us to talk about full war with pak and in our own backyard are unable to catch a murderer/thief/rough. no priorities only big talks by our foolish ministers

Wed Aug 28 18:34:34 2002
Your Views:An absolute nuisance that he is! Time to shoot him at sight. RG

Wed Aug 28 18:35:18 2002
Name:vasudeva rao
Your Views:Pl. depute Veerappan to Afghanisthan to capture Osama Bin Laden and after his successful capturing of Laden , Veerappan will hold charge of Kashmir and bring back normalcy there. Thereafter he will be awarded with Bharat Ratna & Nobel award for Peace (piece). Whether our rulers ever realise this noble idea ?

Wed Aug 28 18:35:46 2002
Name:l k sharma
Your Views:This is not the problem of one viruppan...Its just a consequence of dirty politics based on caste,region and power.If any MLA/MP supported by viruppan can won election..then who will nab him and how...he has his roots in the power politics.If there were no anti-social elements then who will work for political leaders in their election comphain.We should not make evil elements as HERO's of media,TV and films.They and the people supporting them should be strongly critised.

Wed Aug 28 18:38:28 2002
Name:R Ramakanth
Your Views:There cannot be any solution to this problem coz of hi- level political invovlement in protecting the country*s most wanted person. Let police be given free hand in nabing the forest brigand.

Wed Aug 28 18:39:03 2002
Your Views:Its a shame on all indians. while both our state and central govts., blaming each other the world will be laughing. They will be thinking if India cannot catch a bandit how they are going to fight the kashmiri terrorists. Unless and until the politician's who are above 60 years old Indians can not rise their head proudly infront of the world community.Let the Indian Army to finish Veerappan.

Wed Aug 28 18:39:25 2002
Your Views:he is not alone ,all politicians are involved in it ,other wise how its possible ,? aperson living in your state for so many years ,and you couldn't find out ,this is shame on both states ,beside Veerappan there are similar kind of people but in white color ,jayalalitha,Sukhram ,etetc ,long list ...I don't think Veerappan will be caught ever

Wed Aug 28 18:39:54 2002
Name:surajit som
Your Views: indeed he should be appointed the prime minister, then abduct or eliminate remaining honest people ,if a few are still there. then make cabinet with people like Siddhu,PPSC Chairman, both at the centre and the state levels. we cant have Ramarajya . lets then have Ravanarajya and end , once for for all , all this nonsense about morality and ethics!

Wed Aug 28 18:41:20 2002
Your Views:Only Nedumaran can help it.

Wed Aug 28 18:41:33 2002
Your Views:I don't think we should pay money or release any of the criminals lodged in the jail in exchange of kidnapped leader Nagappa. I think we should make every effort to catch Veerappan and his gang, but very carefully so that the hostage is recued harmless. We are ashamed of the happening in the jungles and our lack of willingness to catch this thin man, but a long mousthache. I can only hope for the best.

Wed Aug 28 18:42:32 2002
Your Views:hats not the only option but some thing also as taking drastic step as treatening the people severely for those who are reponsible for the killing of the innocent people should be done(if possible through virappan or through any other means). manjunath

Wed Aug 28 18:43:12 2002
Your Views:Never yield before the terrorists. India has been doing these mistakes for a long time and its high time we realize this. It doesnt matter to the country if one politician is lost we will make him a martyr who dies for a cause. The government is stupid to have let him free to strike again after 2 years. I am sure that this is a big network and the govt is scared of getting veerappan out lest he exposes them. The entire system has to be cleaned...deploy para military forces, special trained people nab him...he is alos an human and how long can he run...lets adopt the united states policy..dont bend infront of the terrorsists.....dont give the reins of control to the terrorists. If the govt accepts his demands..there is going to be no end to this ..he will kidnap another person tomorrow and so on...let the government show him that we dont get threatened by these stupid shouts and let him know that this kidnapping will not benefit him in any way...starve him to death....and he is bound to surrender

