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March 23, 2006
Smriti Irani's fave shows!
The actress clearly does not watch too much TV!
December 28, 2005
Akshay's fave films of 2005
Akshay Kumar picks his favourite from the year.
December 26, 2005
How stars celebrate New Year!
A lowdown on who's partying where on December 31.
December 12, 2005
Meet the Indian Idol Mumbai finalists
The 10 winners from Mumbai.
October 11, 2005
Changing faces of Amitabh
The different looks of the actor in his movies.
July 07, 2005
Page 3 director's top films
Madhur Bhandarkar lists his top ten Indian films of all time.
July 06, 2005
India's Best Films
Movie critic Raja Sen lists his best Indian films.
June 29, 2005
India's Best Films
Write Sujatha lists the best Indian Films of all time.
June 22, 2005
Pushpak, 1942: India's best films?
Art director Sabu Cyril lists his favourite Indian films.
June 20, 2005
India's Best Films: Girish Kasaravalli
The Kannada director sends in his list of India's Best Films.
June 17, 2005
Ravi Chandran's Best Films
The cinematographer lists some of the best films made in India.
June 16, 2005
Munnabhai: India's Best?
Director Pradeep Sarkar's list of the best Indian films of all time.
June 15, 2005
Paheli director's top 10 films
A mixed bag of Marathi, Bengali and Hindi films.
June 13, 2005
Adoor Gopalakrishnan's best Indian films
The filmmaker lists his selection of Indian Cinema's best.
June 10, 2005
Ram Gopal Varma's 10 Best Films
Sholay, Angoor, Ardh Satya and more...
June 09, 2005
India's Best Films: Sourabh Usha Narang
The Vaastu Shastra director lists what he thinks are India's best films.
June 08, 2005
India's Best Films: P C Sreeram
The cinematographer lists the best Indian movies he has seen.
June 07, 2005
India's Best Films: Mohanlal
Mohanlal lists the best films of India
June 06, 2005
India's Best Films: Theodore Bhaskaran
Theodore Bhaskaran gives his list of India's best films.
June 03, 2005
Sholay & Lagaan : India's Best?
Vipul Shah lists India's Best Films.
June 02, 2005
Subhash Ghai on India's Best Films
Ghai talks about his pick of the all-time best Indian films.
May 17, 2005
'Salman, Hrithik have good bodies!'
Pakistani actress Meera on her fave Bollywood heroes.
June 02, 2004
Find out who's who in Harry Potter! takes you on a magical mystery tour.

February 06, 2004
Real life, reel spins
A look at real life incidents captured on screen.

January 31, 2004
Some of my favourite things!
Jackie Shroff list his fave films.

January 23, 2004
Oscar picks
The Oscar nominations: Heptanesia Mumbaikar

January 22, 2004
The Oscar nominations presents Aseem Chhabra's predictions for the 2004 Academy Award nominations.

January 21, 2004
The Oscar nominations presents Jeet Thayil's predictions for the 2004 Academy Award nominations.

January 20, 2004
What makes Rajkumar Santoshi versatile?
A look at the filmmaker's impressive career.

The Oscar nominations

January 12, 2004
Why the jail holds charm
Sriram Raghavan, director of Ek Hasina Thi, lists his five fave jail films.

January 2, 2004
Hollywood's best, 2003
Arthur J Pais' top 10 picks!

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