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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Sonam Kapoor: I am considered an icon at the age of 20

Sonam Kapoor: I am considered an icon at the age of 20

March 30, 2014 14:00 IST

Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar, Anil KapoorThis Sunday, Koffee With Karan will feature father and daughter Anil and Sonam Kapoor.

It promises to be quite interesting.

Here's presenting excerpts from the show:

Karan: Does it bother you when you are not labeled as one of the lead actors/ performance in you are getting there but you are a superstar also. You have that image and vibe, you walk tall like one but does it bother you when they talk about other actors more in the acting department?

Sonam: Well, you know, the thing about the industry is they think if you are not good looking, they think you are a good actor. It's true!

Anil: I’ll tell you Karan, you will be shocked. Dilip Kumar, you see his earlier releases. For Dilip Kumar, they used to say that, for Madhuri Dixit, they used to say that usko acting nahi aati yaar. For the first three-four films, you should read the reviews your friend Khalid Mohamed has written. I am sure he must be watching the


Sonam: Khalid uncle is like one of my Godfathers okay? So we should not say. Fortunately for me, the reason I have survived in the industry is because of the critics, because I don’t get bad reviews whether it’s a Rajeev Masand or a Raja Sen or a Taran Adarsh or a Komal Nahata, they have always praised my performance.

Karan: In my own experience, I don’t think I am respected by the director’s fraternity. I think they think I am this talk show host, who is all over the place, has this glamorous kind of filmmaking.

Sonam: This is what I am saying. People make so-called art films. Why do you have to take like not nice-looking people, like why? Doesn’t make sense and just that they don’t look good, does not mean they are good actors. Thats why I have so much respect for Raju Hirani or Aditya Chopra or you or whatever. Because 10 years down the line, I would want to watch a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai again. You consider classics like Maine Pyaar Kiya, DDLJ, I want to go down into posterity... you know what I mean. I am considered an icon at the age of 20 when people like after 40s or after they die are considered icons. It's just amazing!

Karan: She has just called herself an icon!