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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Are the Friends really gonna say goodbye?

Are the Friends really gonna say goodbye?

March 02, 2004 15:03 IST

A still from FriendsSo you will see the last of Friends on May 6.

But the actresses of the mega popular series don't particularly want a Friends reunion. The men, on the other hand, would definitely want to keep their options open, mentions a report in People magazine. 

David Schwimmer, who plays Ross, said, 'I hate the idea of the reunion show. But if it meant I get to revisit the relationships and work with those writers and actors again, then that would be a good thing."

Matt LeBlanc, who is better known as Joey, said if the rest of the friends agreed, he would, too. Matthew Perry, Chandler, said, 'Talk to me in 20 years. If I'm on really hard time, maybe I'll be pitching one.'

Interestingly, the men have not quite been able to swing it big on the big screen. Perry appeared in The Whole Nine Yards and Serving Sara. Schwimmer has appeared in Six Days Seven Nights and Since You've Been Gone, and a host of other non-starters. As for LeBlanc, he was last seen in Charlie's Angels.

According to Jennifer Aniston, whose last few films have won her great acclaim, like The Good Girl and Along Came Polly, a reunion would only cheapen the Friends mystique: 'Do you remember the Brady Bunch reunion show? You remember the Happy Days reunion show? Were they ever good?'

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