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The reason why Rajnikanth was hospitalised

Last updated on: May 20, 2011 18:20 IST

The reason why Rajnikanth was hospitalised


Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

Following superstar Rajnikanth's hospitalisation, there have been several rumours surrounding his 'deteriorating' health. Anxiety reached a new level when it was reported that he was shifted to the ICU and would be kept there for at least two days for observation.

The news that the actor will have to undergo a dialysis for kidney problems further worried his fans.  

However, the chief of the team of doctors attending to the actor at the Ramachandra Medical Centre explained that Rajni was suffering from both gastric and respiratory problems which, in turn, had led to increased fluid retention in the body.

He said that treatment is in full swing to ensure his recovery. Rajni is improving and in fact, cracked a few jokes and had idli vada with me in the morning. What more can I tell you about his improving condition?"the doctor quipped at a press conference.

The actor's wife Latha said that he was recouping well and asked fans not to react to rumours.

Image: The hospital where Rajnikanth is hospitalised
Video: Sreeram Selvaraj

'Rajni is getting the best treatment'

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Rajnikanth may be voted the biggest superstar of India but for people who have known him up close and personal, he is a superhuman. He is known to be very generous and positive.

They, in fact, feel his good deeds along with the good wishes of fans will pull him through this phase. 

Sathyanarayana, Rajni's brother who resides in Bangalore says, "I visited him on Monday and was with him for an hour. He is getting the best treatment. He has been kept in the seventh floor of the hospital and has the whole floor to himself to avoid disturbance. Rajni was shifted to this hospital from Isebella Hospital, as the chief of Ramachandra Medical Centre is a close friend of his. The doctor is offering personal attention and Rajni is being taken good care of by his family. There is nothing to worry."

Image: Media waits outside the hospital

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'Stress of travelling to Mumbai added to his ill health'

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Rajni's adverse diet regime is said to have led to his present health condition. The actor is said to have been eating only one idli, chapatti, vegetables and taking in liquids for over six months now to look in shape for his new film Rana. He had lost over 10-15 kilos.

But such a diet at the age of 61 years took a toll on his body.

"Such is his commitment to a film. He wants to do complete justice to the character. Only this time his act affected his health," says Sathyanarayana.

He recalls that the actor has never taken ill to this extent before. "He was here two months ago too. We went to Melkote for the darshana of Cheluvarayaswamy and also visited the Chamundeshwari Temple. We had planned a trip to Mantralaya as well, but by then he was tired. Soon after he left for Mumbai to watch the cricket world cup and may be the stress of travelling to Mumbai added to his ill health," he adds.

The fact that Rajni had given up smoking and alcohol consumption all of a sudden is being pitted as the other reason for his current condition. However, Rajni is said to have caught up with some of his Bollywood friends and partied to celebrate India's victory. This in turn may have led to a disturbance in the diet he was on and further affected his health condition.

Image: Vivek Prakash/Reuters

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'Hopefully, he'll be back to normal in a week's time'

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Now, there is nothing to worry says Raghunandan, who shares a 40 year old friendship with Rajni,

"I visited him recently and he is doing fine. His condition is not critical. It's just that he is feeling weak. The diet he was under may have led to this condition. It's not an easy thing to diet at this age after all. All he needs at this stage is some rest. Hopefully, he'll be back to normal in a week's time. What will also work for him are prayers. I feel it is his good deeds that will come as a blessing at this point in time."

He goes on to recall a few good samaritan acts that the actor has done. "Once when he had come to Bangalore, we set out from Chamarajpet to Vijayanagar. He gave me Rs 10,000 and asked me to distribute it among the needy by the time we went back to Chamarajpet. He is very large-hearted. He often disguises himself and takes a walk and donates money to the needy. He generally gives money to old people as he feels youngsters have it in them to earn their living. He always says even if you have Rs 100, give Rs 10 from it to a needy person. He has been a great support to us friends too. Take my own case, he not only got me an acting chance in his Tamil film Valli, but also had me paid Rs two lakhs for it! He is a very humble and kind man and we all wish for his speedy recovery."

Kannada Artistes' Association President Ashok also is hoping for Rajni's fast recovery. The two of them were classmates at the Madras Film Institute.

"I had called him and he is doing well. What the doctors and Latha have said is absolutely true. Once he is back home from the hospital, I will visit him."

It looks like the fans have less to worry about now and they will soon see him back on the sets of Rana. Rajni has also been approached by a Hindi film production house which is making a film on the actor's life. But the projects will have to wait as rest is the need of the hour. The actor's family it is said is even considering taking him to the States to ensure complete relaxation.

This is wishing the superhero a speedy recovery!

Image: Rajni fans pray for his speedy recovery

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