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Real estate: Faridabad, Ghaziabad are good bets

June 02, 2007 09:18 IST

With prices in Gurgaon touching Rs 9,000 per sq ft, investors are looking to making an exit.

I had booked a property in Pune, in January 2006, for which I had paid full amount to the builder. Now recently I have changed my name.

  • Do I need to change the agreement, which was on old name?
  • What if I don't change my name in the agreement?
  • For which cases I need to look for name change like MSEB bills?

No. You need not change your name. Since you have already entered into the agreement with the builder; there is no need to change your name on the relevant documentation. However, if you changed your name before the documentation was processed, you can still do so provided the name-change is valid and legally done. You need not change your name as it reflects on your MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board) bill, either.

I would like to purchase a plot of land in Dehradun. My budget is around Rs 8-9 lakh. Which area is good for investment in that region? Is it good to go for a residential or commercial property, there? I am living and working in Delhi.
--- Sanjay

In your stated budget, your only investment option is in the residential sector of Dehradun. Moreover, you will have to look considerably beyond central Dehradun and put your sights on long-term appreciation potential. For a residential property costing Rs 8-9 lakh, you can consider upcoming residential areas along the Dehradun-Haridwar Road – approximately 15 miles out of Dehradun towards Haridwar.

I purchased a plot in Allahabad in 1995 through an agreement for partial payment. The seller has POA over the plot. Subsequently I built a house and got a house number from the municipality, based on agreement paper.

Subsequently I paid the full amount, took it on stamp paper but did not register it. Now, after 12 years I want to sell it. The house is in my name in municipality. All property tax is paid in time. I also have khata khutuni for the house. No controversy on ownership has risen on it. How can I sell it and what problems will I face?

As per the Transfer of Property Act, any transfer of property of value of above Rs 100 can be done by written and registered agreement. Since in your case the property has not been properly documented and registered, you have not complied with the legal provisions.

However, since you are holding this property undisputed (as stated by you) over the last twelve years, you can claim ownership over this property on the ground of adverse possession.  

I want to invest Rs 25-30 lakh in either commercial or residential property. Can you please tell me what are the upcoming areas for the same in Delhi/NCR? As I already reside in west Delhi with my parents in their house, I would like to buy something in my name. Currently it is purely for investment purpose, so could you suggest some places where I can get higher returns? Secondly, is it advisable to get it financed, also?

Most people looking for investment options tend to look towards NCR. However, in places like Gurgaon, prices have gone as high as Rs 9,000 per square foot and investors are looking to exit, so this is not a suitable scenario. In your budget, you can invest in a plot at Faridabad and towards Ghaziabad. In these areas, the returns have sometimes been as much as 100 per cent or more per year.

However, on the conservative side, you can certainly expect appreciation of 15-20 per cent per annum in these areas. Yet another option is Faridabad, where BPTP (Business Park Town Planners) Limited, Vipul Developers and Omaxe have schemes with rates ranging from Rs 1,700-1,800 per sq ft.

Whether you will get financing for this would depend on you earning status and ability to pay the required cash component, which you have not specified.

I need to purchase a new property for investment purposes. When is the expected bottom point of the market and what might be a good price range for a 2-bedroom flat in Jaipur or Chandigarh that should be ready for renting purposes.

Jaipur has seen a lot of supply in the recent past and there is currently no scope for significant appreciation. This is an all-encompassing situation and applies to projects by all developers active there (including Ansals, Omaxe and Paravsnath). For short-term gains, one could certainly think of more suitable investment destinations in the present context - though long-term investment prospects are better.

A bottom-out, if any, can certainly not be predicted at this stage. Nor is speculation on such a count a worthwhile basis for investment. You are advised to look at Chandigarh.

A 2-BHK flat on the first floor in central Chandigarh's better sectors would cost between Rs 30-45 lakh, depending on the exact sector. A home of similar size in less prominent sectors would cost Rs 400,000-500,000 less.

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