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Tapsee: I am working with a woman director for the first time

April 02, 2014 09:45 IST

Tapsee: I am working with a woman director for the first time


Radhika Rajamani/ in Hyderabad

Taapsee was recently in the news for doing a role in Vai Raja Vai, a film directed by Aishwarya Dhanush.

Taapsee has shifted base to Mumbai and is busy settling in.

In the midst of arranging her new home, Taapsee spent a few minutes talking about Vai Raja Vai exclusively to

Why did you accept a short role in Vai Raja Vai?

The role was not a full-length one, but I have not done a special appearance before.

I love to do something different. That’s the thrill of this job. In Telugu, one doesn’t get many options.

I wondered if I should wait for the possibility of a full-length role of this kind, or take this one up.

It remains to be seen how the audience responds.

What I have done in Muni is very different. My role in Gundello Godaari was worth the risk taken as the reports were good from people and journalists. Now I am trying it in Tamil.

Was Aishwarya happy when you signed the film?

She was happy. There were some changes in locations and she added value to the film. It was more so in the presentation part.

Aishwarya kept telling me, you have done so many things different, I am out to show you differently.

I never had a look like this. It’s different from what I have in Tamil cinema.

Image: Taapsee


'Aishwarya was very enthusiastic to show my character and she let me to do it my way'

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Are you through with the shoot?

I’m done with the shoot. I shot for 7-10 days on a cruise.

What was it like working with a woman director?

It is the first time I have shot with a woman director.

It was good to see the fondness she has for the character. She was excited to see me, how I should do the edgy, classy role.

She was very enthusiastic to show my character and she let me to do it my way.

Is there any romantic angle to the character you are playing?

There is nothing romantic about it. It is an independent one.

How was it portraying this character?

It was fun. When you get something like this, you feel excited.

It was difficult and different. My co-stars Manobala, Vivek and Daniel Balaji were appreciative and supportive of me.

Image: Tapsee

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'It would be stupid to say 'no' to regular roles'

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Would you want to do more roles like this along with regular mainstream ones?

It would be stupid to say 'no' to regular roles. As an artist, I get to explore different sides in roles like this.

How long can one do the same thing? I would like to mix and match.

I am not in a great hurry. I work in three languages and I get interesting roles, which are fun to do.

I got very different roles in the beginning. I couldn’t do very experimental roles in my second or third film. I have to be careful and choose good and safe cinema.

What are your next projects?

The last leg of Muni is left. We have had two big breaks. I went on to shoot my Hindi film and Lawrence Sir (director of the film) was unwell.

My Hindi film is to release in June.

I am in no hurry or desperation to sign films. I do not want to spoil the success of my earlier films like Aarambham, Chashme Baddoor.   

Image: Tapsee

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