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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Nobody can copy Mallika!'

'Nobody can copy Mallika!'

November 15, 2005 16:20 IST

Suparn Verma, Koena MitraCurrently a hot topic of conversation because of her steamy MMS with Fardeen Khan (just a promo for their new film, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, mind you), the sizzling Koena Mitra is raring to go.

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Best known for her item numbers, Koena wants to fast shed that image, and plays a psychiatrist in the new film, opening November 18.

On Saturday, Koena dropped in at the office with EKEH director Suparn Verma (left in the picture). A former rediff staffer, Verma slipped into old shoes and assumed the role of Koena's typist.

Needless to say, Ms Mitra was thrilled at being able to dictate to her director. In case you weren't around, here's what the bombshell had to say:

Koena Mitra : Hi! All .. I am here to answer your questions.

pms : koena you merge well in all characters you do, how to you do that
Koena Mitra : I choose my roles accordingly .. whatever suits me.

larryking : What do you believe is that one which makes you different from other actresses
Koena Mitra : I think everyone has his or her own style. So, I try to maintain what people have liked about me.

gaurav : tell me abt.ur forthcoming films koena bcoz i don't want to miss any
Koena Mitra : I am doing one Subhash Ghai film which is a comedy.

abs : wats ur goal here in this bollywood?
Koena Mitra : Right now .. its to prove a point. And in later life -- success.

sardarji : Who is your favorite co-star?
Koena Mitra : Sanjay Dutt. Since childhood I have been his fan.

Koena Mitra : :-) My brains!!

kaddy : Hi,Koena,now how is is ur injury,R u ok now .We all are waiting for ur comeback on stage.As u r very good dancer of stage.pls reply
Koena Mitra : Thanks for the concern. I am pretty much ok now and you will see me soon performing in Indian Divas.

Koena MitraCHIRAG : whats the secret of your sexy looks?
Koena Mitra : Thats a typical Bengali thing -- comes with the package.

phoenix : Hey Koena..R u seeing someone? Or is career at the top of the list?
Koena Mitra : I don't find one around. Where are the interesting men?

Vineet : Koena..which one will be your dream role?
Koena Mitra : I am looking forward to do a musical. Thats one of the dream roles for me.

mayank : with item numbers u became darling of masses do you expect the same as an actress.
Koena Mitra : Yes .. definitely.

shrex : what made u to get in to this field ? is that passion or ?
Koena Mitra : It just happened. I won a Gladrags title, came to Mumbai and started getting calls from the industry.

Jas_Sharman : Koena,if you just tell me your Sun Sign, I can tell your character & personality right away !! Can you ??
Koena Mitra : Capri -- tell me more? Later, give me yours and I will tell you all about yourself :-)

Sandy : Hi Koena how was it working with fardeen and feroz khan
Koena Mitra : Father and son, both are very stylish. And they are both very cool people to work with.

rajibdas0879 : Ki re Koena, Bangali Chele ke Biye korbi ki? (Will you marry a Bengali boy?)
Koena Mitra : nishchaye .. jodi interesting hoye .. (Why not .. only if he is interesting)

mehul : Koena since you are a model from where u learnt ur dancing skills for films
Koena Mitra : From Kolkata .. I got trained in Indian and western classical for 11 years.

ashwin : I dont see too many hindi movies.. so let me ask you something... as a bengali who is naturally inclined to the arts, do you sometimes feel the shallowness of the whole bollywood scene, feel the lack of meaningful movies, the obsession with sleaze and absence of real acting talent in bollywood?
Koena Mitra : This is work. This is nothing to do with who we are in personal life. Yoiu have to satisfy and entertain your audience.

nik gupta : are you willing to accept offers from hollywood or just wanna stick with bollywood for itme being ?
Koena Mitra : For the time being, I'll stick to Bollywood. You need a lot of homework to reach hollywood.

harsemail : hi koena ...are u superstitious??
Koena Mitra : Not at all.

Suparn Verma, Koena MitraSSS : how do u feel when u look back at ur life ,abt the way things have shaped up for u?
Koena Mitra : Slow .. but I have no complaints.

rock_n_roll : which type of role u feel closest to ur heart?
Koena Mitra : Anything which is different from Koena - who I am. Then you will get to do what you don't do in real life.

pahari : Koena Didi, I think you are very talented..Did you do any acting course before joining films?
Koena Mitra : Never got a chance dear. I think growth happens with experience.

sizzler : Koena - hi from sizzler - what do you plan to do after your stint in film world
Koena Mitra : I want to get married and live a normal life. Not a celebrity life.

sexyNnaughty : have u thought of acting in ads? u look stunning ...
Koena Mitra : As a model I have done many. As an actress, I have not done any yet. But I don't mind doing it as long as the brand is good. Eg. skin care products.

