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Review: Rajadhani disappoints

June 03, 2011 11:40 IST

Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana thinks Rajadhani's promos had generated a lot of interest, but the film fails to match up to the hype. Post YOUR reviews here!

There is more to Bangalore IT is what director Sowmya Satyan -- mentored by K V Raju -- tells in Rajadhani (Capital).

The film has five friends (Yash, Satya, Chetan, Ravi Teja and Sandeep) as its main protagonists. The boys have little or no interest in education. Their parents also do nothing but crib and take a jibe at the good-for-nothing fellows only adding to the ambitions of these youth to make a quick buck, whatever the means.

With no proper guidance, the friends, barring one, decide to commit a murder for money. Murder happens even before you blink an eye and the impact sinks in on the hot blooded foursome only after they realise that they have killed the most notorious rowdy in town. Things turn for the worse when the mystery man who has hired them leaves them in the lurch.

Rajadhani's promos and posters had generated a lot of interest, but the film fails to match up to the hype. It does show the flipside of short cuts taken by youth to emerge number one and the results of faulty upbringing. But what could have backed these messages was some paisa vasool entertainment. 

The film is all about bloodshed and stylishly shot dance numbers.


by K V Raju ignite a fire here and there, and that's about it. What doesn't help either is the climax that you would have already seen in a Hindi film or two.

Performances wise, Yash makes an impact with his body language and expressions. There is enough scope for him to exhibit his dancing talent. He puts up a restrained performance and gets to play more than a motor-mouth lover boy.

Chetan Chandra does an okay job but fails to shed his soft spoken lover boy image entirely.

Satya, who was outstanding in Slum Bala, Aa Dinagalu and Gundargovi, pales in comparison this time. Sandeep and Ravi Teja come up with mediocre performances.

Prakash Raj plays a tough cop, and much was said about his role. However, there is little for his character to do in the film. Another actor who could have been better used was Achyutha. Umashree is cast in a small role but puts up a good performance. Raju Thalikote and Biradar are part of the cast. Heroine Sheena hardly makes her presence felt.

Action sequences, especially the climax, were pitted as the highlight of the film. But the jump sequence in the climax definitely doesn't make you hold your breath.

Songs by Arjun however pep up the film.

In total, the film leaves you asking for more. What could have been a thrilling roller coaster ride ends up being a merry-go-round!

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Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore