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'I do action films to satisfy my fans'

Last updated on: May 24, 2012 10:47 IST

'I do action films to satisfy my fans'


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Kannada actor Aditya (popularly called Adi) is back on the screen after a self-imposed sabbatical.

After the success of Deadly Soma in 2004, which was based on the story of a real-life underworld don, and its sequel Deadly II more than five years later, Aditya is doing only action oriented roles to ensure that his producers get a minimum guarantee in the form of box-office returns.

Son of the celebrated Kannada film-maker S V Rajendra Singh Babu, Aditya has more than 10 films on hand which will keep him busy till late 2013.

His film Villain, which was previously titled Tippoo, is releasing this Friday across Karnataka.

In this interview with Srikanth Srinivasa, Aditya talks about Villain and the long list of awaited releases.

What is Villain all about? Why did the makers go for a title change?

It is an underworld love story. I liked the thought that director M S Ramesh put that was followed by a narration.

Some people objected to the use of the earlier title. We respect everybody's sentiment. Now, this title seems more appropriate than Tippoo.

Image: Aditya


'Every film that I am doing is different from the other'

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Why did you choose to sport a beard for your character in this movie?

I had to as the character demanded it. He unleashes terror in his neighbourhood. People would have only heard his name but wouldn't have seen him even if he was present amidst them.

What do you have to say about the recognition that you got for two of your films – Deadly Soma and Deadly II?

Today, whatever offers I have in hand have come because of these two movies, especially the latter.

A lot of directors who saw these movies liked my performance and said they had characters in mind for me.

Every film that I am doing is different from the other.

In Rascal, I play a college boy who loves to take challenges. I play an NSG commando in Rebel and I play someone who stands up for all the good things in Cottonpete. I play a cop in Mass. I play a dual role in another film.

Image: Aditya

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'I can't play a rowdy or an underworld don in every movie'

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Was it intentional to sign so many films together so that they get a successive release?

As I said earlier, a lot of directors appreciated my work in Deadly II and they wanted to work with me. I liked all the subjects and the directors with whom I am working today are all renowned action-film makers.

Each director has his own unique and distinctive style. I am lucky and fortunate that I have a line-up of such well-known action commercial directors.

How did your fans react to your films?

I am doing action films only to satisfy my fans. I also feel that action films have a minimum guarantee at the box office while making a love story is a gamble.

My fans said they did not want to see me in love stories. I am going to work in only a certain kind of film.

I can't play a rowdy or an underworld don in every movie. I will get bored doing that and so will the audience. I will also get typecast.

I want family audiences, children, and women to watch my films as they are our core group of cine-goers.

Keeping all this in mind, I am trying to see that my films don't have violence or bloodshed. All the films are meant to be entertainers.

Image: A scene from Villain


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'I shelved Raktaaksha because it was a very expensive project'

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Does it help to have so many films and releases together in succession? 

It is just my hard work. Nobody can predict success or failure. Underdogs are more in demand. Highly expected films are having an average run or they flop while films that did not carry any expectations have turned out to be successful.

It is better to make entertaining movies so that people decide what they want to see.

Is Rebel a rehashed version of your earlier film Raktaaksha that was shelved? What went wrong with Raktaaksha?

There is no relation whatsoever between the two films. We may take a couple of shots from Raktaaksha, but the subject of Rebel is totally different.

I shelved Raktaaksha because it was a very expensive project. I was very happy with the subject. But, the making became very expensive and we were not very confident if our audiences would like it and accept it.

What is the order of release of your forthcoming films?

First, it is going to be Villain followed by Edegarike. Mass or Rascal may follow later and then Rebel. I have to then complete Cottonpete.

What can people expect from Villain?

Please don't carry any expectations. I am here to entertain you and you have to just be entertained.

I can tell my audience that they will not be disappointed with any of my films that are coming up.

Image: A scene from Villain

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