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'I've not faced the casting couch'

Last updated on: November 9, 2009 12:40 IST

'I've not faced the casting couch'



Mugdha Godse proves that models can act, thanks to her roles in Fashion, All the Best and Jail.

While she stood on homeground in the first, she had contrasting roles in the latter movies -- All the Best was a multistarrer comedy while Jail is a hard-hitting prison drama. So how does she go from laugh out loud comedy roles to deglam seriousness? Well, this is what she told her fans during a chat last week.

Mugdha Godse says, Hi there. I'm Mugdha. Lets chat guys.

Abhishek asked, wats thre story pf jail
Mugdha Godse answers, It's very simple. Go watch it today and let me know.

Deepak asked, Namaskar Mugdha, Kashi ahes? Mazyakadoon tuzya bhavishyasaathi hardik shubhechhya..
Mugdha Godse answers, thank you dear khoop changlya subhechha dilyat tumi.

Mugdha Godse answers, Watch Jail too.

Shantanu asked, Hey Mugdha You looked ravishing in Fashion are you actually so down to earth in real life too?
Mugdha Godse answers, Actually that's for others to say but yes, I am.

danny asked, hi dear munghdaji hw r u u look so sweet n cute u look so sweet in all th best u have bright future pls think n sign flim in jail u r outsatanding act
Mugdha Godse answers, For sure. will keep it in mind and thank you.

ron asked, so u totally in bollywood now..or headin 2 south...2?
Mugdha Godse answers, I would love to do south film. Lets see.

pankaj_binayjha asked, hi does it feel to be in film industry
Mugdha Godse answers, It feels great but there is too much of stress here.

savio asked, Any major problems in shifting from Modelling to Acting..?
Mugdha Godse answers, Not really! But its a different job profile altogether.

Vishwajeettt asked, hi Mugz, tula acting aawadte ka modelling ????
Mugdha Godse answers, Right now I'm enjoying acting... I've done modelling for 5 years. Loving acting right now! :)

AJAY01011979 asked, hi mughda tell me abt ya role in jail??
Mugdha Godse answers, It's a very girl-next-door role, very deglam. Something different from what I've done before.

rajjj asked, mugdha wat is ur futur projects after jail.
Mugdha Godse answers, I'm doing a horror film. So I'll be scaring you all!

RRajesh asked, who is ur fav hero mugdha
Mugdha Godse answers, I love Aamir Khan. And yours?

rshh asked, When will you be seen with big stars like srk, aanir, salman nd hrithik??
Mugdha Godse answers, You should ask them this.

kaps asked, hi mugdha i saw jail last evening special preview show at pvr phoenix. it is amazing movie. loved your acting as a leading actress role.
Mugdha Godse answers, Thank you so much. Go and watch it again! :)

charles asked, Hi iam registered member of ur fan club. bt i hvnt gt any replies for my mails. wd u plz consider this
Mugdha Godse answers, Which fan club?

kuber asked, whats your background....
Mugdha Godse answers, I'm from Pune.

FanOfMugdha asked, Do you have full fledged role in Jail.. I was very upset that u had little role in ATB. I ll watch Jail just for u..
Mugdha Godse answers, Please watch Jail and let me know. Hope you like it! :) That gives me enough pleasure that you guys want to see more of me on screen. :)

parish asked, Are u busy --or I should say lot of rush in chatting
Mugdha Godse answers, Yes lot of rush but I can talk to you :)

lampat asked, Have you face casting couch so far ?
Mugdha Godse answers, Not at all!

Image: Mugdha Godse


'My name means enchantress'

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Monty asked, Hi mugdha. What does your name means?
Mugdha Godse answers, It means enchantress.

smita asked, Hi Dear you are a beautiful female are you u Marathi ? What is ur date of birth
Mugdha Godse answers, It's July 26.

rshh asked, haai Mugdha..heared that you will be seen in some south indian films!!! Is it true?? and if yes, then which are those projects??
Mugdha Godse answers, Not yet decided!

Mugdha Godse answers, My grandpa is.

zeta asked, Hi Mugdha,Just tell us if u will be offered the role against KRK will u act?
Mugdha Godse answers, No. It depends on the script!

sia asked, khup chid chid zali hoti ga mazi
Mugdha Godse answers, Mi samzu shakte.

arun asked, mugdha u were marvelous in fashion. expecting same in jail. wd watch the movie tonight. wish u all the best for a bright future.
Mugdha Godse answers, Thank you, Arun! :)

partha asked, Are you facing pressure of expectation ?
Mugdha Godse answers, Yes a lot of pressure, specially after doing a film like Fashion!

rshh asked, How comfortable are you doing de glam roles so early in your career??
Mugdha Godse answers, A role is a role. Early or later doesn't matter. But I'm enjoying it. :)

KRK asked, Please answer my questions, otherwise I will leave this chat room just like I left Big Boss 3.
Mugdha Godse answers, Are you the real KRK?