Wed Aug 28 18:43:21 2002
Name:Dr. Vishwanath V. Sampagavi
Your Views:For what all has happened & is happening, Veerappan alone is not responsible. There is a big net-work of many other persons: politicians, Govt. office persons, police personnel & many innocent civilians. These innocent civilians are trappred by supporting them during their crisis period and they repay the obligation by working for 'him'. In addition 'Tamil' trump card is used as & when needed. Verappan is just a 'scare crow'. There is no point in searching for 'him' in the forest. Even if he is cought, rest of the net work will sacrifice him & the work of the net work may cotinue with a different 'scare crow'. So, all 'Veerappans' are to be cought & broght under the law: if at all the purpose of the operation is to succeed

Wed Aug 28 18:43:50 2002
Name:y venkatanarayana
Your Views:it is high time that all out efforts are made to nab veeerappan, with the assistance of delhi. Nothing is impossible when we had won wars against our neighbours in style.

Wed Aug 28 18:44:30 2002
Name:Brijesh Singh
Your Views:When we talk of India emerging as a strong nation in coming times in terms of Technology, Power, People and Resources. But its a shame on us that we can't even capture a Terrorist named Mr.Verappan for last 15 years involved in killing of 1000 elephants, more than 100 peoples and other such dreadly act. I feel that we are not united in our views and actions, neither a firm action plan has emerged out from the minister's office to tame Mr.Verappan. It was shocking to hear from one of the Police personnel mentioning that our force do not counter attack since Verappan has got latest weapons. Its really shame on us. We will fight among ourselves like two cats and the monkey - verappan or Pakistan will enjoy the fruits. Lets wake up and unite in our actions and views

Wed Aug 28 18:45:01 2002
Your Views:Me and U have heard everyone reacting on Veerappan's great saga,saying, "It is really a shame for our country, that we can't catch a small criminal like Veerappan and how can this country fight with nuclear powers." Look my friends,have u ever heard this from any of our responsible leaders? Never and Ever you will!When TN force searches from their side,the K side would be open for him.When K side starts TN would be open. If only there is a will from both sides,he can be trapped. But mind u,this is not a small task, since he is a pet for lot of the nearby villagers where he dwells. For them,he is more God than the Politicians,who comes only for votes. Which side of Veerappan should we catch? The Good or Bad? Think about the mastermind planning of these abductions or crimes. Do u really think,that all these comes from that large moustache.Final options left out- Let Veerappan live as he likes playing his games and we say Shame! Or let us-I said 'us',not Tamilian,Not Kannadika,'We Indians'-strike against these closed door mock meetings,force them to let a gang of 50(yes, 50 is more than enough-with guts)young & dedicated commandos to catch him alive,trial him & all others who helped him

Wed Aug 28 18:45:15 2002
Name:Sydney Geograph
Your Views:Maybe give him a high post in BJP. Afterall he has all the credentials.

Wed Aug 28 18:45:29 2002
Name:Amit Roy
Your Views:There are few couple of adjectives that India would always be associated with: beauty, mysticism, Kamasutra and "soft". We are a soft state and history proves this point. Indo Pak wars 1965, 71, Kargil, the current standoff and Indian Airlines hijack to Afghanistan. Karnataka should not yield to Veerapan's demand. Central Govt should step in and help apprehend this brigand. Since the two State Govts political complusions are clearly overshadowing their main objective. Veerapan needs to be apprehended for couple of reasons: - Prove to we citizens & not the world that India is not soft. Set a precedent for police forces, political establishment to take such actions in the future. Maybe also undertake and conduct such overt actions against other law breakers - Dawood, Abu Salem, Baba Ghazi. - Save tax payers money. STF that is just not delivering results akin to the Indian Army in Kashmir not being able to stem the infux of Pak trained terrorists. Divert this money to rain deficit regions for employment and other irrigation schemes. - Unearth the nexus & patronage that Veerapan enjoys from the State establishment both political and police.

Wed Aug 28 18:46:24 2002
Name:Vasudeva Rao
Your Views:Pl. deputr Veerappan to Afghanisthan to nab Osama Bin Laden. After this successful mission, he will be deputed to Kashmir to bring back normalcy. Again he may be deputed to Palastien & Israel to defuse mid-asia crisis. Afer his success he will be awarded with Bharat Ratna. He will be nominated for Nobel Award (peace).His remaining life will be spent in jungles of Africa where his pet companions are still alive.

