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Hinglish films are here to stay!

January 07, 2003 12:04 IST

Mon Jan 6 21:17:37 2003
City, Country:cologne,germany
Your Views:Yeh,Hinglish films are definately going to stay as they speak the language and mind of todays metro & NRI population which is increasing everyday.

Mon Jan 6 21:19:14 2003
Name:A. Suresh Hegde,Bangalore
City, Country:India
Your Views:Most of these Hinglish films were successful only in other countries. But what an ordinary Indian wants to watch is a decent and entertaining movie. For that matter there is no language bar.

Mon Jan 6 23:04:17 2003
Name:Nitesh Rao
City, Country:LA, US
Your Views:Yes I am sure that the Hinglish movies are here to stay....and why should they not? It is the language an average urban teen speaks. It is a language that I used to speak when I used to go to college. I am sure they will stay and carve a niche market of their own!

Mon Jan 6 23:27:15 2003
City, Country:India
Your Views:Nope.. English has currupted Hindi.. English should be limited to its own place as a foreign language. It is not India's people's language.. It is a language of our pompuous film stars, IAS lobby and some metroites.. Its only because of their colonial mentality and english-superiority complex.. No other nation on this earth can be so complex ridden as Indian are.. shame on us that we have put a beautiful language Sanskrit to dust and running after a technically inferior language English.

Mon Jan 6 23:27:39 2003
City, Country:India
Your Views:No way!!! All these films look and feel the same and they are as monotonous as a regular Bollywood entertainer. These films may work outside India because audience there, including NRIs, are too happy to mock at Indian culture, which makes these films click with them and the supposedly sophisticated upper-middle class Indians!!! After all, how will we call ourselves 'forward' if we do not enjoy mocking at our culture and ape the Western culture.

Tue Jan 7 00:05:01 2003
City, Country:Carmel, NY, USA
Your Views:They will stay only if the story is relevant and to the point. The latest trend of Hindi movies with always a rich guy having a business in a foreign country and has a romance with story flip-flopping back and forth between a foreign location and India,will not work. It makes it look like there is no poor people and nobody lives in India anymore. When I watch these movies they seem so superficial, unrealistic and ridiculous

Tue Jan 7 00:37:22 2003
City, Country:St. Louis, MO, USA(Bangalore)
Your Views:Language

should not be a barrier for making good movies. Ofcourse the target, the film concentrates defines the radius of its influence and interests. The media creates new term like Hinglish which could have been just popularized as common Hindi and common English to reach the comman man. Why not we have pure English and pure Hindi if they had to reach the urban senses?

Tue Jan 7 01:12:40 2003
Name:Anand Mohite
City, Country:India
Your Views:They are here for sometime but not for long ... it's a passing phase.

Tue Jan 7 04:57:25 2003
Name:andreas rao
City, Country:steanaktidy,new york
Your Views:yes they are

Tue Jan 7 09:14:26 2003
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Yes, they are. They are far better off than the usual song and dance sequences and the love stories. It was good that the people rejected the Hindi films made. This would make the producers make better films. Bollywood produces the max no of films in the world. I sincerely feel quality is much better than quantity.

Tue Jan 7 10:10:08 2003
Name:N. E. Joseph
City, Country:Chicago, IL., USA
Your Views:Yes, I think Hinglish films are here to stay. Hinglish films have tended to be a bit more realistic in their cultural and social expressions. Characters are more clearly defined and the story has continuity and consistency. If they are being directed at NRI's then it makes sense to depict both worlds of the languages spoken by NRI's and all the bi-cultural and social naunces that come into play. The characters have depth and substance. And when a character in the film requires depth and substance, then the actors involved have to live up to that image for the film. This in turn helps the actors develop their very own potential in my view. I thought most of the Hinglish films made in 2002 were quite good and meaningful.

Tue Jan 7 11:34:06 2003
City, Country:Hong Kong,China
Your Views:I think they are here to stay and will bring in little life to the boring Bollywood masalas.I rightly approve Dipak Tijori that the actor staying in Dharavi goes to Switzerland for honeymoon or shake his hips..its tinme for Bollywood to change otherwise times are not far that Hinglish films will take over the majority of English understanding audiences.Also most of the Hinglish films usually have something to offer rather than the boring Bollywood formula ie our hero betaing up ten heavyweights and then suddenly takes the girl off to Switzerland or London for a song sequence. Also I feel our top directors should look into this direction as most of their masala hits have no spice left.