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Swati: It feels nice to come back to Telugu films

March 05, 2014 09:04 IST

Swati: It feels nice to come back to Telugu films


Radhika Rajamani in Hyderabad

Swati is a versatile star. She works in three different film industries – Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. She has made a niche for herself in all three.

Swati had a wonderful 2013 and this year seems to be a good one too.  

Her Telugu film Bangaru Kodipeta is up for release this Friday, March 7. Her last Telugu film, Swamy Ra Ra was a hit. 

In this interview, Swati talks about Bangaru Kodipeta, her first release this year and also gives us a peek into her other films.

Was it the script that attracted you to Bangaru Kodipeta?

It was only the script. Also, the team was young.

Sunita (producer) and Raj (director) are well travelled and exposed to different cultures. They are decent people.

What was it like working with a woman producer?

It was good. Sunita is kind and civil. Since she has been in the industry and with Radio Mirchi, she knows people.

She worked with Suresh Productions before. Sunita produced the Hindi film Shor in the City.

Bangaru Kodipeta is her first Telugu production. She is also one of the reasons I signed Bangaru Kodipeta.

Image: Swati


'Our job as actors is to make things look effortless'

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You play an energetic character in the film...

I play Bhanumathy Pinisetty, a ninth standard dropout. She is from a poor family but is ambitious and a go-getter.

She is independent and wants to have a good life. She is a girl who tries to look urban and is Telugu in her heart.

The film is set against the backdrop of the three days of Sankranti and portrays how each one affects the other.

Was it fun playing this character?

Yes. It is not what I am. But our job as actors is to make it look so, and effortless.

Did you do any homework for the role?

Sunita and Raj were fixated about details of the character. They were particular about what they wanted. So I took it from there. 

Image: A still from Bangaru Kodipeta

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'Navdeep knows the tricks of the camera'

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You are working with Navdeep for the first time...

It was good working with him. He is a different person, a hatke one. I met him for the first time on the sets.

He is a skilled actor. He knows the tricks of the camera. He has seen ups and downs and is practical and grounded.

In what sense is he hatke?

His perspective is very different. He’s in tune with reality. He can see things two steps ahead.

Did you enjoy working on this film?

We shot for 40 days. So it was not too long a shoot. It was a smooth ride with Sunita around. A lot more time was spent on post-production.

Image: A still from Bangaru Kodipeta

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'I have reached a place where it's all abouy fate and luck'

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You are having a Telugu release after a year (Swamy Ra Ra released in March 2012). You did two Malayalam films and a Tamil film in between.

Since I did the Malayalam and Tamil films in between, I did not realise it was so long till I spoke to reporters some days back.

It doesn’t feel like a year. It feels nice to come back to Telugu.

You have had a good 2013...

Yes, I had a great 2013. It was totally unexpected. I have reached a place where it’s all about fate and luck.

I work hard on a film but it may bomb also. I have seen lows and highs.

I saw the noise and popularity with Ashta Chamma and I also saw the lows later with other films.

You worked in three languages – Karthikeya in Telugu, Vadacurry in Tamil and Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal. How did you juggle three films?

I was in one schedule after another. It was hectic. My co-stars used to rag me about it.

I was jumping from one language to another. Now I have completed the films and I want to take a break.

The roles I portray are different in the three films. I play an orthodox Muslim girl in the Malayalam film, a student in Telugu and a software person in the Tamil movie.

So my looks, clothes, hair were all different. There was certainly no boredom!  

Image: A still from Bangaru Kodipeta

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