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Rediff News  All News  » Business » Battered currency hits a 100 in Google search

Battered currency hits a 100 in Google search

August 29, 2013 15:51 IST

GoogleThe rupee’s value against the dollar is at record low levels but the Indian currency has reached its peak in terms of search interest on Google worldwide.

On a relative worldwide scale of 0-100, the search value index of the rupee stood at 100 in August so far.

Here, 100 represents the peak search interest on Google of that particular search term, according to data accessed through Google Trends.

However, this does not mean that the term ‘rupee’ is the most searched term on Google; it only means the search for the term ‘rupee’ itself is at its peak on Google.

In July, the search volume index had grown to 68 from 66 in June and 39 in May.

According to a definition given by Google, these numbers represent the search volume relative to the highest point on the map, which is 100.

This means that there will be a point on the graph when the rupee has been searched the most.

In August, it touched 100.

The rupee reached the 68-level mark against the dollar on Wednesday.

Since May, the value of the domestic currency against the greenback has depreciated by around 20 per cent and it is from this point the search for ‘rupee’ surged on Google.

On a worldwide scale, the highest search interest for the rupee was in India at 100, followed by Mauritius (55), Sri Lanka (43), Qatar (37) and the United Arab Emirates at 33.

According to Google Trends, the rupee was at 72 in India in August so far, up from 51 in July.

The last time the term ‘rupee’ reached at a peak level of 100 was in July 2010, when the currency got a symbol.

On Wednesday, the term ‘dollar to rupee’ stood second on the list of most trending terms with more than 1,00,000 searches for the term.

Somesh Jha in New Delhi