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Ronjita Kulkarni

Why Hindi films are dodgy about sex

February 23, 2004

Rajat Kapoor and Manisha Koirala in TumDo you remember the time when a kiss between the hero and heroine in a film was always represented by two roses meeting or a setting sun?

Hindi films no longer shy away from the taboo subject of intimacy. Take the recently released Aruna Raje's Tum, which revolves around adultery.

The film showed Manisha Koirala in bed with her husband (Rajat Kapoor) and lover (Karan Nath) on different occasions. And the actors never looked more uncomfortable. The scenes lacked any chemistry or sincerity.

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So while Hindi films may have brought sex out of the closet, they are still extremely uncomfortable about it.

Why do it if you are so nervous about it?

Koirala was just as uncomfortable in her previous film, Ek Chhotisi Love Story, a frame-to-frame copy of the Polish film, A Short Story About Love. Finally, a body double did the needful. Even Raveena Tandon and Nagarjuna seemed forced in an intimate scene in Agni Varsha.

Raveena Tandon and Nagarjuna in Agni VarshaSome films play safe by showing only dark outlines of the couple in bed like Parinda, Freaky Chakra and Maqbool.

This is not to mean that we need to show more sizzle on screen. The point is, why are our filmmakers trying to incorporate 'scenes' when actors don't seem to be ready for them? Sure, we should change with the changing times. But wouldn't it make better sense for filmmakers to make sure the actors are set to play the part convincingly rather than fumble through it?

Of course, there are those that take convincing to another level: Rahul Bose and Laila Rouass kissed so passionately in Dev Benegal's Split Wide Open that her tooth chipped. Naseeruddin Shah shocked viewers when he kissed Tara Deshpande with fervor in Bombay Boys.

There is also a Mallika Sherawat who proudly announces that 17 kisses in a film do not bother her, a Bipasha Basu who does not mind a bold Jism and a Jackie Shroff, who smooched without abandon in Boom.

Rahul Bose and Laila Rouass in Split Wide OpenGovind Menon's debut film, Danger, was promoted by its aggressive kissing scenes. The film had nothing more to offer. His second film, Khwahish, was promoted in a similar fashion. Ek Chhotisi Love Story was promoted as a sizzling tale, with billboards showing a boy skiing or playing golf off a woman's naked body.

Sure, sex is coming out into the open in the Hindi film industry. Filmmakers are also capitalising on the trend, the better to lure viewers. Most of them tend to handle intimate scenes erotically, rather than sensitively.

Which brings us to the audiences. Are we, the audience, ready for this boldness, considering sex has always been treated as taboo in India?

What do you think?

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Number of User Comments: 12

Sub: intimacy should be private

Well Mallika sherawat upon being asked how she felt after khwaish said " she felt normal & there was no problem to do intimate scenes ...

Posted by Srinath

Sub: sex in hindi films

Actually glamour is necessary in the films. But not too much of glamour will make a problem to our generation as they take it as ...


Sub: massage

Subject: YUPP well Sex is not taboo in Indian inudustry, but we have come across v few ORIGINAL Indian movies wich revolved around say fidelity ...

Posted by arpan

Sub: it's not about what they do

the problem only arises when the makers throw in the scenes just for the heck of it. sometimes intimacy can work really well in movies, ...

Posted by blue

Sub: time our filmakers grew up!!!

we all must reallize that more than indian audiences...our filmakers need to mature up...a scene of sexual intimacy requires the zenith of artistic caliber than ...

Posted by neha


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