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'Michael was very caring and loving'

Last updated on: July 02, 2009 19:13 IST

Grace Rwaramba, the woman who took care of Michael Jackson's children for 12 years, wants nothing but the best for the children who may end up with Jackson's parents, Deepak Chopra, a friend of Jackson says. He introduced Rwaramba, who is like a daughter to him, to Jackson, he adds.

There are reports that the children have reportedly asked Rwaramba to return from London to the Los Angeles home of their grandparents.

Rwaramba, a Nigerian, was taken off from work two months ago due to domestic politics, insiders say.

Dr Chopra has spent many hours during the last week talking and writing about Michael Jackson, and he does not believe that 42-year-old Rwaramba will oppose Jackson's mother getting the children.

Chopra did not treat Jackson but he cautioned him many times against being dependent on pain killers and other drugs. He has also revealed in interviews with that Jackson had lupus. Chopra has also said that because of the physical and emotional abuse Jackson suffered in childhood, he began loathing himself and his own body and how he had become a prey to 'enablers' including doctors who had no qualms loading him with prescription drugs.

He also says he is indebted to Jackson for giving his children love and affection. "My children had a wonderful experience with Michael," says Dr Chopra who had known Jackson for over 25 years "He was very caring and loving to them."

Chopra's daughter Mallika echoes those sentiments in her blog. She says her brother Gotham (who used to be known as Gautama till he changed the spelling of his name about 10 years ago) and she had a magical childhood because of Jackson.

'For us, Michael let us visit Neverland like it was our own -- from movies to playing video games to bumper car rides to playing with the chimps to eating amazing chocolate chip cookies,' she recollects. 'We were able to take our cousins and friends to this magical place and just have pure fun.'

Eating meals with Michael in those days -- almost 20 years ago -- was always an experience, she adds. 'He would start humming a tune and then excuse himself,' she writes. 'When he came back, he would giggle with delight, explaining how music just came to him and he had to record it to save what came, he always said, came from someplace else. Every moment we were with Michael, I would be utterly comfortable and utterly in awe at the same time.'

She volunteered to help run the Heal The World Foundation started by Jackson to help the children across the globe. Then the child molestation scandal began and Jackson's career began nose-diving. And the foundation could not take off.

In the Chopra family, there was never a doubt about Jackson's innocence, Mallika Chopra writes. 'My family always maintained our belief that Michael was innocent in both (sexual exploitation) cases -- for those that were close to Michael, all would admit he was quirky and had bad judgment at times,' she writes. 'But to think Michael could abuse a child was unfathomable in my mind.'

How would she remember Jackson and how would she want her children, aged seven and five, remember her friend? 'Michael truly had a gift to heal -- his music and his sweet soul touched billions -- and for that, I hope he will be remembered,' she writes.

Arthur J Pais