Wed Aug 28 18:46:46 2002
Name:Rajeev Venkat
Your Views:Its a shame on the political leadership that they cant demonstrate the will to control the menace of one outlaw. The government, as a policy, should never release prisoners/detenus for securing of anybody be it the PM of India or anybody for that reason. Nobody, the least of all these politicans deserved to be saved in this manner.

Wed Aug 28 18:46:57 2002
Your Views:reply stupid veerappan

Wed Aug 28 18:47:15 2002
Your Views:If such an offer is to be made officially, then it would be great shame for Indian Army.

Wed Aug 28 18:48:43 2002
Your Views:Dear Veerappan, Hey! U did a good job!! Look!! Nagappa is not the right person to be kidnapped!! Kidnap Narendra Modi instead!! Look at those Gujjus!! They are very rich!! Hence Narendra Modi is the richest of them all. Catch him!!!! However, even richer is Musharraf!! Catch him!! Nation will be proud of you!!

Wed Aug 28 18:49:18 2002
Name:santi santosh mahapatra
Your Views:certainly he should be given the chance and all the aligations should be removed from him if he is able to do so if indian govt are showing scapegoat type behavior then this must be a better option

Wed Aug 28 18:50:57 2002
Your Views:Veerappan is; an extraordinarily intelligent person. He shuld be sent to catch Osama and the Americans will certainl;y gain; by this and india or verappan may earn the $25 million reward.

Wed Aug 28 18:52:08 2002
Your Views:Is this the state of mental sickness or a regular habbit of us? Can't we talk of anything else . when ever is there any thing in India we start talking about Pakistan one or the other way.By asking a criminal to go and kiddnap a president of any other country, it shows how hostile is our thinking.Besides how weak our law enforcement agencies are.We have come to the state where we have started calling criminals as heros and demanding international activity from them.We are claiming to have become power in the world and we cant catch a crook . Indeed a shame for Inbdia.!!!

Wed Aug 28 18:53:36 2002
Name:srikantaa kumar
Your Views:It is very disturbing that the Country is unable to catch one person who is taking the system of administration to ransom. the home minister of both the state should be made responsible to catch the culprit and if not they must resign. Another person who can do effective home minister job be brought in. The Task force should be indepencdent of both the state administration if required for better command and control till he is caught. It is a National shame to all person. May the people responsible rise to the occasion soon. Long live India.

Wed Aug 28 18:54:05 2002
Your Views:It is poor tamil guys arround who are help him in this process. Both politician & village people. He will never be able to do something outside south india. Shame on tamil politian & people.

Wed Aug 28 18:54:32 2002
Name:somashekar b r
Your Views:there is no limitations in this case.get him immd or kill that veerappan. to show that, still the govt is alive and no one is bigger than the law and order in this go prove it, and bring peace the people living state. best of luck this time i thing that we can do this time with fail.this will be the last changes to do it.

Wed Aug 28 18:55:06 2002
Name:srikantaa kumar
Your Views:It is very disturbing that the Country is unable to catch one person who is taking the system of administration to ransom. the home minister of both the state should be made responsible to catch the culprit and if not they must resign. Another person who can do effective home minister job be brought in. The Task force should be indepencdent of both the state administration if required for better command and control till he is caught. It is a National shame to all person. May the people responsible rise to the occasion soon. Long live India.

Wed Aug 28 18:57:11 2002
Your Views:give someone at the level of police inspector with high credibility charge of eliminating the dreaded V. this officer will not take more than a week to return with v's head. but do the two govt's have the will? Iam sure police force in the state still have guts to deal with such outlaws.

Wed Aug 28 18:58:06 2002
Your Views:it is such a pitty for our country that some people ( like Ram Doss,Krishna swamy ...etc from Vanniyar community) even support a hardcore criminal/terrorist who has killed hundreds of innocent people just because he is from there vanniyar community. are there no good/intelligent people who can take leadership from this community and make these leaders shut there mouth up,and bring back some lost respect to there community.