Mugdha Godse answers, Yes I love them. It has so much content.

vision asked, hi mugdha! who is ur fav actress?
Mugdha Godse answers, Rekhaji.

Vishwajeettt asked, hi again mugz, what u love most ? CAKE ? CHOCOLATE OR ICE CREAM ????
Mugdha Godse answers, I love cakes and chocolates :)

ttt asked, what is your fav passtime
Mugdha Godse answers, Watching films.

ganesh asked, hi have you been jailed in real life yet??
Mugdha Godse answers, No.

brahul asked, all the best had bipasha basu .. but u were so nice dat me n my friends dint notice her onli.. onli disappointment was dat ur role was too short.. hope we get 2 see a lot of u .. gl..
Mugdha Godse answers, Thank you so much. Wait for my horror film.

AJAY01011979 asked, neel ke sath kaam karke kaisa laga??
Mugdha Godse answers, Bahut accha laga. He is a good actor.

manas asked, Hi Mugdha, Jail is your 3rd movie so far. So amongst the 3 roles u have performed so far which one u like the most? what is your favourite character which you like to play in ur future ventures?
Mugdha Godse answers, I would like to play Vidya's (All The Best) role. She has many shades to her. You will love her. :)

Praveen asked, Hi Mugdha, You are terrific as an actor and as model as well. Wish you all the Best !
Mugdha Godse answers, Thank you, Praveen

partha asked, Hi Mugda are u creating a new image of yourself
Mugdha Godse answers, Yes. I'm trying to create my own niche.

KRK asked, My name is Khan... Kamal Rashid Khan. I want to offer you a role in my next film, DeshDrohi 2.
Mugdha Godse answers, You are funny!

ricky asked, Hi Mugdha, First of all would like congratulate you for your great success in such a short span of period. Can you tell what is your ambitions ?
Mugdha Godse answers, I really don't have one, but want to be happy at the end of the day. :)

Image: Mugdha Godse

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'Drama comes a bit easy to me but comedy was difficult'

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rajjj asked, mugdha jail is dumbest movie i ever see..u r loooking great but where is the screen play..jail to apko le dube gi mugda ji. replay pls
Mugdha Godse answers, What are you talking about? I think you are the dumbest person I have ever met.

satishramanna asked, you acted in both drama and comedy, which genere do you prefer the most
Mugdha Godse answers, Drama comes a bit easy to me but comedy was difficult. Now its all good.

sia asked, I m not going to watch any movie in which mugdha has role whether it is small or big
Mugdha Godse answers, Why baba?

Sourav asked, Hallo Ms. Godse My name is Sourav & I am a Ph.D. student in Organic Chemistry I would like to ask what made you choose this film? Regards,
Mugdha Godse answers, You see, beggars can't be choosers ;)

pankajlovesjha asked, any plan for gulf trip..any concert ahead for us..
Mugdha Godse answers, Very soon.

Uma asked, Hi mughdha, Mi pan punerich ahe ... Tu khup chan distes. va mi tujya kadun ajun movies expect karto.. good luck Puniyat kuthe rahat hotis tu ?
Mugdha Godse answers, Definitely. You will see more.

jinesh asked, Hope u have been Vaishali Hotel in pune....Food is Awesome out there
Mugdha Godse answers, Yes, that was my favourite hangout place in college.

mayank ji asked, Mugdha Godse== you are giving very funny answers.
Mugdha Godse answers, What to do when funny questions have been asked.

phanendra asked, hi mugdha. congrats for ur success. I loved your work in fashion and in All the best too u were good. Infact i have mailed you after fashion visiting your website but seems you dont reply to mails. is that true?
Mugdha Godse answers, Which id u did send it to?

RISHIK786 asked, mugdha wht is secret of ur fitnes
Mugdha Godse answers, Good diet.

nayak.sndp asked, Hi Mugdha, it seems u r getting variety in u r character on screen?...first fashin thn All the best n now whats next??
Mugdha Godse answers, A horror flick.

Image: Mugdha Godse

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'Priyanka is sweeter than Bipasha'

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mun asked, DO U LIKE TO EAT veg or non-veg food item?
Mugdha Godse answers, I eat everything -- chicken, fish, veggies.

AvinashJDP asked, In case you didnt get to see this earlier Mugdha - you have the perfect Indian looks to be a true international brand. I hope you get more international exposure like Ash, and you will be the next big thing from India.
Mugdha Godse answers, That's very nice of you. Thanks. Lets see what God has in store for me.

