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'I will marry Mallika Sherawat'

Last updated on: November 11, 2013 18:29 IST

'I will marry Mallika Sherawat'


Patcy N in Mumbai

Can you find love on national television?

Yes, if Vijay Singh is to be believed.

The contestant from Himachal Pradesh, who won The Bachelorette India, is now hoping to marry Mallika Sherawat. Or so he says, as she takes off to Los Angeles leaving her 'perfect date' behind.

Excerpts from a surreal interview:

Vijay Singh has won The Bachelorette India: Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika. He's managed to successfully woo Mallika Sherawat and has stolen a sensational kiss before the entire country.

Naturally, he is on cloud nine!

Vijay hails from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, the official residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His parents and five sisters own a hotel each. His father was dead against his son's showbiz dreams and didn't approve of him travelling to Mumbai. 

Now, though, everyone in his family is happy, he says.

Having won the lady of his dreams, Vijay says he will now consult her about his career and, should she approve, return to Himachal Pradesh to join his father's business.

Singh, who is confident about marrying the sultry actress, says he hopes to take her on a holiday so they can spend time together.

That sounds fair, considering the only 'together' time they've got is at a party hosted by the channel that aired the show, after which Mallika is believed to have flown to Los Angeles to complete her shooting commitments.

Vijay Singh describes himself as being very mature for his age, which may or may not be true depending on how much he's convinced himself of having found true love on national television.

Read on for excerpts from an eight-minute interview conducted over the telephone as he zips from one city to another, basking in his newfound celebrity status.

Why did you want to participate in The Bachelorette?

When I was in Dharamsala, I would watch Mallika Sherawat's movies. I could connect with her because, like me, she is also from north India.

She journeyed from her village in Haryana to Bollywood, and then to Hollywood, all alone, with no support.

I liked her a lot, but I never thought I would come on the show and get the opportunity to meet her.

Did you think you would win?

When I came on the show and saw her for the first time I was very nervous. My throat started drying up when I was talking to her.

But when I got the first rose, my confidence increased. From then on, I had the feeling I had a fair chance and that I could win.

Image: Mallika Sherawat and Vijay Singh


'After the kiss, my confidence increased'

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Who was your toughest competitor?

Karan Sagoo gave me tough competition from the very beginning.

He had a way with women. He knew how to speak to a woman and charm her.

Mallika lip-locked with you on the show…

We were the top five and we were told we have to prepare something special to take Mallika on a date. I created a romantic set-up for her.

I had not planned that we would kiss. But everything was so beautiful and romantic that we kissed without even realising it.

After the kiss, my confidence increased and I was sure I would win.

Was there a low point on the show?

Yes. I was very disappointed when Karan lied and told Mallika, 'Vijay said certain bad things about you to me.' I can't even say the words he used as they are so bad.

When I returned from my Taj Mahal date with Mallika, the boys were very jealous. They knew why Mallika chose to go with me to the Taj Mahal.

Image: Vijay Singh, Mallika Sherwat and Karan Sagoo

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'I never thought that I would choose my life partner on a show like this'

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Now that you have been chosen as the perfect date, do you think you will get married to her too?

It is all about destiny. I never thought that I would choose my life partner on a show like this.

We have spent some time with each other on camera and tried to know each other better.

Now, we will spend some time off camera and are planning to holiday together. Then, if there is mutual understanding between us, we will take things further.

After the show was over, did you sit together and decide what to do next?

We met at a party, spoke to each other and spent some time together.

Right now, Mallika has to go to Los Angeles for a shooting commitment. I am going to Himachal for a few days. Once she is back, we will decide on our holiday.

You are 13 years younger than Mallika. Aren't you afraid that, being older, she will be bossy?

I don't think so. It all depends on our understanding; it has nothing to do with age.

We have to be mature and understand each other better. I think I am mature and independent. (Unlike many young men) I am used to living alone and taking my own decisions. I have lived away from my parents as I was educated in Shimla.

I am young but that does not mean I am not mature.

Image: Mallika Sherawat and Vijay Singh

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'After Mallika is back, I will discuss my career with her'

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How have your parents reacted to all this?

My family is very happy. When I was going on the show, I called up my parents and told them. They were pretty okay with it.

Now that I have won, all my family members are really happy for me.

What will you do after this show?

After Mallika is back, I will discuss my career with her.

I came to Mumbai to become a model. My family is in the hotel business -- my father and five sisters own a hotel each. My youngest sister is in Dubai, working for Qatar Airways.

I came to Mumbai against my father's will. Now, I will let Mallika take the decision. If she likes Himachal Pradesh, I will go to Himachal and get into the family business.

Modelling is my hobby. When I saw other models walking the ramp, I thought I could also do that. I was Gladrags Supermodel for 2013.

Do you think you will marry Mallika Sherawat?

Yes, I think marriage with Mallika would be the next step.

Image: Mallika Sherawat an Vijay Singh

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