Wed Aug 28 18:58:11 2002
Name:Rohit Ambosta
Your Views:I agree!! Pay Veerappan to abduct not only Musharraf but all our corrupt leaders...Do not release any prisoners till he executes each politician!

Wed Aug 28 18:58:22 2002
Name:Santrajuice Bambaiwalla
Your Views:Hilarious thought....

Wed Aug 28 18:58:22 2002
Name:Tango Samba
Your Views:Blame Pakistan for this and attack them. Pakistan will use there atomic weapons on India (Poor guys will lose to India in conventional war). Then destroy Pakistan with our stronger weapons and throw few of the weapons in the Karnataka- Tamil Nadu jungles at least two big headaches of India will be go forever and ever..Simple isn't it.

Wed Aug 28 18:59:23 2002
Your Views:Shame Shame Shame Shame to the Police and other crime preventing agencies who are unable to arrest the gangster for last 15 yeara.

Wed Aug 28 19:01:19 2002
Your Views:let us make him the top adminstrator for the country if the current adminstrators are a failure..he should be advised to kidnap all the politicians so that the country can be cleaned up

Wed Aug 28 19:03:09 2002
Your Views:Even Rajnikant's Baba may fail, but Veerapan's show is a blockbuster entertainment, same story line but never fails.

Wed Aug 28 19:04:05 2002
Name:Big Boss
Your Views:Give full charge of Sathyamangalam forests to Indian Army's Special forces to finish this issue once and for all

Wed Aug 28 19:04:08 2002
Name:Rajesh LC
Your Views:Verrappan has exposed the very rotten political and criminal clout our society is living in.Its high time for indians to wake up and shake up your future or else we will be vanished from the face of the earth.

Wed Aug 28 19:04:47 2002
Your Views:noimiate him to the rajya sabha ....jungle to the the wild west....Veerapan for MP...

Wed Aug 28 19:07:06 2002
Your Views:This is a great idea. Makes sense as it provides the villains a chance to become heroes and also provides employment to his helpers.

Wed Aug 28 19:07:06 2002
Name:Shabbeer Ahmed
Your Views:Since our State & Central govts can do nothing about Veerappan's activities, we should really elist his services to eliminate all our corrupt politicians & officials!! In my opinion, the first should be the butcher of Gujrat, Narendra Modi and the next should be the cancer of BJP, L K Advani... these should be first.. the rest can be dealt with by others!!

Wed Aug 28 19:07:17 2002
Name:Vijay Kerji
Your Views:Tamil Nadu and Karnataka governments should come closer at this stage and plan to nab Veerappan. They should not encourage Veerappan's such deeds by not releasing the prisoners.

Wed Aug 28 19:08:19 2002
Your Views:Apart from his demand for ransom money, no other illogical demands of Veerappan can be possibly be met. The politicians cannot expect any sympathy from the public for the situation they find themseles in now. They have to kill the monster that they themselves have created. Having secured the release of Nagappa, the Karnataka & Tamil Nadu governments should launch a sincere effort to nab Veerappan. They should realise that it is in neither state's interest to let one person hold the entire establishment at ransom and play with the emotions of the kannadigas and the tamilians. The politicians should not let their petty interests override the well being of the very people who are the reason of their existence in public life.

Wed Aug 28 19:08:23 2002
Your Views:Well, Veerappan is making a mockery of our force..With the ever increasing crime rates in the city, it just adds to the already drooped down forces..No one knows when on earth people will start commanding respect ..Look at the men serving such forces in other countries..Look at their fitness...Look at their dedication ..and Look at the fear in the eyes of criminals when thry are cought..maybe we need to rethink on these lines and make ourselves stronger and then hunt for this guy..maybe u will endup with his grand child ..never mind that..Our forces can take credit for that too...

