Urmila Matondkar's mantra for oomph comes from within. "To me, sex appeal means when an actress is on the screen, she just engulfs the whole screen. You have to feel, 'Oh God, I am watching someone fantastic'," she says.

Clothes and makeup play a secondary role.

Talking about which, Urmila was not always appearance savvy. Remember her loud dresses in Narsimha and Aa Gale Lag Ja? Or her tacky outfits, elaborate hairdos and chunky costume jewellery in Shreeman Aashiq and Chamatkar?

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Then came Rangeela and designer Manish Malhotra. And the actress evolved into a fashion princess in no time.

Her short skirts and glamorous hairstyle made a fashion statement. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have the Urmila look.

Suddenly, adjectives like style, glamour, sex appeal were permanently tagged to her name.

She is also known for getting under the skin of her characters whole-heartedly. Take her last release, Bhoot. She not only looked trendy, as demanded by her character, Swati, she also won raves for her performance. Now, in the soon-to-be-released period drama, Pinjar, she has gone totally ethnic, in her role of a traditional Punjabi girl.

Here's a closer peek into Urmila Matondkar's wardrobe.

Text: Sukanya Verma
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