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You can wash this PC keyboard

June 19, 2007 02:38 IST

Look anywhere in the medical community -- hospital wards, operating rooms, clinics -- and you will see computers. And when you see computers, you also see keyboards.

As the use of computers expands within the medical community so, too, does the potential for the transmission of infection and disease increase.

As a result of this potential harm, people like Dr William Rutala of the University of North Carolina advocate disinfecting keyboards every day. The problem is that most keyboards do not lend themselves to being cleaned.

That is where Seal Shield keyboards are so different. All Seal Shield keyboards can be cleaned, disinfected, even put into a dishwasher for cleaning. US-based Seal Shield offers a fully-washable standard keyboard with full-travel keys.

The keyboards are also available in cost-saving infection control combo kits that include the keyboard, a washable scroll mouse, an anti-bacterial mouse pad and a supply of anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes.

"All our keyboards are completely machine washable and can stand up to the use of strong disinfectants to keep them clean and germ-free," the company claims.

Priced at around $100 (approx Rs 4,000), it is not shipped outside the US. However, you can always get it when travelling abroad or ask your friend for this favour.