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In their own words

December 19, 2002 02:23 IST

The press kit for Kaante has a page each for the six lead characters (the fact that there are no pages for the women should tell you something).

Each page contains a quote from the actor concerned, relating to the film and/or his role. The words are interesting and, sometimes, reading between the words is even more so.

Here, in their own words, is what the six stars think:

Yashvardhan Rampal aka Major (Amitabh Bachchan): I read the script and I go, it's great, I love it, but it's tricky and difficult and I don't know if I see the movie. And then I realize that those are the kind of movies worth making.

Jay Rehan aka Ajju (Sanjay Dutt): I like it. It gives you an excuse to live with your dark side. The side you never express. The side that puts you in jail. The side that wakes you in a cold sweat and with a pounding heart. The side that is a part of me. And a part of you.

Mark Isaak (Suneil Shetty): I said to the director, I said you think this will work? No. I said you think you got a formula? No. I said you think critics will like this? No. Hell man, I said, let's do it.

Anand Mathur aka Andy (Kumar Gaurav): I read the script and didn't think too much about it. Then I realize I am becoming this character. I see things different. The world has different colours. Why did I do this film? Man, I didn't. I didn't chose this film. This film chose me.

Raj Yadav aka Baali (Mahesh Manjrekar): When I first read the script, I couldn't speak. Two hours later, I couldn't stop talking about it. It is so fired up with explosive ideas and killing humour. It forces and compels you to have dangerous thoughts.

Maqbool Haider aka Mak (Lucky Ali): Every so often, one film will bring about a catharsis. To have a near death experience and suddenly see things, even the simplest of things, as if for the first time. This is that film.