Rajkumar : Hi Koena What made you choose this industry?? if not an actress wat wud u have become??
Koena Mitra : If not an actress, I would have been a designer. I like to work on my own clothes and make-up.

Navin : Koena are you a daredevil?Would u do your own deadly stunts if given the chance?
Koena Mitra : Yes, why not? I am waiting to do an action film.

cooldugu : whats ur favourite past time?
Koena Mitra : Shopping .. I can shop at any time of the day. I also watch a lot of movies whenever I am free.

muki_champs : Will you Concentrate on your acting skills or do you think exposing is enough for indian film industry ?
Koena Mitra : Exposure can not sell a film. You have to have a good story and as an actor, you should do justice to your role to make a movie successful.

varsha : what is the meaning of ur name?
Koena Mitra : Koena is a name of a river in India.

ravirajm : Whats your fav holiday destination? And would you prefer the beach or the mountains?
Koena Mitra : I am a beach person. Ibiza. If its a peaceful quiet holiday required, I love Zurich.

onlyyours : Whom do u consider as your God Father
Koena Mitra : I have no God Father. I am a self made person.

gladiator30 : Hi Koena do u feel u have got stuck to the item no roles...which no doubt you do very well.....u think ppl will take u serious as an actress?
Koena Mitra : Watch Ek Khiladi Ek Hasina - It will answer your question.

what??? : why would you debase yourself by doing item numbers which dont even gel into the movie story. you mentioned you have "brains". hey and i am not a cultural police i dont care everyone has freedom of expression. but hey this is senseless
Koena Mitra : I did. No more.

chikku : Hello ! Koena, How do you rate yourself in the acting department, on a scale of 1 to 10 ?
Koena Mitra : As of now, I don't want to rate myself. After probably 5 years, maybe...

dhrubo : Tumi to ei industry r er saathe attached lokeder khub kaachh theke dekhchho (you have seen the people attached to Bollywood closely) - for the last couple of years. What d' ya think is the real reason for such short - lived relationships(even marriages) among two people from the same industry ?
Koena Mitra : I don't prefer any relationships within the industry. I can't get married to an actor.

rayees_911 : hi there are you planning to do any show in Dubai
Koena Mitra : I'm coming for Dance Divas on the 24th of this month.

patel : did you share screen time with FK sab
Koena Mitra : Yeah. He spends most of his screen time, all his important scenes, with me only.

jojo : Do you think the sex symbol image is healthy for your career?
Koena Mitra : It comes as a package for a model turned actor. Doesn't really affect things.

Sanket : Hi Koena the sensual. What was your dream when you started ? And all the years, I mean from Model to Actress, what kept you going or kept you motivated ?
Koena Mitra : It's the good work that I want to do, end of the day.

jassi : hi koena i m jassi from uk i m a big fan of urs i really want to see u some day do u do any shows in london
Koena Mitra : Nothing right now. We're planning a premiere, but its not yet finalised.

brajesh : Which is your favourite song from ek khiladi ek haseena?
Koena Mitra : Nasha, fardeen's song.

BANTOO : Ms Koena u look so beautiful and charming r u going to do any show in Delhi anytime i want to see u closely.
Koena Mitra : The Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena premiere in Delhi is on Wednesday, the 16th of this month, at INOX.

Koena MitraSamudra : Whom from have u got ur motivation 2 b a super model? Who is ur inspiration?
Koena Mitra : Arjun Rampal

Ross : Koena:will u perform anytime soon in USA or will i get to see the glimps of you anytime soon n if u paln to come where will u be at and when is yur new movie releaseing in america
Koena Mitra : Same day, worldwide - November 18.

DESI : I have not seen MUSAFIR.But how does it feel to work with a TERRORIST LIKE SANJAY DUTT ?
Koena Mitra : How dare you? He is my hero, you can't call him a terrorist!

DeepakKS : Hi Koena, Will you going to follow Mallica Sherwath path of success....If no then why ???????? if Yes then why ?????
Koena Mitra : No, definitely not. Because she is out of this world! Nobody can copy her!

sachu : you are looking quite sexy in ur new film, it will be a superhit that is my guarantee
Koena Mitra : Thanks, sweet of you to say that. It's been fun chatting with all of you. Bye.

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda