February 6, 2001


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'Our sympathies to the families who lost so much within 90 seconds'

Mon Feb 5 12:35:11 2001
Name:The Indus Society
Condolence Message:The Indus Earthquake Relief Fund is a part of The Indus Earthquake Relief campaign, which is aimed at doing something highly constructive for the welfare of our brothers and sisters who are suffering the worst in the Gujarat disaster. If you feel that you should also contribute towards this noble cause, do get in touch with us and we will get back to you soon to accept your much needed contribution. You can buy our Indus Tickets for which you can contribute as much as you want. A part of the fund will be set aside for what we call the 'Charity Incentive', where you might stand to win some cash, ofcourse which you can again donate back for the cause if you wish to do so. So act now and fill in the form at and you should be hearing from The Indus soon...

Mon Feb 5 18:21:11 2001
Condolence Message:dear brothers and sisters, we are there to share your grief.the quake has proved that anything may happen to anyone at anytime. so in this shortspan of life let us all join our hands and help our dearones in gujarat who have witnessed the pain of quake our prayers are always there for u withlove a sister

Mon Feb 5 18:49:56 2001
Name:naik bn
Condolence Message:My heartfelt condolences for our countrymens brothers and sisters who were killed in the earth quake in Gujarat, I pray God to give the brave to all survivers.

Mon Feb 5 18:52:11 2001
Condolence Message:distribute freely without modification Death - all door closed - on Earth quake We fear all the life long To that are we not strong Are we right, are we wrong But, we all has to face this fear Be it us, or our nears Some feel weak, some feel brave On our beds to face death My eyes are filled with tears My heart is full of fear But I cannot cry C'oz I have to cheer My brothers who have lost Their dears and near Here was once a bazaar With people in hazaar Some shopping, some singing Their face were full of smiles And worries away for miles Their living had different style Mens were busy in their trade Children's were busy on parade But now everything here is red And once story about them said But now they all lie dead Scene changed within a minute They did not have time even to panic Houses and shops in a row Went thump on the floor And then for a moment there was a big uproar People were drowning under the floor Now there is nothing upright People are full of fright Once bazaar also lie quiet Everything now is in rumble People saved are trembled It was a bad dream And everywhere there is rescue team To support, to save to rescue from their grave As this task is brave Before it is too late To save few fortunate And those who are saved Even though they are not dead But they still fear bed We can now do things many To help them with our source if any And then we can still pray him hard Not to throw again his wrath And with hopes that we never again see his wrath Let us all march To support, to save them To encourage them And if this poetry of mine inspire even one Then I think that m

Mon Feb 5 19:13:36 2001
Condolence Message:agah apni maut se koi bashar nahin. saman sau baras ka pal ki khabar nahin. dear gujratis we all are together in this hour of sorrow. may god rest in peace to all soul and grant us strength to face the tregedy.

Tue Feb 6 01:14:34 2001
Name:Tushar Varma
Condolence Message:My 4-yr son yesterday asked why do quakes occur? It made me think really hard. Isn't it that besides natural phenomenon, we as human beings contribute and endanger our own existance due primarily to our greed? Our life revolves aroung Lobh ang Moh and it very difficult to rise above these. Our sympathies to the families who lost so much within 90 sec and our prayers to those souls departed due to this tragedy.

Tue Feb 6 01:29:36 2001
Condolence Message:For a few days the newspapers are carrying reports that the relief goes to selected people based on caste, religion and sect. It is a shame that after showing some initial unity and sympathy indians are reverting to their old ways even after mass destruction. The quake did not distinguish between poor or rich or the mightier or weak. It is not entirely justifiable to blame the govt. alone in this matter b'cos people too are responsible for nurturing inequality. People from all over the world are helping the quake victims and it will deeply hurt them if the relief goes only to a privileged few.

Tue Feb 6 03:38:56 2001
Name:Kimberly Pate
Condolence Message:I'm in the USA where each and everyday I read and listen of the tragedy in India. My heart aches and my eyes sting from the tears I have fought. The tears now stream down my face at the inadequacy I feel to help beyond writing a brief message. I don't understand any war ever at this point. Death and destruction should be as agonizing for those inflicting it in war as it is in this kind of tragedy. May God give you strength. May you find a way to not direct the anger you understandably feel towards Him. This is the ultimate test of faith. Let Him comfort you. My prayers are for you all. With genuine love and concern from across the miles.

Tue Feb 6 05:45:59 2001
Condolence Message:It is a worst nightmare in the history of India, Relief seems to pour in from all sides but even now, they have not reached nook and corner of Gujarat and these politicans seems to fool around every where. Instead of Tax and asking others to help, the government can raid all the rich and famous in india who have tons and tons of black money. The politicians have made enough wealth and it is time for them to pay back to indian people. Fear god politicians, Help establish proper relief material transfer among all the affected folks of Gujarat, Unlike Bhopal Tragedy, atleast now let the people have what they deserve. God is watching us. I pray god to give all the strength to the affected families of Gujarat and sensible brains to the politicans of India. Mera Bharat Mahaan hai.

Tue Feb 6 05:46:10 2001
Condolence Message:Words cannot express the grief of people.. Imagine.. a plight of a person who slept on the 25th Jan. night as a happy family man dreaming of a future and a holiday rest for the next day and in a few seconds.. the powerful forces of nature changed the course of his life .. some lost their loved ones some their belongings including left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing at the fateful moment.. and in an over competitive world left alone to start afresh a new life.. shakes the trust in God is it not ?? One keeps questioning .. Why me.. God why ?? what wrong did I do !! Well also teaches all a lesson that though man may reach the moon/ have wireless talking machines /walk and talk computers but still there is a force far more powerful..can leave this creature living in this world named human totally helpless and this force has no boundaries of nations/ caste/ creed or even humans or animals it treats them all alike and alas.. we spend our lives just gathering more and more material things.. all in vain.. Sad .. reminds me of what is rightfully said in the Bhagvad Geeta.. Do ur work and do not worry about the results or what is going to happen.. becuase one knows not what really will ??

Tue Feb 6 05:50:29 2001
Name:Sunil Ganu
Condolence Message:It is very painful and sad. I can imagine what they must be going through, who lost a family member, shelter or everything. I become restless when I imagine myself in such a situation. I want to request to the LOCAL GOVERNEMENTS AND RELEIF AGENCIES - PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT SURVIVER'S PAIN DOES NOT CONVERT INTO SUFFERINGS. Take good care of them. God bless all the quake affected people, May god give you the strength to overcome this horrifying tragedy. God bless India. A REQUEST TO ALL THOSE who are in a position to help. No donation is too small and every penny counts. please help with open hand and help NOW. thanks Sunil Ganu Santa Clara, CA

Tue Feb 6 06:15:14 2001
Condolence Message:It's the most unfortunate thing to happen. The govt. has failed miserably to react to the situation. This natural calamity has provided an opportunity to the politicians and other govt officials to make a buck or two. Friends, Please do not contribute a single penny to any govt organization involved in the relief work. See that your donations reach the proper hand. Arun

Tue Feb 6 10:57:50 2001
Name:monika dhutti
Condolence Message:i,together with all the other indians here in the philippines are praying for the eternal repose of the souls of the departed and the recovery of the survivors.God bless India and the Indians.

Tue Feb 6 19:04:22 2001
Condolence Message:My heart goes out to all the people injured or affected by the 'killer' quake. Let us come together and help them.

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