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'I wanted to strike a balance between my studies and films'

December 27, 2013 09:10 IST

'I wanted to strike a balance between my studies and films'


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Young Kannada actress Amulya is acting again after a two-year gap. The 20-year-old who started her acting career as the child actor Moulya, became a sensation overnight as Amulya following the success of Cheluvina Chittara (with Ganesh).

She acted in Prakash Rai’s directorial debut film in Kannada Naanu..Nanna Kanasu, as his daughter, and that won her a lot of acclaim.

She is paired again with Ganesh in Shravani Subramanya that is releasing today (December 27).

In this interview, Amulya talks about Shravani Subramanya and her absence from movies.

What is your role in the film? How different is it compared to your role in Cheluvina Chittara?

I play an innocent 18-year-old girl who hasn’t grown beyond 12 years in terms of maturity.

Subramanya raps her often in the film for being naughty.

It is in sharp contrast to the role I played in Cheluvina Chittara where I was more dominating, so much so, that I even force the guy to elope with me!

Image: Amulya


'Ganesh's presence on the sets makes us all feel energetic'

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How was it working with Ganesh again?

He is an all-time comfortable co-star to work with. He is not just focused on giving a good performance for himself; he would discuss how he will perform a scene so that I could take a cue from him.

He would also come up with suggestions for me on how I could perform. His presence on the sets makes us all feel energetic.

How did you get to sign this movie given the fact that you have been refusing film offers for a long time?

I liked the story of the film and how the director had helmed the script.

After Cheluvina Chittara I did get similar offers to act with Ganesh. But I was determined to go ahead with my education and not do similar kind of roles.

What attracted me to this script was the fact that the hero and the heroine are so attached to each other in every scene.

That is different from the kind of offers that came my way after the success of Cheluvina Chittara.

I believe that audiences want us to be seen together always. Shravani Subramanya has romance and comedy.

Image: Amulya

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'I was advised that a heroine's career will not last beyond five to 10 years'

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Why did you take such a long break after Cheluvina Chittara?

When I did Cheluvina Chittara I was in the eighth standard. I had to complete a certain level of education. I didn’t want to lose out on my education just because of films.

I was advised that a heroine’s career will not last beyond five to 10 years. What do I do after that? I wanted to strike a balance between my studies and films while working during the holidays.

How did you make the transition from child artiste to young heroine?

To this day people in the industry treat me as a kid. I may be called Amulya but the child Moulya in me is still alive.

In fact there’s a song in Shravani Subramanya that has been perhaps written keeping my kid-like innocence in mind.

I didn’t feel scared or find it difficult doing this film. I did find it scary in the initial days as a kid.

How are you doing in college; you are in your final year now.

I am happy with the way I have fared in my education. I am also happy with my decision and my family’s insistence on me continuing my education.

I had to work hard to balance my studies with the films I was doing. But I am taking it more lightly now as I will become a graduate in the next three or four months.

I have signed two films which will involve some balancing in the last leg of my college life.

Image: Amulya

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'I am game to accept films now'

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You had called it quits after images of your allegedly kissing director Ratnaja became public. How did the controversy affect you?

I was affected by the controversy. I went into depression following this. But because of the support of my parents, friends, and the media I could come back.

I had said then that I wanted to quit the industry. But, again, thanks to my well-wishers and fans who wanted me to come back, I am here today facing the camera again.

I wanted to be alone and during the cooling period, there were many who came to me to comfort me and persuade me to begin work again.

So you will accept film offers now?

Yes. I am game to accept films now. I think I should be able to manage my studies and do justice to whatever people expect from me.

I have to thank my fans for recognising me and for showering me with a lot of love.

Image: Amulya

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