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Jayam Ravi: Proud to be a part of Nimirndhu Nil

March 21, 2014 09:15 IST

Jayam Ravi: Proud to be a part of Nimirndhu Nil


S Saraswathi in Chennai

Actor Jayam Ravi has proved time and again that he is one of the finest actors in the industry. 

He started his career in 2003 with the film Jayam, a huge hit, after which he came to be known as Jayam Ravi.

 M. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi, Something Something... Unnakum Ennakum, Santhosh Subramaniam and Peranmai are some of his more popular films.

Most of his films have done extremely well at the box office, earning him a large and loyal fan following.

His 2013 film, Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan, did not create much of an impact.

But Ravi has bounced back with a stunning performance in director Samuthirakani's Nimirnthu Nil.

In this interview with, Ravi talks about why Nimirnthu Nil will always be close to his heart, working with his brother, and what cinema has taught him in these last 10 years in the industry.

Nimirnthu Nil has opened to packed houses and got rave reviews. How does that feel?

I am really happy about it.  After a long time, I have given such a good film and it feels great. More than happiness, there is this feeling of pride at being part of this amazing film. 

The film deals with a very important social message: that of standing up for what you believe in, what is right, questioning corruption and having the courage to take on the might of the entire system for your principles and convictions. 

Though a universal subject, very few films have dealt with it so successfully.

Image: Jayam Ravi


'Aadhi Bhagavan released a year ago and people were really missing me'

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You play two totally different characters; one, an earnest youngster with noble ideals and the other a 45-year-old with negative shades. How did you handle it?

It was a real challenge. We first shot all the scenes for the character of Arvind, who is in his 20s.

Then we had a break for almost two months so I could prepare myself for the next character.

I had to put on almost 10 kilos and grow a moustache to bring out the difference between the two characters on screen. 

All the praise that I am getting today is because of the attention to the finer details that have gone into the creation of the character.

Despite the challenge and hard work, I totally enjoyed the experience.

Did you feel you were taking a risk because in Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan, your previous film, you also had a double role, but the film was not received well?

Even my director felt that there could be a risk. But I firmly believe that if there is no risk, there is no reward.  So I thought I should take up the challenge again. I was willing to take the risk and now it has paid off.

Also, Aadhi Bhagavan released a year ago and people were really missing me.  So I thought why not play two characters to compensate for the lost time?  Now I feel doubly satisfied.

Image: Film still from Nimirndhu Nil


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'You will see Amala Paul as a wonderful performer in the film'

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Tell us about director Samuthirakani.

I like him as a person.  He is very friendly and treats me as his brother. 

He never gets upset during the shoot. Even if the performance is not good or not according to his expectations, he will be extremely patient.

He was always supportive and encouraging, saying that we could always shoot the scene the next day or at a later date. This kind of cool attitude is his greatest strength as a filmmaker.

Also, I like the fact that he is a very socially conscious person and this is reflected in his films.

What about your co-star Amala Paul…

We have already seen her as a beautiful actress, but in this film, you will see her as a wonderful performer.

She has played her part very well and I hope she will get to play more such characters.

You have worked with many beautiful heroines in the past. Who do you feel you worked best with?

I think Genelia in Santosh Subramaniam. The character totally suited her and the chemistry too worked well.

Image: Film still from Nimirndhu Nil

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'My only regret is that I could have done more films'

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Which of your films is your favourite?

Every film has been important to me. But I think M Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi will always be special as it gave me the exposure as a hero to prove myself. 

Also the character of Kumaran was close to my heart. I also enjoyed Peranmai and now of course it is Nimirnthu Nil.

You started your career in 2003, more than a decade ago. Are you satisfied or are there any regrets?

I am totally satisfied with the way things have turned out. My only regret is that I could have done more films.

But whatever films I have done have taken me this far and I am happy.  I want to do more quality films in the future.

How have you grown since your first film?

Cinema has undoubtedly taught me many lessons: who to believe, who not to believe, who is your real friend, who is your enemy.

It has taught me everything I am today. I have grown intellectually and also matured as an entertainer.

I am entertaining more with every film and the quality of acting too has certainly improved. Additionally, I feel that the hunger for success is much more.

Image: Film still from Nimirndhu Nil

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'Every director I have worked with has treated me like a brother'

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When is your next film Bhooloham going to release?

Shooting for the film is over and it will be ready for release in April or May.

You have worked together with your brother, M Raja in many films. What would you say is the biggest difference between working for your brother and other directors?

Luckily for me, every director I have worked with has treated me like a brother.

I think this is a real blessing, be it director Samuthirakani, Booloham director N Kalyanakrishnan or S P Jananathan, who directed me in Peranmai. So I don't see much difference.

So how does it work on the sets with your brother?  Do you argue about scenes?  Does it interfere with your relationship?

(Laughs)We have worked together in five films, and we have never had any problems. Work and family are two separate entities and we keep it that way, we never allow them to mix.

In fact, my brother and I have teamed up again for a sixth film. We have not decided on the title. The film is being produced by AGS Entertainment. Nayanthara will be my co-star.

This is not a remake, but my brother's own script. He has been working on it for almost two years. Three schedules have already been completed and the film seems to be shaping up really well.


Image: Film still from Nimirndhu Nil

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