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Elvis: The Kisna Connection

Look at this picture carefully.

Does the couple playing Elvis Presley and wife Priscilla look familiar?


Take a closer look.

Bearing a startling resemblance to the King of Rock 'n' Roll before he got fat and ugly is Bend It Like Beckham's Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, the football coach Parminder Nagra falls in love with. Rhys-Meyers also featured in Mira Nair's Vanity Fair.

Playing Priscilla is Antonia Bernath, our very own Subhash Ghai's discovery in Kisna!

The duo star in an American television miniseries, Elvis, directed by James Steven Sadwith, about the life of Elvis Presley. The miniseries ends nine years before the King's untimely death in 1977. Rhys-Meyers has won good reviews for his portrayal of Presley.

Kind Courtesy: CBS

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