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'Haridas was a new experience for me'

Last updated on: February 22, 2013 09:55 IST

'Haridas was a new experience for me'


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Actor Kishore is popular for playing tough roles either as a cop or as a villain in both Kannada and Tamil films. He debuted in Malayalam cinema as well in 2012.

Kishore's tryst with Kannada theatre in Bangalore during his initial days has helped him come into his own as an actor notwithstanding the fact that he had to wait for the right opportunities to prove himself.

Kishore's best known performances were in Kannada films such as Kanti, Rakshasa, Duniya, Akash, Huli and in the Tamil film Polladhavan.

Kishore's much-awaited Kannada film Attahasa, shot simultaneously in Tamil as Vana Yuddham, based on forest brigand Veerappan's life, hit the screens last week and got a good response.

While his performance as Veerappan in the film has won him accolades, Tamil film Haridas that also features Kishore in the lead is releasing this Friday across Tamil Nadu.

In this interview, Kishore talks about his role in Haridas.

What made you accept Haridas?

I was doing Attahasa when I was offered this role. I play an encounter specialist in the film, who is also a father to a special child. I play the role of a single parent who has to balance his duties at work as a tough cop with being a father to his child.

His son was brought up by his grandmother in a village, but now his father has to look after him due to circumstances. The father has to now understand his son's needs and at the same time face pressures at work.

Image: A scene from Haridas



'It is very important for an actor to react'

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How challenging was it to portray such a character?

I had actually never done a role that had so much emotional content. This was new to me as an actor. I should thank the director and actress Sneha for drawing the right emotions from me.

It becomes important for an actor to react. The dialogues were so well written that it made it look easy. Since I am also a father in real life, I could easily relate to the character.

But here you had to play father to a special child.

The child is not disabled. You cannot even call the child retarded. He is autistic and just has special needs. Parents need to look after the needs of such children and that will help them come out of it.

Our former President, Abdul Kalam, is a role model and shining example of how an autistic child came out of the 'disability' successfully to occupy the highest post in the country.

How did you prepare to play such a complicated role?

I have played a 50-year-old father to an adolescent boy in another film which is yet to be released. As I am myself a parent, it helped me to know the child's needs better.

I could imagine how it could be for a father if his child had such a 'disability'. My contribution to this role is minimal because it is basically team work and the efforts of many people.

There was not much of preparation as such as I had heard the story before.

Image: A scene from Haridas

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'Parents should accept the weaknesses of their children'

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What can audiences expect from the movie?

Audiences can expect much emotion in the movie. But so as not to bore them with too much emotion, the film tries to have the right mix of emotions and action. The film is an action drama.    

How does this film make people and parents look at children with such special needs?

Parents should accept the weaknesses of their children and identify the strengths when bringing them up. All children are born with some weaknesses and strengths.

What was it like working with director Kumaravelan, and Sneha and the kid?

It was a fantastic experience. Since the subject was so close to his heart and he had seen such a child in his own family, it was very easy forKumaravelan to explain and get what he wanted from us.

Sneha is a fabulous actress who also helped get the best out of me.

Eleven-year-old Prithviraj Das has acted well. In fact, I don't like kids behaving beyond their age. Children should behave like children and of their age. The boy was smart, honest and sincere in his effort. He has done well.

Image: A scene from Haridas

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'I am a director's actor'

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How does it feel to be busier in Tamil cinema than elsewhere? Is language a barrier for an actor?

Tamil cinema is very creative of all regional cinema industries. I can say when it comes to experimentation and scripts there is a lot of effort in being novel and new among the young, new and upcoming directors.

Language should not be a barrier for an actor. I should be able to understand the language before I do the role or go on the sets.

I am a director's actor. The director should know the local culture better to get the best out of actors.

Do you think the Kannada film industry is not providing you good roles? Weren't you typecast in Kannada cinema?

No. I don't think so. It's happening slowly in Kannada cinema. There is a need to be a lot more consistent. I have done one film recently titled Jetta which has been done differently. There has to be consistency which will happen slowly.

There is a tendency for any actor to become stereotyped if he has success in one kind of role.

Image: A scene from Haridas

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