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Jamie Foxx's odd idol!

January 20, 2005 17:18 IST

Jamie Foxx and Wesley SnipesSo the Foxx followed the Blade. The darling of the crtics in 2004, Jamie Foxx, shining throughout with the brilliant Ray, the understated Collateral, and the fine Redemption has had an incredible year. A star has very firmly been established, and, like all stars before him, he's quick -- initially -- to name his shaping influences.

However, Foxx's choice of an idol must be called unconventional. reports the actor has called Wesley Snipes his career influence.

He said Snipes' breakthrough performance in New Jack City triggered his determination for big screen stardom, because it made him realise black actors could succeed in Hollywood.

Foxx, who won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of legendary singer Ray Charles, insists the 1991 movie inspired his Hollywood career, by proving black actors could be more than stereotypes.

Foxx said, 'My favourite film is New Jack City with Wesley Snipes. This was basically a black version of The Godfather and even though it was a hit, it was more like an underground film. It was the first time you saw a black kid play a role like Al Pacino in Scarface or The Godfather.'

Ironic indeed -- the protege is being feted as the future of Hollywood while the idol continues to sink deeper into the mire of vampire films.

Photographs: Getty Images

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