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Meet Telugu cinema's HOT new actress!

Last updated on: February 14, 2013 13:08 IST

Meet Telugu cinema's HOT new actress!


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Catherine Tresa is the new actor on the block in the Telugu film industry. 

The friendly girl, who has Kannada (Shankar IPS) and Malayalam (The Thriller) films to her credit, is all set to enter the Telugu film industry with Neelakantha's Chamak Challo, co-starring Varun Sandesh and Sanchita Padukone. 

Although she is being introduced in Chamak Challo, Catherine has some prized projects of Krishnavamsi (Paisa) and Puri Jagannadh (Iddarammayilatho) already in her kitty. 

Catherine talks to Radhika Rajamani about herself, Chamak Challo, and the whole film experience.

Tell us about yourself.

I was brought up in the UAE. I moved to India about five years ago, my parents still live in UAE. While studying for my graduation, modelling happened. 

I did a film each in Kannada and in Malayalam. For the last one year I have been in Hyderabad shooting for two films.

What attracted you to films? Are films a natural process after modelling?

I wouldn't say films are a natural process after modelling. Films are more complex. There is not much connection between ramp shows and films. 

Of course, as a model and actor, one has to look good and maintain oneself. 

I always liked performing. I learnt to sing, play the piano and dance. I was good at academics too but I was interested in extra-curricular activities. My parents encouraged me. 

I really like performing. I see cinema as what I would like to do.

Image: Catherine Tresa in Chamak Challo


'I must have done one or two plays but was not seriously into theatre'

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Were you into theatre in school or college?

I was not really into theatre. I must have done one or two plays but was not seriously into theatre.

Did you get to act in the Malayalam and Kannada films because of your modelling?

That's exactly how it happened. There's no back story. When I got the offer I thought I thought I should try it out. If I feel good I'll continue. 

I enjoyed doing the film. I felt I should get better at it.

So, are you honing your skills?

Of course. Every day I take formal classes. Each day is an experience. One makes an effort to look good, learn dance and the language. A lot of effort goes into grooming. 

Was it the fact that Neelakantha is an award-winning director that made you sign Chamak Challo?

It's lucrative when you get an opportunity like this. Neel Sir has made sensible cinema. He told me this is his foray into commercial cinema and that my character was not the main lead. 

I liked the character and it was interesting to start off with this. I don't see films as leads; I see it as interesting parts to play. I liked the way my character fitted in with the story which was very well written.

Image: Catherine Tresa and Varun Sandesh in Chamak Challo


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'I could relate to my character to a certain extent'

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Did you watch any of Neelakantha's films?

I watched Missamma and Virodhi after signing the film. They were serious but nice films.

Are you conversant with Telugu films, directors, and their work?

Yes, fairly. I watched a couple of films in a theatre. Watching them is like an experience.

Could you talk about the character you play in Chamak Challo?

I play Sunaina who is independent, outgoing, responsible, friendly, mature and chilled out. It was fun to play the role.

So, you could relate to it?

That's why I liked it. I could relate to a certain extent.

How was it acting with Varun and Sanchita?

Varun and I had lots of conversations about music and films. It was nice to talk to him. I like the way he works. He is serious about his work. As a co-star he was nice. 

Sanchita is a nice girl. I just had about one scene to shoot with her. So we didn't spend much time together.

How did you surmount the language barrier?

I was taking Telugu lessons for the purpose of dubbing.

So, you dubbed for the film then. How was the dubbing?

Yes, that's an important part of what goes into being an artiste. The dubbing process is challenging. I liked it as I enjoy challenges.

Image: Catherine Tresa in Chamak Challo

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'Neel Sir gave me my space as an artiste

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How was it working with Neelakantha?

On the sets, Neel Sir is patient, tolerant and soft-spoken. He didn't raise his voice. He gave me my space as an artiste. I think I have done a decent job in the film.

How was it doing your first Telugu film?

I found everything brand new here as compared to the earlier two films I did – new city, new sets, new co-star, new director, new technicians. I took it all in, assimilated it and did my best.

How do you feel now that the date of release is approaching?

I'm excited to know what people will have to say and I am looking forward to their response.

You are working with another well-known director, Krishnavamsi, in his film Paisa...

My portion is almost done.

You have also begun Puri Jagannath's film with Allu Arjun titled Iddaru Ammayilatho...

We have completed one schedule in Thailand and I will be going to Spain for the next one.

What are your other interests besides films?

Apart from art (film, music, dancing) I like reading, as reading a book is an experience. 

I like the idea of seeing new places but find the idea of putting things together for the trip, thinking of what to take and sitting on flights, painful. Once I get to the place I like seeing it.

Image: Catherine Tresa in Chamak Challo

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