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Quiz: Which Twilight character are you?
After a long wait, Twilight is finally having its India release this Friday.

The vampire love story based on Stephanie Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name has already won many fans because of its unique characters.

Edward Cullen -- and his onscreen face Robert Patterson -- has got a LOT of fans worldwide but others like Bella Swan, Alice Cullen, Jasper Cullen and Jacob Black have their fans too.

So which Twilight character do you think you're like? Take this quiz and find out!
1. What don't you like about yourself?
You're indecisive
You're a know-it-all
You're immature
You're weak-willed
Your're always looking for a fight
You're bossy
You're pig-headed

2. Which Twilight character do you like best?
Edward Cullen
Bella Swan
Emmett Cullen
Alice Cullen
Rosalie Cullen
Jasper Cullen
Jacob Black

3. Of all the super powers, which one would you like to possess?
To predict the future
To read people's minds
To control people's minds
To be very strong
To be very fast
To be very seductive
To be a shape-shifter

4. How would you like to spend your Sunday?
Spend the day with your mate
Go shopping
Indulge in contact sports
Head off to the nearest bar
Learn how to ride a bike
Do what your mate plans for the day
Hang out with friends

5. What attracts you to your mate?
His/her unconditional love
Great sense of humour
Good looks
Down-to-earth personality

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