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Lakshyam thrills

July 06, 2007 19:27 IST

It appears what matters nowadays is not the story in films. In spite of digging deep into the story basket, the yarn that comes out appears to have been used already. Debutant director Srivas has done a commendable job on the film despite a couple glitches here and there.

Srivas combines revenge and sentiment with some romance and comedy thrown in his Telugu film, Lakshyam (goal).

The story is about two brothers: Bose (Jagapatibabu), an honest police officer and his brother Chandu (Gopichand). The first half revolves around Bose's lakshyam which is to weed out corruption from society. The second half belongs to Chandu's lakshyam. He is ably supported by his ladylove Indu (Anushka).

Here, the criminal Section Shankar (Yashpal Yadav) knows everything about the law. With the help of some legal loopholes, he commits crime after crime. It is not specified how he has such vast knowledge about the law. 

One day, he comes face-to-face with Bose, who vows to apprehend him. Section Shankar eliminates a person after grabbing his land and later, eliminates a bank's chairman after robbing the bank. Bose, who had extracted details from the bank manager before he died, now gets framed for his murder. Now, it's the task of Chandu to set the record straight.

The screenplay is gripping though it loses pace once in a while. Yet, Srivas gets full marks for his effort.

Jagapatibabu does a commendable job as an honest and tough cop. Gopichand's performance betters with each film. The success of his recent Okkadunnadu has apparently given him the vigour to give a stellar performance in both sentimental and action scenes. Gopi seems to be quite clear about what he wants as he is choosing scripts carefully. This move will pay rich dividends.

Anushka is gorgeous and makes a good pair with Gopichand. Yashpal Yadav and Ashish Vidyarthi do well. Music by Manisharma is okay.

The film is good with some good action and sentiment. And it does not bore the viewer.

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G P Aditya Vardhan