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Inimey Nangathaan: Small is beautiful

August 24, 2007 16:13 IST

Inimey Nangathaan is a 3D animation film in Tamil directed by Venky Baboo. Valee's lyrics have been set to tune by Ilayaraja.

There are only four tracks in this album. The maestro has retained his individual signature but initiated a slight makeover incorporating some contemporary sound designs in his compositions. This change is somewhat evident in his singing style too.

The opening number Orumurai Kettalae is by Madhu Balakrishnan and Sriram Parthasarathy.The admirable makeover is not in the composer's style alone. It is a slightly different Madhu Balakrishnan you come across in this album.  Gone is his crooning style and soulful rendition, there is more energy in his singing, credit for which goes to Ilayaraja's lively compositions too.

The track starts with a little bit of swara patterns and guitar flourishes. Both Madhu Balakrishnan and Sriram complement each other and put up a dynamic rendition. The composer has punctuated this number with extra sounds in English, hip hop and impressive chorus.

Ilayaraja himself has rendered the next number, Unnai keal unnai keal. His singing is not lackadaisical here -- there is an unusual energy and life in his rendition. Though there is an undercurrent of pathos, it is a lively number with guitar spells in the beginning and profound instrumental interlude. Valee's lyrics are meaningful with a philosophical bend.

Vazhvu Vaenduma Va Va begins with drum beats followed by vibrant orchestration. The singers are again Madhu Balakrishnan and Sriram Parthasathy, who follow the same exuberant route pouring life into the track. Valee's lyrics emphasising the importance of faith in life, exhorting to eschew superstitions and have faith in self, are didactic.

Ilayaraja rounds off with Keerthanar Arambathilae, a kathakalakshepam number. It narrates the story of a malevolent feudal lord named Jagathalaprathapan. The track in the form of remix medley with the accompaniment of harmonium starts with Ilayaraja's famous devotional Janani Janani. It is followed by snippets of hits from old Tamil and Hindi films, like Naan Aanayittan, Mehbooba Mehbooba etc. interspersed with descriptive passages. A piece obviously for the masses.

Inimey Nangathaan, a short spin of just four tracks, proves the dictum that "small is beautiful".

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Saraswathy Srinivas