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Review: This Rockstar is promising

Last updated on: September 1, 2011 15:03 IST

Review: This Rockstar is promising

Raja Sen in Mumbai

The primary reason a lot of us were looking forward to the trailer for Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar was that we'd get to hear some of AR Rahman's music from the same. We haven't heard Rahman in a while, and the big deal here was ARR doing rock. On that score, the trailer doesn't disappoint, with Sadda Haq turning out nice and edgy.

Before that, however, comes a snatch of a ballad, apparently titled Tum Ho, set to contrasting visions of Nargis Fakhri looking pretty and Ranbir Kapoor looking disturbed, before setting off idylically on a bike together, riding through snowy hills.

The sunny portion of the trailer is up next with wannabe musician Ranbir trying vainly to reconcile his name, Janardan Jaakhar, to that of his idol, Jim Morrison. He walks around with a guitar case, is told that great music only comes from those who've had their heart broken, confesses to never having been in love... And then he falls for the pretty Nargis, tries with hilarious rusticity to ask her out, and rushes through a heady romantic montage appropriately scored to much ding-a-ling-ing.

Then, the girl shoves the boy away and all hell breaks loose. The imagery is angry, the hapless boy turns into a grungy militant-outfit wearing rocker, and as the words Sadda Haq burst through, he starts looking like a freshly-captured terrorist, and once even, mid-scream, looking a tad like a furious Frank Zappa. The song seems extremely promising, building up to an extremely aggressive crescendo to match the hyperdramatic visuals.

The coolest part of the trailer, though? Watching Shammi Kapoor smile again.

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Image: Rockstar trailer