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Our favourite superhero is back in town!

Spider-Man 2, starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, releases in India on Friday, July 23. The film, which released in the US on June 30, has already become a huge hit.

How much do you really know about your friendly neighbourhood hero?

Take this quiz, presented by rediff.com and Columbia Tristar, and win exciting prizes!

Simply type the answers in the answer boxes, fill in your details and submit!

Please send your entries latest by 1230 IST July 22, 2004.

Spider-Man 2

1. What was the name of Peter Parkerís school?

a. Riverdale High
b. American High School
c. Midtown High School

2. Name the newspaper where Peter Parker works.

a. The Daily Bugle
b. The New York Times
c. The Daily

3. Which of the following has been Spider-Manís enemy?

a. Black Magic
b. Doc Ock
c. Tony Red

4. What is Peter Parkerís auntís name?

a. Aunt April
b. Aunt May
c. Aunt June

5. What did Peter Parkerís parents do for a living? They were:

a. Teachers
b. Scientists
c. Spies


Please send your entries latest by 1230 IST July 22, 2004. This contest is only open to rediff.com readers based in India.

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