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Rediff recommends

Last updated on: March 26, 2004 15:49 IST

March 26, 2004 


Andaz - Hindi
Mehboob Khan
This one's a classic. A love triangle featuring the formidable trio Raj Kapoor-Nargis-Dilip Kumar, Andaz's pluses are impressive performances and fabulous music. Mehboob Khan's treatment of a common subject makes you realise just what exactly makes him a director par excellence.
Three Colors Trilogy (Blue / White / Red) - French/Polish
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Any film buff would be happy to be stranded on an island with this trilogy. Each viewing provides you new insights about three different stories, which stir you to the core of your very being. Krzysztof Kieslowski's trilogy comes from the three colours of the French flag representing liberty, equality, and fraternity. Nothing is as simple as it seems, of course. Watch them once. Savour them. Watch them repeatedly and discover more.
Sagara Sangamam - Telugu/Tamil
K Vishwanath

Kamal Haasan's recklessness, the look of simple joy on his face and the catchy tunes tell you what it is to be completely free of worries and inhibitions. A simple story of unrequited love taken to greater heights by Haasan and Jaya Prada. It has its moments when the enthusiasm and talent of the protagonist sweeps you
Fiddler On The Roof - English
Norman Jewison

A moving family drama set in times of strife. This is a stage musical adapted well to the big screen and shot at wonderful locations with superb performances by the cast, respecially Topol. Reportedly the late Kishore Kumar's favourite film. And yes, don't miss the songs!
Mulan (Animation) - English
Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook
Like most Disney animations, Mulan too is about finding strength and courage in your inner self. A Chinese girl takes her father's place in the army by pretending to be a man. The adventures that follow form the crux of the plot. Stunning visuals, smooth animation and a wonderfully told story make Mulan a film the entire family will enjoy.

The Spin Doctors
Just Go Ahead Now: A Retrospective
this jaunty band that sprung up in the early Nineties? Seek, scour and rummage until you find this almost out-of-circulation collection. Get the CD because you will wear out the tape just playing it. Look out for Jimmy Olsen's blues, Cleopatra's cat, You let your heart go too fast and the inimitable Two Princes. This retrospective is packed with the very best of The Spin Doctors.
The Omen - Original Soundtrack
Jerry Goldsmith

The film would not have carried half the impact if Jerry Goldsmith's masterpiece soundtrack didn't accompany each frame of the film. Close your eyes and listen to the horror of the coming of the anti-Christ.
Mirza Ghalib
Jagjit Singh
Ghalib's delectable poetry and Jagjit Singh's melody are an unbeatable combination. The album basically reproduces all the songs recorded for Gulzar's television serial Mirza Ghalib featuring Nasseeruddin Shah in the title role. Listen to Hazaron khawhishen aisi, Bazeecha-e-atflal, Dil-e-nadan, Dil hi to hai and Na kuch tha to khuda tha, and let them spin their magic on you.
Chhoti Si Baat
Salil Chowdhary

The beauty of this soundtrack lies in its simplicity. Basu Chatterjee's light comedy starring Ashok Kumar, Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha, Salil Chowdhary created some charming tunes like Na jane kyon, Janeman janeman and Yeh din kya aaye.
Kill Bill Volume 1 - Movie Original Soundtrack
You just can't find fault with Quentin Tarantino's choice of music. This is the stuff film sountracks are made of. If you are not swept on the heartbreaking Nancy Sinatra ballad, Bang bang (My baby shot me down), you will be caught by what I would call the Kill Bill theme song, Battle without honor or humanity, by Tomoyasu Hotei. This one packs a heavy punch, just like Uma Thurman. Also listen to Santa Esmeralda's Don't let me be misunderstood, and Charlie Feathers' rockabilly, That certain female. The grand duel by Luis Bacalov totally puts you in the mood for a duel. This collection is for keeps. Get it. Now.