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'Even at 50, Michael has gone too soon'

June 29, 2009 15:46 IST

'Even at 50, Michael has gone too soon'

Nithya Ramani

The news of Michael Jackson's death came as a shock to the whole world, including Bollywood personalities. Luke Kenny, who started his career as an MJ impersonator, pays a tribute to the King of Pop.

It's the time to remember all the good things about Micheal Jackson. I have been a fan ever since I discovered him as a child.

When I heard the news [of his death], I could playback every single memory I had of him. I was surprisingly shocked to see how vivid those memories were.

I started my career by impersonating Micheal Jackson on stage. I started doing his moonwalk and impersonations in school and college. That is how choreographers saw me and groomed me. Whatever I am today is largely because of Micheal Jackson. It wasn't about imitating him. I didn't want to be a duplicate but it was the love for dancing that I learnt his kind of dance.

I remember the first time I heard him on Doordarshan television, on a show called Tracks, where they played the videos of Beat It and Billy Jean. I wondered who this person was, moving the way he did on stage.

I love all his songs -- Beat it, Billy Jean, Bad, Thriller, Scream, Earth Song, You are not alone, Lady of my life, Dirty Diana, Leave me alone, Danger...

I think Micheal Jackson is the only artiste, whose four albums -- Off the Wall, Bad, Thriller and Dangerous -- you can listen to back-to-back even today, without skipping a single song. 

He sang a song called Gone Too Soon to his friend, who succumbed to cancer. I think that holds true of Micheal Jackson too. Even at 50, he has gone too soon. He was all ready for a comeback but his health and age did not permit that.

We had released Rock On!! on Michael's birthday -- August 29 -- last year. That's an added memory for me.

We might just do a concert to celebrate Micheal Jackson's anniversary.

I did a Rolling Stone concert in Mumbai last month. I have been doing regular concerts for the greats of Rock 'n' Roll. I was planning a tribute for Jim Morrison in July, the month of his death anniversary. 

This will be my tribute to Michael for all that I have learnt from him, his moves, his performances, his music, everything. This might be the last time I do a Micheal Jackson performance on stage.

Image: Luke Kenny
Video: Hitesh Harisinghani