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'Bigg Boss is a famous voiceover artist'

November 28, 2008 10:33 IST

Rahul Mahajan was one of the most popular housemates in Bigg Boss, as his flirtatious nature, outgoing personality and facemasks kept everyone entertained. Son of the late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, Rahul may have even won the show, if not for his shocking exit just days before the grand finale.

Proof of his popularity was evident when his fans got to interact with him on Wednesday during a Rediff Chat. For those who missed it, here's the transcript:

RAHUL MAHAJAN says, Hi everyone.

Swarajya asked, HI Rahul... Please be honest and tell me whom do you love.. Payal or Monica?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I love Bigg Boss.

Anant asked, Hello Rahul. Just to let you know that I have become a great fan of you and that I enjoyed Big boss only only because of you.I was shocked by the way you left Big Boss.
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I took my decision and I stand by my word. I am a man of my principles. I think true friendship is sacrifice.

sunil kumar asked, Hi, Rahul I think everything is gambeling in the Big boss so, And in my obeservation all is preplaned in BIG BOSS just to create rus on show; What is your bad experience in Big Boss and your views
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, As far as I know, I can swear on the holy Bhagwad Gita that every bit of Bigg Boss was true. The only bad experience I had in Bigg Boss was that I was very hungry when I left the house.

biji asked, hai rahull how r u? i am biji from cameroon ( i am the regullar viewer of that BigBoss i want 2 know who is big boss
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, He is a famous voiceover artist. Technically the producers are the Bigg Boss:-)

noel asked, hi rahul...i felt u did the rite thing by quitting the show gave a chance for ashuthosh to win ...hence i know the 1 cr will not make any difference to u since u wer rich now,ashuthosh will full fill his dreams there was no news that u helped ashu to win the show by using ur links is it true?? anyway u entertained us in the big boss and all the best for ur future...
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, First of all money is important for everyone including me. I feel that this money will change Ashutosh's life on a fundamental level. That is the reason why I appealed to all to vote for Ashutosh (Kaushik).

Abhishek asked, Do you think you were justified in breaking the rules in the Big Boss house??
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, If you have seen the episode then you will know the answer.

ragss asked, hey Rahul there was a news from diana that you and Monica were in the bath room where there is no cameras around?is that true?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, You should address this question to Diana (Hayden) and not me.

tanvi asked, will you make up your carrer in the bolllywood industry if you have any offers?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I have many offers and I will reveal them in time.

kittu asked, Wont you think you should follow your Father follow steps to build a good Nation ?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Of course, at the right time, I will be doing that.

Ruchita asked, Hi Rahul, Howz life after bigg boss.We love your stay at BB house and enjoyed a lot.But it was very emotional when you exited from BB house.Are you in love with monica?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I am still getting used to life after Bigg Boss. I am in love with all the contestants of Bigg Boss.

Kartik asked, Hi Rahul,Just wana ask you that we have got to see your real side.Now will you prefer joinig politics or your way is bollywood.(I would prefer you to follow your Dad's foot step)
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Bollywood is for my bread and butter, and politics is to serve the nation.

monic asked, Are u a trained pilot?Which airlines u have worked?Pls reply
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Yes, I used to work for Jet Airways from 1996-2000.

lalagopgapangamdas asked, hey rahul i am fan of yours, hope you make a OSCAR winning film soon. best of luck bro
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Winning an Oscar is my lifetime dream. Thanks for your support.

Jignesh asked, After making a mistake of coming out of big boss house for few minutes, have all eat something outside.
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, It was not a mistake in the first place. We did not eat anything outside. Bigg Boss gave us dinner later on.

Pratik asked, You really are the MAN who can take decisions on your own no matter what.... YOu rock!!!
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Thank you so much. I appreciate your gesture.

Virat asked, Who is ur best frnd in d house???n who is fake in d house?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, First of all no one is fake in the house. As far as best friend is concerned, I need 9 years not 90 days to decide.

sdfsdfs asked, r u in touch with monica?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Yes of course, why not? She is my friend.

Pranay asked, You got such good opportunity in this life being born to pramod mahajan...why r u spoliling this?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, My father was a school teacher from a small town called Ambajogi in Beed district, Maharashtra. It was there that I was born. Contrary to what everybody thinks, I did not come from a privileged family.

llm asked, hi rahul. has the BB made u a stronger person, if yes then how?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, First of all I was never a weak person but Bigg Boss made me stronger. At least to have more patience in life and to share and co-exist with other housemates.

sharad asked, You have lot of patience. It is by birth or you do some yoga
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Life has taught me lot of things specially after my father's sad demise. That is how patience has come to me. By the way, I also do yoga three times a week.

Shyama asked, Hi Rahul, any Plan of marriage again???
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I just got divorced on August 1. Anything to do with marriage from now on, my mother will decide.

vine12 asked,  I admare your decision to quit big boss.Very few people can do this though they have enough money.You are really a "Bindas" person and I like this. If you are so honest then you should come to politics.India need young blood in politics who has some vision and add some value.
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Your wish will come true very soon.

tummo asked, hi rahul...i wanted to know wud like to work for the country under BJP or as a youth of india independent of ne party??
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, My Blood group is BJP+

holydevil asked, zulfi was saying that u might have come out and helped Ashu win....what exactly did u do??
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, Everybody knows that I supported Ashu and I gave good reasons for that.

nikhil_r2 asked, Hi Rahul, I am your fan after Bigg Boss, I had always voted for you. tell me, how is your life after Bigg Boss? any future plans?
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I still miss Bigg Boss house. I feel life is sometimes better without any outside information and to live with your friends and still make money. (Laughs)

sima asked, hi rahul, i know you was the soul of the bigg boss.the childish behaviour u have shown in bigg boss is it intentionally done or u behave like the same in real life also.
RAHUL MAHAJAN answers, I have a child's heart and a matured man's brain.

RAHUL MAHAJAN says, Everyone thank you for your love, support, prayers and constructive criticism. I hope to talk to you soon. Love Rahul Mahajan.