Wed Aug 28 19:08:50 2002
Name:shreyas rao
Your Views:the need of the hour is a "NWO" New World Order.i firmly beleive only a rebel ca change the world, history is replete with sagas of wars, reforms,revolutions, crusades and ideological's national identity must transcend religion, creed, caste , sex and other far as vision is concerned it can be attained through steadfast perseverance and courage of conviction. its a sad state of affairs that out politicians and bureaucrats are men of words they indulge in rhetoric and eloquent talks but dont not "walk their talk".unless one realizes that the self-progress and nation's progress should go hand-in-hand, the objective of "developed india" will be a mere ideal.people from all walks of life and different strata of the society need a paradigm shift so that they can see things from a holistic perspective not shed their parochial outlook.

Wed Aug 28 19:09:00 2002
Your Views:We should pay him a load of sandalwood and send him to Pak to kidnap.Atleast he will do our work.

Wed Aug 28 19:11:14 2002
Name:J Bhavani Shankar
Your Views:Veerapan is growing stronger and stronger year after year by the good nourishment provided by the politicians. The politicians (supporting him) need him to be alive for their own benefits. Recruit an army of sincere, nation-loving youngsters who alone can apprehend the bandit. We can't expect anything good to happen in the hands of selfish politicians. (no need to use selfish politicians. The politician itself is synonymous with selfish).

Wed Aug 28 19:12:59 2002
Your Views:The connection between Veerappan and politicians like vaiko is a not a secret. Recently when rajinikanth termed Veerappan as 'Rakshasa', Vaiko critised that Rajinikanth is insulting the caste of Veerappan. If he has sucha support of politicians, no the work of STF will go in vain like the past.

Wed Aug 28 19:13:05 2002
Your Views:Commenting on this is easy. It is really a tough job to nab this guy. He is very familiar with the thick forest which the STF find difficult. He also has the support of the Tribes.

Wed Aug 28 19:13:16 2002
Name:Captain Mohan Ram
Your Views:One need not shed any tears over Mr. Krishna's predicament. He had no business to transfer a fien officer who was in the Karnataka STF. He placated the quarry lobby and moved him. There is a deep nexus between Karnataka politicians and Veerappan.Whatever be the peculiarities of Jayalalitha, at least she is firm about countering terrorism and hunting down bandits. There are no soft options. No question of ransom or placating the bandit. Hunt him down like the animal he is. No surrender to Blackmail as was done in Raj Kumar's case.

Wed Aug 28 19:13:30 2002
Your Views:Govt should talk to Veerappan and pay him huge amount and ask him to kill militants and pakistan supporters in Kashmir, after all what Verappan needs?? money?? Indian govt should pay him whatever he demands, even if he died, he will called as Shaheed. He has everything, man power, brain, skill, and arms so why cant he be used for fighting with terrorists

Wed Aug 28 19:14:29 2002
Your Views:Government should not enter into this matter because there may be some mis understanding between Nagappa and Veerappan. So it is between them, let them do whatever they want. Because samething hapenned in Rajkumar's case...

Wed Aug 28 19:15:20 2002
Name:biju malpan thomas
Your Views:ask veerappan to nab somebody from tamilnadu politics also to make his demands acceptable to tamil nadu government also.

Wed Aug 28 19:16:21 2002
Your Views:Hi , veerappan is one of the biggest employer. He has resulted in payment of wage of 100+ crores to our poor khakhi walas. To the news hungry STAR TV and Armchair analysts. Please don't make them unemployed ! Our politicos will find the ultimate solution if required...clear the forests (not of bandits..but of trees) ..then where can veerappan hide ! Meanwhile some small bucks for them. We should also tell veerappan that there are other ways of threatening the govt... this kidnapping is becoming a boring thing. We need something more interesting and juicy ..something like what the biggest of the bandits..Osama did. I am actually proud that atleast he is having the courage to take on the Police state of Ammaji. I hear that even DMK and MDMK leaders are quivering under the Baton of Ammaji's police...of course my house was burgled 2 weeks back and the police donont know where the theif is .. i understand ..they are not able to pick Veerappan..why bother about the neighborhood burglar who is making Chennai a small satyamangalam forest. Talking of that i see more similarity like Good Roads , Mosquitoes and leaches in chennai. Veerappan i am coming..better be with u than in Chennai

Have you posted your views?


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