Sujin asked, Hey Mugdha hi, I have seen FASHION and am yet to see JAIL. What do u think is the best movie happened to u--- is it FASHION or JAIL?
Mugdha Godse answers, Both are my babies. I can't choose one and abandon another.

n asked, hello hello heloooooooo!! ? plz jus see this. ok good.. now ill ask you one last time.. will you marry me?
Mugdha Godse answers, Ha ha.

himu asked, Which one do you like? Ramp or Reel?
Mugdha Godse answers, Reel.

Sunil asked, HI Mugdha, are you fan of bipasa or priyanka
Mugdha Godse answers, Hmmm Priyanka is sweeter :)

arkarmarkar asked, Mugdha, What do you find more challenging in this film. Tipical Answer not expected.
Mugdha Godse answers, No it has lots of different job profiles and you have to be best in all of them to be a success.

zeta asked, Hey Mugdha,plz dont loose ur temper by the critics.It will be there always but you will definetely make ur own identity in this industry
Mugdha Godse answers, That's sweet of you. It just adds lots of positivity.

cooln asked, so sweet Please act in marathi film also
Mugdha Godse answers, Sure thing.

OriginalPrince asked, Hi Mugda, You are very graceful in fashion, It left me with the feeling to see you see more of you on screen. Wish you lots of good movies and luck. Please tips to woo you? (Reply to this message only then I'll go for your movie)
Mugdha Godse answers, Ha ha.

VMS asked, To begin with you did fantastic in Fashion!
Mugdha Godse answers, Thanks.

ssse asked, which one was more challenging role fashion or jail......
Mugdha Godse answers, Both had their challenges, dear. Which one you liked?

Image: Mugdha Godse

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'I want to be a superstar'

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More asked, this is last time i am asking this question. if u dont reply i will come out of chat room. who is ur favorite cricketer.
Mugdha Godse answers, Sachin Tendulkar re.

MUGDHAGODSE asked, MUGDHA!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY KAR NAA GA.......
Mugdha Godse answers, Arre yehh kon hai.

Kiran asked, which is ur favourite movie...?
Mugdha Godse answers, Guide.

MugdhasBoyo asked, hey mug, how are you today? Hows life when you are not on location.
Mugdha Godse answers, Very different but more hectic.

mns asked, mugdha do you have any boyfriend? i knw this is very personal but i am also sure that celebreties are familiar to such qstns.. :) one more qstn to ask that was madhur bhandarkar the 1st director who approached you for Fashion or u had other offers too which u rejected but now regret for some particular one....????
Mugdha Godse answers, No not at all. Things are going great by God's grace.

jinesh asked, ****** Model, Actor, Star...Whats next mugdha??Astronaut***
Mugdha Godse answers, Superstar.

sandeep asked, Hi Mugdha Can you plan 'zero size' figre as same as karina
Mugdha Godse answers, What is zero size?

adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii asked, Heaa. Mugdha.. u wer very gud in All the Best.. any more comic flicks in the pipeline..??
Mugdha Godse answers, Not really.

iluvmugdha asked, You are the next Bipasha as they all say
Mugdha Godse answers, Really?

cooldude asked, u were better then bips in ATB
Mugdha Godse answers, Stop joking. She is gorgeous.

n asked, hey u replied!!!! u r the best :D :D
Mugdha Godse answers, :):):)

mehul_kb asked, This is not fair, U didnt replied to me, Mugdha any plans to come London ? If yes I will give you treat in London's one of the best restaurant
Mugdha Godse answers, Not really. But I like everything around Oxford Street and I like O2 Club in Bedford. It's so huge.

adit1985 asked, Attempt 3- ALL THE BEST mughda for your new FASHION statement in JAIL (ok...this did not make sense)...ur a fab actress...looking forward for ur next flicks :)
Mugdha Godse answers, Hey thanks. That made huge sense, you see.

Ramsay asked, You like sachin tendulkar just because he is MARATHI MANOOS...Dnt u think you are RASICT??
Mugdha Godse answers, No, I love Dhoni too. Come on, who doesn't like Sachin re?

balaji asked, Hi Mugdha, hw r u? I appreciate for the work the done for Fashion. Also I want to know your academic background...
Mugdha Godse answers, I'm B.Com graduate.

Mugdha Godse says, Hey thanks guys. It was lovely chatting with you all. Please go and watch Jail and tell me how did you like it. You can meet me on and sorry for all those with whom I couldn't chat. Ta ta.

Image: Mugdha Godse

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