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Anisha Ambrose: I never thought of being an actor

July 24, 2013 10:01 IST

Anisha Ambrose: I never thought of being an actor


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Anisha Ambrose grew up in Odisha where her family runs several schools. She went to college in Vishakapatnam and has a Master’s in Business Administration. She worked at Dell before the arc lights beckoned.

Her first Telugu film Alias Janaki releases on Friday, July 26. She talks about being new in the industry and what impelled her to accept the film.

You are well educated, working with Dell and also modelling. How did acting happen?

I never thought of being an actor. Like every MBA student, I wanted to do well in my career.

I am not a full-fledged model. I used to just pose for photographs, which my photographer friends used to take and post on their photography pages.

When I got the offer to act in my first film Arreyrey, I went for the audition. I was working with a computer company (Dell) and was planning to shift. To my surprise, my father said yes to the audition and we went to do it. So the film came in the transition period. 


Were your parents apprehensive of your decision?


My parents were apprehensive. My mom was not sure. The family was upset. They are protective about me and had heard bad things about the industry.


When my parents and I met Neelima ma’m, things changed. She convinced us and we changed our minds. It took everyone a little while to accept the fact that I was entering acting.

Now everyone is fine and happy. It’s just that they are protective just like any family is about their daughter.

Image: Anisha Ambrose


'Alias Janaki will stir people from inside'

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Alias Janaki is the second film you have signed...

I was waiting to start Arreyrey and in the meanwhile Neelima ma’m (the film’s producer Neelima Tirumalashetty) asked me if I would do Alias Janaki.

I have a challenging role in Arreyrey. I had no experience of acting. So to get the experience, I took the opportunity of acting in Alias Janaki. The more experience I have, the better.

What attracted you to Alias Janaki?

I found the film has a moral. The film will stir people from inside. The character in the film holds on to his values. The script was nice.

The film has a tie-up with I Care, I React, which stands for violence against women. We are campaigning for this initiative started by Sekhar Kammula. Neelima ma’m is also part of it. Most of us wear badges, spread awareness. What better way to use your talent than to start off like this!


Image: Anisha Ambrose

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'I was nervous on the first day of the shoot'

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What role do you play in the film?

 It is a love story. The story revolves around Ram (played by Rahul Venkat) and Chaitra, played by me. I play this happy-go-lucky, carefree girl who is pampered and sets her own rules. She meets Ram who is completely different and she never thinks such people existed. The story develops from there.

How was the first day of shooting?

On the first day I was nervous as so many different thoughts were running in my head. It was an early morning shoot in Hyderabad at a coffee shop.

Dayaa Sir (director Dayaa K) explained the scene, which introduces me. There were no dialogues. I did not know how I would perform.

Once I did, and everyone appreciated it, I felt everyone is encouraging me. I am camera friendly. Appreciation brings out the best in you for the next shot.

How did you prepare for the role?

The only preparation I did was to rehearse the dialogues and get my Telugu right. I have some of the traits of the character; I am also pampered, so the role was relatable.

Image: Rahul Venkat and Anisha Ambrose in Alias Janaki

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'I learnt a lot from my co-star Rahul Venkat'

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Were any of your family members involved with acting?

The only person who was involved in acting was my maternal grandfather (Anil Kumar Malviya) who did theatre. Maybe I inherited this talent from him. If he was alive he would be proud of me now.

Are you aware of the technical aspects of cinema?

No, I have no idea about all that. Everything is new. I am observing all that.

Your co-star Rahul Venkat is also a newcomer. Did you share notes?

He has been in the industry as an assistant director. I got to learn a lot from him. He was appreciative. He would watch me and give feedback. His expressions are mind-blowing in the fight sequences

How helpful was producer Neelima?

Her being a woman gave me and my family a lot of peace. My family knew I was in safe hands. She is a very down-to-earth person and she went out of the way to make my parents and me happy. I am fortunate that I worked with her.

Image: Rahul Venkat and Anisha Ambrose in Alias Janaki

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'I want to do films which will impact people'

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How do you feel after doing Alias Janaki?

It has been such a wonderful experience. The production people started a fan page for me which I never dreamt of. There are now 10,000 people who send me wonderful messages appreciating me for whatever they have seen on the teasers of Alias Janaki.

There are so many wonderful memories and I am grateful to the producer for this experience.

Do you have the heebie-jeebies now that the release date is not far away?

Yes, a lot of them. I am excited and nervous as it will be the first time I will be watching myself on screen. I hope to make everyone – my parents, Neelima ma’m and a bunch of others who trusted me - proud with my acting.

Do you see yourself in films in the years to come?

Yes, I do see myself in films. I may be choosy about films. I will do those roles I am convinced about and which will influence the audience.

I am responsible for the fame I have right now and I don’t want people to think why did she do this role. I want to do films which will impact people.

Everybody’s life has a reason. I am in acting for a reason.

Your next project is Arreyrey...

The shoot has begun but not in a full-fledged way. It’s a rom- com, completely different from Alias Janaki.

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