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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Review: Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O doesn't impress

Review: Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O doesn't impress

February 13, 2012 10:23 IST
A scene from Mullassery MadhavankuttyParesh C Palicha feels that Malyalam film Nemom P O is recycled fare from the 1980's.

It is said that there is sometimes a price to be paid for realising our dreams. This is the theme of Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O, directed by Kumar Nanda with Anoop Menon in the lead.

Madhavankutty (Anoop Menon) works as a clerk in a government office and supports his family of wife Sita (Sonal Devraj), a daughter and his mother (KPAC Lalitha). His mission in life is to build a dream home and to be known as the owner of that dream house.

Madhavankutty, who is fond of acting, has done minuscule roles in TV serials and then becomes a star, before getting married and settling down.

When he then decides to produce a film in just six
months, he finds out how difficult is the life of a producer who has jumped into this just because he has a passion for it.

The screenplay by Swathi Bhaskar borrows heavily from films of yesteryears and more recent ones too. We can easily see Mohanlal in Varavelpu, TP Balagopalan MA and Priyadashan's Vellanakalude Naadu

It is surprising to see Anoop Menon in such a light-hearted role. Maybe he is trying to prove that he can handle lighter roles but he is not as effective as he was in Beautiful.

Sonal Devraj as the leading lady stays in line with expectations from such a character. Veterans like KPAC Lalitha and Innocent offer standard stuff.

Final words, Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O may be about the big dreams of small men, but it fails to impress the viewer.

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Paresh C Palicha in Kochi